Please make promethium boxes scale properly

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  1. TheBirdOfSteel Committed Player

    Hit T3 and got a base item and 1 MOT in Lockbox?

    1 MOT?

    I and others need thousands for our next pieces.

    1 MOT isnt really helping , especially when its from a box that the player has PAID to open.

    Be it a member or a key , the user has somehow put real money forward to get 1 MOT.

    The boxes need to scale with CR properly and i dont mean just switch from MOT > MOF.

    1 MOF is not good enough either for higher CRs.

    The lock boxes and vault really need to be redone , these silly little single marks aren't helping anyone as the games tiers increase everything else should aswell.

    I suggest maybe something along the following

    T1 lockboxes/vault = 25 MOT
    T2 lockboxes/vault = 200 MOT
    T3 lockboxes/vault = 1000MOT

    and so fourth. Im not sure about the exact best way to scale the ratio to keep the game balanced but you get the drift of what im saying. :D

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  2. Zeo Committed Player

    It's a old request, most of the players want the rewards for scale with our CR, maybe they could not agree with the values that you suggested, but they certainly agree that something must be done.
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  3. TheBirdOfSteel Committed Player

    Its such an important change though , how has it not been up there with everything else?!

    These are boxes and vault runs people pay for with money and its literally such a waste.

    They have done so many changes with the marks but still not done anything about the MOT scaling.

    Have any of the devs even mentioned that they were going to do something and why it doesn't matter at the moment?
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  4. Drakonicus New Player

    Dont you think those numbers are a little high ? You want to be able to buy one piece of tier gear with the content of a single promethium box ?
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  5. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    He did mention "not sure about the exact best way to scale the ratio".

    It does not have to be those numbers... but it should scaled much better then it actually does.

    I don't get how they can expect anyone to spend money on Vault tickets and only get the crap we get in the Vault. 1 sleezy mark?? 5 if you are lucky??? 25 if you are really lucky??

    Makes no sense.

    The same with Prom Boxes. At least the marks scale until you get Marks of Fury.... but still with the crap we get..... the Marks we get could scale a better.

    I keep on getting freekin carvings or other base items.
    And when I do get any styles... it is the Noble Warrior boots....or the Cybernetic boots.

    All the other styles I got I had to pay for buying them in the Broker.

    So I have to wonder who would pay money for Vault tickets or Prom Box Keys for this crap?? and as a subscriber... I feel a bit like a fool to pay for crap like this as part of my subscription.

    The Vault and Prom Boxes do need to be checked or at least fixed a bit.
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  6. Drakonicus New Player

    They sure do. I just dont think is "Drop everything and do it now" situation the op seens to indicate it is. CaptainLiberty already mentioned there are a lot of things they want to do that are being do delayed until the work on HoP is done.
    If you listen to Spytle interview on "The lockbox", he knows both the lockboxes and the vault should be updated. So many hours in the day, so many resources avaiable.
  7. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    You have to be 1 over the cr for each tier to get a mark of that tier. (Or MoT worth for that mark.)

    1-32 No marks.
    33-43 T1
    44-53 T2
    54-70 T3
    71-84 T4
    85-100 T5
    101+ T6

    Edit: Oh and there is a bug that sometimes you don't get the CR mark for the lockbox. Been like that forever and happens once in a while. Usually ones you saved from leveling.
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  8. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

    I am getting 1 mark per lockbox on a level 28 toon (this is a bank toon, so he's been 28 forever). I don't know the cutoff because I don't have a toon between 24 & 28, but I do get them at 28 & 29.
  9. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    That might have changed when they did GU31 and now you acquire marks while leveling.
  10. TheBirdOfSteel Committed Player

    Just numbers shot in the dark and trying to match the real world money spent on unlocking them.
    Personally i dont think even the numbers i put are worth the amount of real world money but to keep balance id suggest lowering them.

    Where do i suggest drop everything now?

    Been asking this for at least a year now and with all the other additions nobody asked for im pretty sure at the very least they could have changed the MOT in the vault within the last year at some point if they thought it as urgent as those spending money on them do.

    I dont expect them to change the vault or prombox anytime soon, but when youve opened 3 prom boxes , done 2 vaults and came out of it with 5 MOT at T3 and you spent real world money you gotta say something needs to be done asap as that is ridiculous.

    Let me say it one more time so people really take it in.....

    3 promboxes , 2 vault runs, real money spent on membership......and ended up with overall 5 MOT at T3 and the gear costs thousands of MOT.

    When exactly does this become a "drop everything now" situation?

    Once another thousand players have spent money on membership/prom keys/vault tickets?

    When another year passes?

    Or when another addition is added the player base didnt ask for nor need.
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  11. Drakonicus New Player

    You dont spend money on Menbership for lockboxes, vault runs. And the fact nobody in their right mind buy vault tickets/promethium keys is worse for then then it is for us.

    For me that imply a sense of urgency that is imple not there. If i a mistaken, or just overestimate how game breaking this issue is for you, please forgive me.

    I am sorry if that is going to sound rude, but game developing is not a democracy. Just because a player, or group of players, doesnt want or understand a addition/change to the game, that doesnt mean that thing is not wanted/needed.

    I suggest you go back and listen to the interview i mentioned. It suggest that changes to lockboxes and the vault is desired, but prevented by factors we are not aweare. I can provide a link and a precise time, if you want.
  12. Poo New Player


    I am really sick of both the Vault and Prom boxes.
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  13. TheBirdOfSteel Committed Player

    Thanks , i will check out the interview.

    As for money isnt spent , i mean money is spent on membership and part of that membership is a vault run a day and being able to open lockboxes which therefore make the 1 MOT inside the vault and lockbox paid for by real money be it membership or prom key you can only get them daily by spending real money. This should automatically make them a priority fix as they are "perks" of legendary.

    Democracy aside, even if the playerbase wasn't asking for it i cant see how the devs havent seen it as a top priority fix.

    The vault has been in need of an update for a longtime now.

    High CR players get nothing of use from it and there are long term players like myself that have every item from it so the only reason left to run it is the chance for a measly 25 MOT. Which drops rare as if its actually valuable.

    If you have every vault item then as it stands the vault is literally useless , you cant even trade anything or get much money , therefore making a perk of your membership practically void.

    Likewise with prom boxes , there will be a few high CR players that have everything from the lockboxes and everything in the vault making 2 perks of their membership almost void.

    The only thing that keep lockboxes somewhat worthy is being able to trade/sell the content but even then part of your perk is gone in terms of you , the player gaining something that will be useful for your toon besides the hassle of auctioning whatever you have in multiples.

    Unless you can tell me something ive missed making the vault valuable to high tier players and keep it a worthy "perk" of legendary membership i do see it as an overlooked priority by the devs.
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  14. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    once your over 100 cr it drops a mark of fury so they are starting to scale them some
  15. TheBirdOfSteel Committed Player

    Yh thats why i said "properly" and i do say in my OP that 1 MOF isnt enough.

    Come on at least put 5 in there.

    Prom boxes drop like every 6 hours of playtime and are opened with real money , they are worth way more then just 1 mark of anything IMO.
  16. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Yea I would appreciate if they dropped at least 2 or 3 marks of fury and then scale MoT better for different CR levels under 100.
  17. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    I doubt anyone spends the 3 dollars to open a box that isn't legendary if they do power to them I sure the hell am not. while Im all for getting more rewards for legendary members I also support having a forth account lvl other than premium for people who spend much more than five dollars once. if both of those things happen there will be good grounds to add more marks to the boxes to make legendary more enticing to some and to help separate it even future as a subscription offer
  18. Drakonicus New Player

    Priority doesnt mean is not important. It means there are things that are more important thent that. Truth is, we dont know about 90% the thngs they are working on, and about 0% of what they need or how they do their work. As far as we know, they can update the vault on the next gu, or change it completly. I cant recomend that interview enough. Lot of behind the scences there

    Personal Highlights:

    48:13 - Expanding the visual effects on armories
    50:45 - Anything that you add into the game needs a progression path (Vault and Lockboxes part)
    52:25 - The new UI, and the problems with UI in general
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  19. TheBirdOfSteel Committed Player

    Thanks for video link.

    Many things touched on there.

    2 things i get from it is that the PS3 (resources) is a huge drag , which we all know and the devs are under way too much pressure and seem to need a much bigger team for the work load they are under.

    They speak on the new UI and that the UI is pushed back because everything they add needs to be added to the old UI first and then redone to the new UI.

    Thats something I've never thought of but with the team having to constantly add new stuff it seems like a never ending cycle , so im not sure how the new UI will ever be introduced considering the game is constantly being updated.

    Im not sure what to say about the lockbox/vault situation as that video only touched on it slightly.

    Clearly additions and changes need a progression path and must be discussed long before they are added but i still cant see how increasing the MOT drops in the vault have still taken so long.

    It may be obvious to yourself & others but i cant see how much negative impact it would have if they increased MOT in the vault tomorrow. (metaphorically speaking) or with the previous/next update. So what is the progression for that? Guess only SOE know such things.

    Considering the need for more MOT is getting greater and greater by the tier increase , the vault/lockboxes MOT fall further and further behind.

    Only thing to do our side is continue to be patient and wait until SOE have the chance to make such changes.

    Anyhoo , must hit my bed, but its been an eye opening conversation.

    I appreciate your input and views Drakonicus.

    Thank you.
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  20. Legion_of_One Well-Known Player

    Promethium Lock Boxes have been on my mind lately, mainly because I am so very very tired of getting the non-surprise of another tired, repeated old base item or costume piece.

    I can appreciate that it's hard to keep things like this fresh, but I believe that in choosing this way that the rewards (non-monetary, if you'll pardon the partial diversion from the original post) have been assigned to boxes, the dev's have set themselves up for a much harder task than it could be.

    Let me say that it's still exciting whenever I get a box drop. And then I open it, and the moment dies. Every time this happens, I think 'why aren't the rewards in these boxes something special?' In my opinion, the only way to make the contents of promethium boxes exciting and cool is to reserve the reward table only for rare or very rare items. Auras are a great example, and they need to be in better company. I propose:

    1. I would like to see the exclusive costume pieces moved to the Vault, where it really is more of a game and less of a reward.
    2. Base items should be removed unless they are something exceptional, by which I mean the rarest collection pieces or large, specialty items like the mammoth display.
    3. The bulk of the reward table should be rare items such as (level/CR-appropriate) utility cases, trinkets, and non-tradable gear pieces that players have the most difficulty acquiring. This would be gear that only drops in a specific raid/challenge/room/boss and is required for completion of a set that drops during regular play (Shaman and Insectoid jump to mind)
    All of this loot already exists in the game, and there is a lot of it. Unfortunately, a lot of it is also damned hard to come by for players and would add that sense of something special being returned to these occasional reward boxes. Assign most of it an equal weight for dropping in the boxes, and keep a few choice items a little tougher to get. Make whatever it is account bound at the very least, or better yet tradable so folks can exchange for cash at the broker as they do now for unwanted/needed items.
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