Please stop yelling at us

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  1. Plower Girl Active Player

    As a newer troll it can be very hard to keep high CR players powered up. Don't get me wrong, being a troll is super fun and I feel good about supporting my team mates. Now when we get into T5 content I hope I can speak for a lot of people here that we give it our all.

    Sometimes however, you will get someone on the team that will yell at you for not putting out enough power. It's hurtful being told that you are garbage when you are trying your best. When this happens I just keep on trying my hardest and hope nobody will kick me from the group. I can see other trolls wanting to stop playing troll after being treated like this, which causes there to be less trolls in the end game.

    Chances are if you are reading this on the forums you aren't one of those players that would do this to your team mates. I want to help as many players as possible so that in turn they may help another and try not to make others feel bad for playing a game.

    Remember to treat others as you would like to be treated. We may see real progress in sportsmanship and overall good attitudes in the future.

    Thanks for reading and have fun!
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  2. Laff Riot New Player

    Just explain to them that you lack CR for higher vit and SP to also add to your vit. Some people are just jerks no matter what. Just turn off the mic and keep moving on. Dont let them get to you.
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  3. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    Agreed. It's stressful being a troller even if you are at the top of your game. There is always someone who spams through power fast and then yells for more when we are at the limits of what the game allows us to do. Colas/supply drops/supercharge/trinkets/double ticks/spamming instant can only go so far with some power spammers.
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  4. Superkootje Well-Known Player

    Yup, T5 players should know that lower CR players have a harder time to keep up with their power-draining.
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  5. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    It's possible to run into problems even with maximum vitalization, maximum crits, etc. Some players are just that good (bad?) at using their power.

    As far as being a lower controller, I can tell you that my CR 49 alt. controller gear can barely touch a CR 103's power bar. Instant power barely even registers on their bars. It's rather frustrating.
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  6. Laff Riot New Player

    Yep. Or if you are in a raid (I was in Wave with a bad troller with me) and he did 140,000 power out to my 1.5 mil. And I wasnt even trying because he wasnt and I was letting his league die every chance I could because they all kept running their mouths. lol

    So dont get discouraged, get even! lol
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  7. Miggly Committed Player

    A lot of people always pass the blame even thought they don't realize they may be the problem. I once saw a healer burn through all his power in a second. And, he kept doing it constantly. He claimed I was a bad troll, but the fact was he had low gear and no mods. But, again, it was my fault.
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  8. MCAZR New Player

    I've never had anyone yell at me for more power while I was trolling. I did have a dps who was also a troll remind me to keep pot up when I first started trolling but that's about it. The second pot dropped he'd mention it but he wasn't being impolite about it.
  9. ChibiMechaX78 New Player

    This very same thing happened to me in FOS1.
    I was terrified... Initially the guy was a troll and he then decided to change to dps and he said "I will see if Stella can handle it" Stella being part of my troll's name. So i was like, i got this, i know i do. I was solo trolling that whole day too and did fine up til i could bot for the life of me keep him and his buddy's power bars up. They didnt... Yell per say but his lower tiered buddy went "hey, (so and so), you are gonna have to troll i aint getting power" and his buddy agreed but he didnt switch and they said it again after 5 mins before we got out of the initial caves then after that they never said anything again cuz i guess i did better later on. I was only geared for t3 and i was keep everyone elses power bar up :( i couldnt debuff anything and only gave my PoT and Spammed my Power dump the whole time. I was even quantum so...
    It sucked being a disappointment and they were rude. I wasnt sure if it was me and my lower gear or they were eating power those two times i could give them power... I couldnt even use a weapon attack, my pistols cuz they were constanly going down with power. We got through it sure but that experience made me question if i wanted to be a troll... It sucked. I know how you feel, i tried my best solo trolling by god and they got their power.
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  10. MrHoiPolloi Well-Known Player

    Sorry to hear you have had some bad experiences. My main is a CR 103 HL Troller with 2550 vit so I don't run into this issue with him but I do have an alt quantum troller (love trolling I suppose) who is cr 96 and it is quite a bit more challenging to keep up with some situations, such as dual DPS Trigon runs, especially when the DPS's are both going pedal to the metal from start to finish. Have yet to be yelled at though.
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  11. BumblingB I got better.

    Can I be the first to say, "SHUT UP AND FEED ME POWER!"?




    But seriously, people need to lighten up in the game. Though, I will admit, I sometimes get heated when someone wont listen when you are trying to explain it over and over again.
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  12. MrHoiPolloi Well-Known Player

    Definitely not you. Sounds to me like you were doing everything you could and you just had irresponsible DPSers.
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  13. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    If your in that situation explain that your appropriately geared. Then explain that power scaling will make it much more difficult to keep a player in T5 powered. Then explain the way weapon regen works. T5 DPS gear has vit in so that DPS get a better return from using their weapon. If they continue to give em a hard time you can grill em on power return mechnanics. Maybe educating them will get them to realize their needlessly harping on you. They should be so overgeared for that content they'll kill stuff fast either way.

    If they continue to bug you just leave. Theirs nothing wrong with leaving and finding a different group. You don't have to take anyone's abuse. Your supporting their needs and if they want any power from you you deserve at the least for them to be understanding of how power return works.
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  14. Plower Girl Active Player

    Ok, so I might be a bit dramatic when I say they were yelling but I had to capture your attention some how :) Nobody has ever actually yelled at me on the mic, just rude statements with profanity at the worst. Luckily I play without a mic so I don't say anything back. Actually I don't say anything the whole instance. Just let my playing do the talking.

    This goes for other roles as well though not just trolls. Every player has the right to feel apart of a wonderful community. Just remember we are a part of that community. Really wish we could reach out to the players that don't use the forums. I suppose only our actions in game can do that.
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  15. Dr Improbable Dedicated Player

    I had a guy on the mic call me garbage before the raid even started. The other troll and I compaired Vit and my 2200 was called "garbage". Some people are just jerks no matter what. I'd just leave. There's good and bad PuG groups (even in a league not everyone is doing raids you need when you need them), but one thing is certain, there's always another group somewhere running that instance.
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  16. Abstrakt Loyal Player

    I play on pc i dont think we get that as much its there just not as much as ps3/ps4 players.
    I was on a friends ps4 the other night helping him respec his troller and got yelled at in an alert 2 or 3 times. his cr is 90 + i dont remember his vit i wanna say it was 1600+ or something we were just running fos 1 so no big deal got yelled at twice by a guy i started a vote kick we finished it with out him. I think theres a lot of call of duty mentality and trash talk going on more for console. Why?
    I think most pc people turn off the in game chat because it sounds like crap and use vent or mumble. Its sad i agree with the op if some one feels the need to belittle and Brade another player i really wish they would go back to cod or what ever rock they crawled out from.
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  17. Dr Improbable Dedicated Player

    I also play CoD. In some ways DCUO is worse!
  18. Hero of Justice New Player

    It's harder for groups to measure if a DPS is doing bad than it is to blame the controller. If your power keeps exhausting, you're likely to assume you aren't getting enough power. It's not as simple for the group to try and figure out which DPSes or even healers are using up too much power. So the trolls usually get blamed. It's just simpler, unfortunately.
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  19. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    While I was leveling up alt controllers (did it a few times) I'd occasionally run into a guy like this.

    My favorite ways to respond was either "I'll give you power when you ask nicely" and then stop giving any power back for a bit until kicked or I got an apology. Or I'd just send this message and drop group "GL finding another troller, and make sure to thank XXXX guys for wasting your time"

    I liked the second one best, and I usually got tells from the other people in the group, even on occasion they kicked the other guy and wanted me back lol.

    So basically what I'm saying is don't put up with it, call them out for being jerks, and you'll find that a lot of people agree, more than it might seem, and even if you aren't lucky and have the rest of the team support you... it isn't worth playing in that environment IMO, I play for fun not to be berated for maxmizing an undergeared player and not being able to keep up with a ******* HL DPS who wants to spam k007 in a 4 man group.
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  20. The Enquirer Steadfast Player

    Glad you've got an open mind about this! I actually made my main toon to be light on power usage to help trolls out.

    Just as a tip, when you join a raid, let the group leader know that you should get another troll and if you join an alert let them know to just be a little careful with your power.

    Not saying you've done this, but never ever exaggerate your cr/vit so the group doesn't kick you. I've played with controllers who have done that and they end up being blacklisted by a lot of people.
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