Please put forth this new pvp sooner, rather than later!!!

Discussion in 'Battle of the Legends (PvP)' started by LL, Mar 13, 2013.

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  1. LL New Player

    First the death match map is a joke. I que in and we are fighting at my spawn. Wow, shocking, seems like cod tactics.

    Anyway. I know I don't have the top gear, which makes me lame for the fight.

    Also please do something with the pets. I mean really? I could barely see what was going on. lol
  2. Bioinc Skull New Player

    MOre people want the new t5 content, were they to delay DLC7 and do this the forums would light up like a sixteenth century witch.
  3. LL New Player

    The pvp changes are In updates, not dlc.
  4. Lavitra New Player

    If this update makes it easier for people I don't want it. I don't have my T4 yet and I sometimes get the short end of the stick! But I earned my T3, and I'll earn my T4 time permitting! Stop complaining and earn it like everybody else.
  5. Bioinc Skull New Player

    But implementing it would take time away from the making of DLC7 causing a delay as I said, never said they were in DLC at all.
  6. LL New Player

    I'm pretty sure they have a studio. I am not an expert on video games. I do have experience in movies. In movies, different teams work on what they do. I have a feeling video games are similar. Tunso for instance seems to answer more pvp issues than pve.

    I'm guessing, they have teams working on what they work on. It is odd to me, that many think they only work on one aspect at a time.

    Again it is why they ask u put bugs in the bug thread, not here, so the bug guy can see it, with out going all over the boards.
  7. Bioinc Skull New Player

    So mepps and jens are the bug guys? I dont think so. This game does not have a massive team when compared to other MMOs such as WoW (not that these games should really be compared).

    Unfortunately DCUO only has about one or two teams of devs and even then members do work for both teams.
  8. LL New Player

    Wow guy calm. Have u talked to Tunso, loche, audmike? Just to name a few? Why is also talking..i believe is talking now as well. They have a team. It is not just Mepps, and spytle. Lol...even thou they get the brunt if the flame. :)
  9. LL New Player

  10. Bioinc Skull New Player

    :mad:Im completely Calm!!!!! :D :D:D lol

    I never said they were the only ones, I simply said the dev team simply isnt as big as other games and the way things seem to be going they would have a main team working on something and that gets full focus until release.
  11. LL New Player

    Good enough. :) They have a team. I was simply saying I got owned in pvp arena, for the exact reasons why I don't play it anymore, and why they put out the pvp roadmap.

    The people dealing with pve. Should not be impacted on this. I have never seen Tunso in a pve thread. That was my point. If he was shame on u Tunso. :)
  12. Bioinc Skull New Player

    OOOO Ive seen it :D on the old forums.

    But Im just saying that the forums would flame even if it didnt halt the production of PvE stuff just saying.
  13. Madholm New Player

    Yet another player with no concept of what PvP 'seasons' are going to address and why they are implemented. They simply CAN NOT add another level of PvP gear and expect any new players to participate. So, unless you are suggesting they let PvP completely die from lack of players; please shut it.
  14. Madholm New Player

    Again; you fail to understand how a development studio works. The guys creating content over on this side of the building are still working on content while the systems guys are implementing PvP changes. Not sure why the concept of teams is hard to grasp; they have different teams working on different things.
  15. DG-MOD-02 New Player

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