Please, please let dlc 7 have more than just 2 tier 5 raids like 4 and...

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  1. MetalMario New Player

    Here's something to consider. We have 4 T2 raids, 3 T3 raids, and 2 T4 raids. Hopefully the trend doesn't continue in the same direction for T5.
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  2. MrMigraine Loyal Player

    I wouldn't get your hopes up for having a ton of T5 Raids. I doubt we get more than three in all.

    My prediction:
    -One Hero-only, Easier Difficulty (Think Gates)
    -One Villain-only, Easier Difficulty (Think Gates)
    -One Shared, Hard Difficulty (Think Prime)
  3. NexGen New Player

    When this game launched, devs stated they wanted to move away from the traditional once a year expansion, and to provide smaller, but more frequent dlc's roughly once per quarter. I personally like it this way a lot more than the old once a year path, as it got old in FF11, and old for EQ.

    So yeah, this quarterly dlc is intentional, and imo, awesome.
  4. CiaraDevnet New Player

    yes Chris Cao did promise players a content update once a mnth. This was due to the low level cap they had in mind and it taking more more then a week to cap it. They pretty much gave players what they wanted a "instent level cap button". and total focus on end game. The first content update was infact late. All the holiday events for the most part were late, and even the Green lantern dlc (paid update) was late due to they stalled for the movie release. (they admitred to it from what i recall) I used to watch my friend play beta so i knew a lil about this. And there was a youtube movie with chris Cao making these promises.

    @ darkness. I think u misunderstood me. I was saying ingeneral they should do expacks. Not specifically the way things are now. they add very lil content with each dlc in the time it takes them to release it. I see very lil difference from dcuo and ff11 only thing is action combat and UI. The basics are still the same. I hope this clears up what i meant.
  5. HeavenSent New Player

  6. CiaraDevnet New Player

    dcuo content last u very little in long term goals mmo should have. And it was mostly to appeal to non mmo type (CoD crowd) of players. content in ff11 till the leech to cap, typically lasted u a long time. Even after 2 years of ps2 launch na side ppl still was doing dynamis.

    content in dcuo last from what i'm seeing a week, mostly due to the pay to win reply badges. in ff11 i always had something to do. I'm hoping for more of the same in dcuo. I do wanna play this for years. Not days.
  7. NexGen New Player

    I've been here for years and I always have things to do.

    I think you have been here a definitely have a load to do.
  8. Worlok New Player

    the few raids they have, the more money people have to spend on reset tokens.

    what we need, is some sinister content like FoS back in the day.

    dlc 5 and 6 aren't even worthy of being considered dlc. they were more like updates.
  9. HeavenSent New Player

    very optimistic

    i truly see

    one raid, with a 5 minute speed feat.

    one alert-reahsed gotahm univeristy duo turned into an alert. ?

    one duo , rehased catwoman ? solo ?

  10. HeavenSent New Player

    14 months

    and counting
  11. BumblingB 10000 Post Club

    I am not enabling you to complain, I'm saying they have a right because of time. But keep in mind, no one wants to hear the same thing over and over again. So let the madness stop. We are getting raids in about a month and a half. This will either make or break the game, to be honest. As distance between them made people, even average and casual ones, OP and overgeared.

    3 raids like FOS2 will have a backlash, there needs to be a middle ground and at least 1 being like fos2. Just no more arena ones, like FOS3 and Prime. Bleah.
  12. HeavenSent New Player

    the reason the devs gave for making the barbie house was the "tremendous outry" for them, which i am a forum junkie i saw very very few

    they made a PVP DLC because people complained

    obviously no one compained about new raids and new tier gear becasue here we are 14 months now,, and still nothing

    so, i am taking the flag up for many people like myself that likes raids...why oh wwhy cant they make new raids and new tier gear ? within a "respectable" amou nt of time

    is tier 6 gear gonna also be 14-17 months after tier 5 ?

    look why cant they make a raid every other DLC ? exaple (filler dlc, power puff girls dlc) (raid dlc) (pvp dlc) (raid dlc) (hello kittty adventures dlc) (raid dlc) etc.. with tier gear annaully ?
  13. BumblingB 10000 Post Club

    “You can please some of the people some of the time all of the people some of the time some of the people all of the time but you can never please all of the people all of the time.”
    ― Abraham Lincoln
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  14. Darkstar Ember New Player

    Because of replay badges, they need to release the hardest raid in a tier first, and save the easier raid(s) for a follow up dlc. This is the only way that a "hard" raid makes any sense. Like with T4, there was no point wiping on prime when you could replay spam gates for the gear. Don't want to see that again.
  15. Darkstar Ember New Player

    Hahahaha, you're not serious? People have been whining for bases since beta. Loudly and often.

    There was a PvP dlc because the devs suddenly realised they hadn't put out any new PvP content in almost a year, and devoting a dlc to it gave them some time to work on it.

    People have been screaming for new raids since the flop that was Battle for the Earth. They've been waiting for the third magic raid ever since.

    I don't know why the devs didn't announce their new yearly tier plan (with a half tier in between) upfront, it would have saved them alienating all the people who kept expecting new raids in the next dlc.
  16. Anhur New Player

    More raids the better - I love raids.
  17. Zeikial Committed Player

    I expect to be let down as usual, but hey who knows
  18. Breedin Bull New Player

    I come from the future. There are actually SIX RAIDS !!!. Only three are available to each faction though, and the third one is only playable after you have played the first two five times each (you are allowed to use replay badges if you want). For those that do not use the replays, you will be able to play the third raid after week 5. Enjoy.
  19. RogerBlack Well-Known Player

    Battle for Earth was a FLOP? According to who?
    Gates and Prime (and FOS 2) are the best raids in the whole Game.
  20. recespieces31 New Player

    There are also 2 T4 Operations...while some players may not consider Operations "raids", they are still 8 player T4 level instances that reward Marks of War (which is used to buy T4 gear)...just sayin'

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