Please I want to use my Shield!

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  1. Fridged New Player

    OK simple as this, I have one of each of the runic weapons. yea yea I play alot, anyways I have always loved the shield ever since it was added to the game. But alas I am a dps and that means I am there to pump out as much damage as possible but on average when running raids I do 200k less damage than when I use everyone's beloved Onehander, don't get me wrong and think I want the onehander nerf'd ! That is not the case, I just wish I could use the weapon of my choice ( I mean they all say they are 131dps weapons) and still be able to do the same kind of damage, I mean I also love the staff I think it's combo's are some of the best looking in game, but use it in a raid yeah right, and do even less damage! I mean they all have these wonderful multi-hit combos that are (well) now useless, I mean back in the day I was a duel wielding 9tap n hold animal but alas those days are gone. Nowadays you can't hit anyone or thing in the game more than 3 or 4 times before they block and you end up on your rear. So in short I would really like to be able to use my shield or even dust off my staff and run some raids without being laughed at for doing less damage than the tank....
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  2. Toxiic Committed Player

    I understand what you mean for PvP but for PvE IMHO the scorecard doesnt really matter as long as you're doing your job. I use Dual wield in PvE but sometimes i use Handblasters only because it looks cool on my character. I usually get half my normal score with my HB but as long as i'm having fun Everyone else can jump off a cliff (figuratively lol)
  3. 13igtyme Devoted Player

    A good dps can do well with any weapon.
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  4. Worlok New Player

    some weapons are far far superior to others and some are far inferior. the devs couldn't balance a plate on a table.

    and 1h needs nerfed. again, the diablo 3 team must have taught soe how to balance a game.
  5. 13igtyme Devoted Player

    I 100% disagree.
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  6. Itachi New Player

    why do you guys always cry nerf, how about you just ask for them to buff the other weapons. Take brawling for example martial arts is slow like brawling now but it hits harder than brawling can, so brawling just needs a buff, but then again that's if they will ever buff them if we ask lol.
  7. Worlok New Player

    dude a buff is the same thing as a nerf. if you don't balance everything, it's broken. 1h isn't balanced. shield isn't balanced. of course, shield is so cool, its sort of impossible to balance that.
  8. Itachi New Player

    have you tried pulling of the 5 hit combo or the 7 hit combo with the shield I've seen those hit for over 3000+ at the end of the combo 1 handed doesn't hit for that much, what 1 handed has working for it is it hits fast and the combos can be clipped in an instant.
  9. Dynamo New Player

    i have got to disagree with the OP about the Staff, i've been using it since i was level 1 and i love it. i use it both in pvp and pve, it has some limitations but it's a great weapon.
  10. Fridged New Player

    Yeah they hit for over 3000+ when the shield came out but that was over 2 soon to be 3 dlc's ago, now I am lucky to pull a 1500crit with the shield smash and I have over 1900might and 800prec! And another thing pulling off a 5,6, or 7 hit combo should hit even harder than they did before because nowadays you are lucky to hit anyone or anything more than 3 times without being blocked and knocked on your rear!
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  11. Aiden Warren New Player

    Some people tried to troll me because I use shield and I said. Weapon damage is based on precision and how well a player can be skilled with a weapon. At 400+ Precision I do 700-800 Crits of the Hit and back first range, and over 1k Crits 2nd and third range, damage splits when it hits more mobs tho, but yeah and that's off 400+ precision.
  12. RakeMan New Player

    I love the shield, personally think its good for up close and range, people love 1handed because its fast and they watch a couple youtube videos it other players using it. I say use whatever weapon you enjoy, but note when T5 hits, and your DPSing your going to want to range or really piss off the healer until your gear is strong enough to take on close attacks. Just remember how fast you dropped the first time in Veng or Dawn with close attacks untill you became full T4.
  13. Kaleb57 Well-Known Player

    Shield out damages 1handed easy, tap square, tap hold, tap square, tap hold, tap square, tap hold, clip
  14. Fridged New Player

    OMG PS3 players, it is like you guys must be playing the kiddie version of the game. Kaleb57 sorry but kid you are so wrong it hurts. Try it! Actually do something other than just opening an uneducated mouth in the forums! Actually go and run a raid with the shield, then don't be lazy now go and run it again with the onehander. Then once you have done this, do it again just to be sure, then you can come back and say sorry Fridged I guess you were right!
  15. Mini Lini Loyal Player

    Ew... In that amount of time to do that combo, you can get off 3-4 tap tap holds from 1-H, all AoE and decent damage.

    Also.. I agree with whoever said it above, some weapons just need to be buffed up to compare with others, don't knock the other ones down.
  16. Kaleb57 Well-Known Player

    It is true you can get off a few tap tap holds with one hander, in the same time you do all the shield mess, but the shield will still deal more damage.
    I'm a troll, but I can steal put out white numbers, with one hander, my tap tap hold hits for 45, 45, 210, a total of 310.
    With my shield combo, I hit for 60, 250, 70, 200, 100, 300, totaling up to 980, if you could get 3 one handed combos of in this time, you'd deal less damage than the 7 hit(6button press) shield combo.

    Also, if you want to clip with the shield, the tap hold is really damaging, as it's kinda slow.
  17. Octantis New Player

    I love shield. I can do better damage with my 2h and Pistols, but I'm still working on figuring out all its inner workings. As near as I can tell, all the reduced damage is due to a lack of AoE, especially when compared to Spin Chop. 1h's damage will always be better when it has more targets to hit.
  18. Toxiic Committed Player

    Ok awesome shield does more damage but now record the time it takes for shield to do 980 and the time it takes for 1h to do 310. We dont' have the same precision but when I did it I could use 1h tap tap hold 3 times with 1.57 seconds left before i use the long shield combo tap hold tap hold tap hold once.
  19. Whizzkid Dedicated Player

    This thread couldn't be any more backwards. I've seen Non-HL dps's top the scorecard with every weapon except Brawling. Calling for a nerf for other weapons, powers, and skills just because you don't know how to use yours to it's maximum potential is laughable. That's like complaining that a guy beat you in a race just because you're driving in 1st gear.
  20. Dynamo New Player

    first i don't think most ppl here are calling for a nerf. rather the opposite.

    second, HL doesn't need a weapon to top the charts. lol.