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  1. A'Live New Player

    Perhaps this has been addressed or has been a topic for a while. Maybe lower CRs/Lvls have been complaining about fast raids/alerts or the higher CRs simply running through said raids and alerts while leaving the ads behind and rushing to the finish. I can understand how that can be frustrating for a newer player or lower cr whose group is leaving them behind... but I don't think this new CR capping system is that solution.

    At first when I noticed it, it was in Central City when doing my bounties. I realized my attacks weren't doing much damage, looked at my CR and panicked for a moment. Because just a couple days ago I was at 318, suddenly I'm at 83. "Oh no, what did they nerf this time?!" But by then, I was already in combat with Black Lightning and didn't want to wait a half hour for him to respawn, so I finished the fight and teleported to Gotham to see that it was a CR cap. I figured maayyybe people were complaining about higher CRs quickly killing Flash/Black Lightning and having to wait that half an hour respawn to find them again. But then I go to do some raids and, unlike other higher CRs, I prefer to help the lower CRs get through their raids and alerts. But my CR was capped there, as well.

    Maybe this is just a rant but I will say, of all the nerfs you've thrown at us, this one is a very heavy pill to digest. Understand, if you will, that there are many other online games where players don't have to pay real money to have more inventory space, or to access their in-game currency. I get that you gotta make your money somewhere but you've made a LOT of money off of us who have made endgame characters and stay subscribed to fully enjoy said characters. This CR capping makes my efforts seem disregarded. That I raised characters to these higher levels for nothing if their levels will just be dumbed down when I want to help a friend.

    How about making the Elite versions of raids and alerts be the capped versions, while the regular versions don't cap. This places that true elite challenge to said raids. Or at least offer us an option of turning on or off a capped raid/alert search. I've been playing DCUO for years. I know, at the end of the day, the company makes sooooo much money that what I say or think is most likely won't mean much. I'm just a dime in their bucket. But I'm sure that if I'm feeling as though my efforts and time spent in DCUO have just been kicked aside, that there's plenty of others who're feeling the same... who're seeing how much money they spend on a monthly membership and how much space this game takes up on their PC, XBox or Playstation. And, like me, are considering uninstalling the game and canceling the reoccurring bill.

    I'm a very big fan of DCUO, love the progress it's made and that the developers are still trying to make their progress... refining the way iconics look, giving us more and more content. But this CR cap doesn't feel like a give, it feels like something was taken away from a lot of my characters and it was a very big something.
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  2. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    This is a thing now. I don't like stat clamping... I spent over 10 years working on my character, building him up, thousands of dollars on replays for marks to get gear.... and now all that work, time, and money is meaningless in over 80 percent of the game?
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  3. Tzalim Level 30

    I don't see what all the fuss is about the stat clamping... It's about like when Sony still had it. Yes, you can't go it the on duty menu and q up and one shot everything. AND THAT'S A GOOD THING! And too, it's easy enough to be hard.Yes, I played this game for going on 8 years almost 9 and I had a sub every month. Because I know that's what your gonna ask me.
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  4. LeatherJacket25 Well-Known Player

    I completely agree and feel the same as you A’Live.

    If I may add, the part that’s getting to me, is on my server, older episode open worlds are empty. And there aren’t enough players that want/need to play content that old. Trying to find groups for world bosses is mostly a waste of time, and now I can’t get the missions done. And I could before.

    Furthermore, since the update, every raid I’ve gotten into, if sub bosses aren’t beaten first go, players leave the group and the rest of us are siting waiting for more players. So we’re wasting more time than before.

    Time is another part of it, older content that I’ve played many, many times, now takes so much longer, thus taking my time away from newer content and being present in current episodes. But I still have to play those of I want number feats or collections.

    There was enough newer content to really try hard for that when the older stuff was “easier”/“faster” there was balance.

    I do feel like I’ve wasted my time and money. And I’ve spent a lot of both in the last year on my characters.

    Im pretty devastated. Good to know someone else feels the same.

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  5. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    The clamp is not that bad, ya i kinda miss being able to walk into fos and solo it but its not the end of the world like some people seem to think. Quite frankly i wasn't running much old content before the clamp, i would usually just log in run my daily end game stuff and log out but now i find i play old content a lot more.
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  6. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    I actually feel like my development of my main and my alts matters in the majority of the content for the first time since I started playing again. The game now feels more like it did pre-36, the big difference being that you can do more than jump HL JC spam. But you can ALSO JUST USE JC SPAM.

    I kinda like it. I know that's not the point of your thread but there it is.
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  7. XGuss18 New Player

    i love the stat clamp but there few scenarios where i miss one shooting stuff e.g. i was in time torn area 51 trying to kill the paradox bounty and its impossible unless its done with a group but at the same time its impossible to get a group going in there because its dead and if you see someone and ask for help they ignore you
  8. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    The Area 51 paradox demons aren't so bad as long as you maintain a medium distance and pay attention to the mechanics. That said, you can usually catch someone in there fairly early in the reset cycle ticking that bounty off so that might be a good time to approach it if you need a team.
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  9. The Doctor Time Lord Committed Player

    Agreed. I have even started a new Alt since this episode dropped (my first new Alt in over a year btw) and am enjoying it very much. Actually feel like I am PLAYING the game again.
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  10. Batladin3217 New Player

  11. Toshknight Loyal Player

    sounds more like a you problem , just assimilate you will get use to it
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  12. Jerricho New Player

    Guys there is a simple solution to this problem, they can put enable/disable switch in settings so whoever likes it keeps it and whoever don't disables it(i don't like it either). So simple....
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  13. RavNoc Dedicated Player

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  14. Time Stone Level 30

    I remember in 2014 I was f2p in a mostly f2p league. We went into Batcave alert, t3 was the cap for free players around cr80. We couldn't beat last boss and somebody invited a cr100+ guy who 1shoted the boss. We were like: woooah, insane, I wanna be that strong. Next day I bought my first membership.
    I know hella lot of things have changed since then but in that time playing this game felt like I'm gonna get stronger and come back to kill that bastard. :D
  15. Forum Junkie Well-Known Player

    I still one shot everything. I'm OP. Clamp got nothing on me.
  16. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    Do I kind of miss the days when I could defeat all of the tier 4 bounties solo? Sure, I kind miss that because soloing t 1-4 bounties made it easier to get currency. However, it’s not as big a problem as people make it out to be. Ok, so I have to get the help of a group to kill Starro. Ok so I have to kill the ads on the way to the boss in a raid. It was frustrating at first but it wasn’t a big deal. It just meant I had to adapt.
    what I am saying is, it’s all about tolerating this change until you get used to it. Remember, tolerating it just means you’re putting up with it. Eventually you’ll get used to it. And yes, I know. The person reading this doesn’t want to get used to it. Well tough, it’s a matter of being miserable and pointlessly griping or adapting to this change and making friends to play with.
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  17. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    I was delusional back when i made this post. The clamp was still new and i was trying my best to like it. I hate the clamp and i think it was the worst addition to the game. The big problem with it is finding a group to do it and when you do get into something if there is any problem with a boss people start leaving and it turns into a 2 hour marathon where people keep coming and going and usually ends with the group deciding to disband. If you have older open world bosses you need to do just forget about it because no one goes to those areas anymore and good luck finding a group willing to go for them. The only clamped content worth doing is the solo missions because when you Q those up they actually start.
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