Please Reinstate CR Bump With Mods (when stats matter)

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Backseid, Jul 20, 2016.

  1. Backseid Devoted Player

    Once the whole CR Differential is removed, it won't really "matter" what ones CR is, the way it does now. Right?

    I believe there should most definitely be some difference between those that put in different amounts if effort.

    Modding your gear, to the fullest, requires more effort than not. Therefore, people should be rewarded with a higher CR number, even if it means nothing more than just that (a higher number).

    We keep getting farther n farther away from the "progression" that is required in an MMO. Some people ARE better than others (as in life) and it should show.

    There's no "push" in this game to be better. We can all achieve the exact same everything, with minimal effort.

    This is one little way to show a small difference between those that do, and those that don't. Even if it actually means nothing (though it kinda does. Better mods = better stats).
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  2. Giga Vamm Dedicated Player

    Until exceptional recovery kits are brought back to PvE content, I am against your idea.
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  3. Backseid Devoted Player

    Oh, and I really don't need to hear "but I don't have time cause if work/family.

    Neither do I. I won't likely always be top CR for this reason. But I want to want it. Right now, I don't feel that "want" for anything.

    We are not all equal.
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  4. Backseid Devoted Player

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  5. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    I don't know man.

    I kind of would like to see an combination of both systems first.

    In other words, get rid of CR differential but keep it where mods do not effect your CR.

    This way players can progress to end game content without having to worry about modding but those that do will clearly be stronger than those that do not.
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  6. TheDarknessWithin Loyal Player

    I really loved mods adding to CR. It felt like your gear quality went up, it felt like I earned it, I felt better, it adds more d path to the game. Exobytes were also a core component of the story, they should play a big part still. The amount of time it took me to farm to get my CR up, only for it to be taken away shattered me. I hope this is reconsidered in the future.
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  7. TheDarknessWithin Loyal Player

    Synthetics fixed that, although Devs have stopped making them. Either way, this is being asked for when CR isn't the be all end all.
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  8. Backseid Devoted Player

    This has nothing to do with alts or progression in any way. Its just a number bump that shows off effort.
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  9. ChromeWarriorXTC Loyal Player

    I don't have time because of work and family, oh wait, yeah scratch that plenty of time, but I want Pay to Win ;)
  10. LT Schmitt Committed Player

    How would yo handle CR relevancy?

    This is such a bad idea, with little to no ERK to be found and how each tier of mods added a percent increase to your cr how would yo deal with T7 mods over T8. The last time CR was based on mods was T6 and fully modded gear had an increase of 15%.

    With the crafting system as it is you all ready have a way to show off your dedication with the face and rings we do you need more?
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  11. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    But it would be more than just a higher number. Were you people not around before GU47? Did everyone forget what it was like before?

    First, progression is bound to CR, so making CR depend on mods again would mean that mods would affect progression again. Since mods contribute a constant percentage of CR that means over time the CR gains from mods would be huge. So the devs could either make mods necessary for progression (which would be opposite of your idea and also mean a return of synthetic mods) or they could make only gear CR necessary for progression which would mean that mods would allow you to skip content by giving you a high enough CR for later content.

    Second, once CR differential and stat flattening have been reversed, gear stats will still scale with CR and be exponentially proportional to it - assuming no further changes beside reverting differential and flattening which probably isn't correct but it's all we can assume.
    So if you used mods to boost your CR to be 10 points higher then you would be that one person in the group who practically lies about his stats. You can't "outmod" exponential gear progression, so if you had +10 CR from mods you would be a dead weight compared to someone with no mods but actual gear 10 CR higher than yours.

    Having CR scale with mods will either mean a return of synthetics or just create problems in endgame. Either way, mods give you some bonus stats but aren't comparable with what actual gear would give you (in a non-flattened system). For all I care you can get a snowflake icon and a "competent" title to show everyone that you have top tier crafted mods, but putting CR back on them just brings back old problems.
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  12. TybeeTahiri Devoted Player

    I have to disagree.

    I love being able to put on a piece of gear as soon as you get it to be more powerful. I hated getting a new and exciting piece of gear, and then not being able to wear it for a while until modded. Yuck.
  13. LT Schmitt Committed Player

    What he said!!!