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Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by MetaMax75, Feb 21, 2013.

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  1. DEMONIZER1 Loyal Player

    The targeting is very messed up in this game.... +1

    It's been like this so long that I doubt they'll do anything about it now, although they should

    Oh noz, that barrel over there is looking at me funny, forget about that big guy hitting you in the face and kill that barrel, now!

    Edit; Reading through the thread it seems there is a MOD or DEV in here that never had this issue, hard to believe, but, I've been playing this game for years and this has always been an issue, how many barrels have you attacked lately?
  2. Instrumenta New Player

    Also happened to me during midfight with an enemy. Suddenly my point of view becomes the opposite and im hitting nothing. While my enemy is hitting me. My quick fix is to press 'esc' 2x and my point of view goes back to normal. This doesnt happen to me before, only happened after the update 24...
  3. Nekron 99 Loyal Player

    The more I try to recreate this the more I think this is all happening due to target priority issues. This morning I was playing and I could not get my initial focus to not be the barrels in the Shady Nightclub duo. There were multiple enemies directly in front of me, hitting me but I couldn't get the target to focus on them. I hit d-pad a few times but the focus went from a healing barrel, to a ice barrel, to a enemy way behind me that wasn't attacking me, then finally to one of the enemies attacking me. Good thing I was dead just after I got to him. /sarcasm

    It seems like the first thing my crosshairs go to is objects and barrels. This is even when I'm about to go down because there are a ton of enemies punching my face in. I think because of this sometimes our target lock is released for some reason and our focus just jumps to the highest priority target which is a barrel or object. So frustrating.
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  4. Soulburn32 Loyal Player

    yep pretty much this, i think some simple tweaks of closest target and things actually attacking you would solve the vast majority of target issues.
    and for the love of brainiac please make pets lowest possibly on the list scrolling around in pvp is like
    pet nope -> another pet nope -> player no where close me me no thanks -> pet comon man -> yet another pet -> player i actually want to target
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  5. cravex15 Dedicated Player

    HERE HERE! And I thought i was the only one. lol
  6. TK PUSHA Dedicated Player

    its probably been mentioned already,
    but all of a sudden the last week or so my targeting got seriously WONKY.
    not sure if there was an attempt at a ninja fix or something, but now i seem to automatically target pretty much the furthest possible target instead of the one right in front of me.
    it really is annoying when i running ACE or Strykers dailies and instead of targeting one enemy or group im accidently agroing random mobs across the map.
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  7. hugstar1208 New Player

    Going back a post or two i've double checked my Auto-Lock and it is off. The only things I have on are auto zoom and inverted camera

    I dont tap the target lock button, i have it firmly held down for the duration of fights. If i need to retarget i generally try to get to ranged distance, point camera in general direction, use dpad to scroll through until right one is selected. (my shiny new fire tank cant do this so just juggles as best as can)

    With regards to L2, i pretty much tap it activate powers and keep clear the rest of the time - am going to try a two power loadout at somepoint to not use l2 at all and see if that helps, can get back to you later on that one.

    I do hope you are able to find something your end to fix as the only other thing i can possibly think is if its something to do with the ps3 controllers themselves? Bfs ps3 is randomly bringing up dpad menus lately and he has tageting problems, specific example : did a t3 policestation duo the other day. When we got to fight the hero in the room first on your right as you enter (hope that makes sense) he ended up using a 100% supercharge on a blue barrel even though adds were long gone and target was on boss until that point.
  8. SuperNightshade12 New Player

    Glad to know I'm not the only person with this problem. Often times I'll draw more enemies towards me because my character attacks something seven yards away.
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  9. Lavitra New Player

    Can we just change the target lock so you don't have to hold it down? One press on, one press off. Regardless of how the targeting works, having to hold the button down is awkward enough. I suspect that with the target lock changing in mid flight, it could be directly related to this. Changing pressure on the button could trigger a premature button down/up event.

    I know you say this thread is based on "targeting lock changing in mid flight" - but that's half the issue. Most people flocking to this thread titled "Please Fix Targeting" (which is a generic title) have a multitude of targeting problems. A lot of these problems are hard to explain because random stuff happens. The theme of it is: It's not targeting what I intended to target, or the target changed. What most of us want is for Dev's to get on the PS3 and do some runs and see this for themselves.

    For target prioritization: Just target the closest thing in my field of view. If I can't see it, it shouldn't be a targeting option. From there I should be able to D-PAD cycle through the available targets. If two targets are close enough together, instead of exactly the closest, target the largest target. In PvE that's going to be a boss. In PvP that's going to be a player (although henchmen should be considered "smaller" than players but "larger" than Watchers).
  10. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    I get that, but "it's not targeting what I intended to target" is more of a feedback issue about how the system magically knows what you intended to target, and definitely not a reproducible bug report as stated.

    It would be best to take those feedback comments to a different thread and forum.
  11. Little Sister New Player

    ^ So it is intended to target things through walls and floors before the closest enemy? That's not a bug, it's just something we need post feedback about?
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  12. PlatypusMessiah New Player

    I agree that their are multiple problems. Here are a couple of simple ones I have problems with. If you are in a lairs battle and a pokemaster drops his load. The pokemaster can duck behind a pillar and the target is lost because of LOS. The other one that really bugs me is when I end up targeting objects for no good reason. I loathe cycling through objects.
  13. Dump Truck New Player

    Hey Mepps,

    I think the issue is the closest enemy can be straight ahead in our line of sight, yet the game will target a random barrel three times as far away and to the right (for example) To make if worse, at times when you hold L1 and hit the left arrow key (to go throough your targets to the left), you will select every object to the right of the target before having the enemy in your face.
  14. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Alternatively, you could provide repro steps and your reasoning as to why you think it is not working as intended in a separate thread, since it's important we keep threads in this forum to one bug per thread.
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  15. Etho New Player

    Sorry to get in your hair a bit, Mepps, but do you mind explaining why it is intended for something that is on the other side of a physical barrier or multiple levels below our characters would be lock-onto before an enemy that's literally directly in front of us? I've seen this happen during the halfway point in the "Circe's Stronghold" T3 challenge and I can't see how behavior such as this could possibly be intended.
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  16. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Not saying that is intended (doesn't sound like it), but I am saying that's a topic for another thread.
  17. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    We also believe we have identified the issue with targets midfight. Thank you for the reports.
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  18. Jambersome New Player

    I agree. Targeting is definitely an issue. Especially when one guy is right in front of you and you end up aiming all the way across the room with your one handed melee weapon. I get that a bow or other long range weapon can be wonky, but my sword can only go so far.

  19. Bloodartist New Player

    I would simply love to have a button that says "target closest", in addition to the targeting button we have now. (PC here)
  20. Midori Toro Level 30

    I just love it when Midori is in the middle of a battle with a dozen mobs, and downs one of them... and then, instead of going on to the next, she suddenly decides she needs to spin 180 degrees, jump 12 feet, and attack that gorram box! because clearly, it's the most dangerous thing in her environment.
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