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Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by MetaMax75, Feb 21, 2013.

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  1. Captain Just New Player

    In over two years of play, i have never had my target switch on its own midfight.
  2. Nekron 99 Loyal Player

    That is amazing. This is similar to the people that swore up and down that they had never frozen or dc'd in the game but a huge majority of people were experiencing the issue. I don't know how it happens routinely to some and never to others.
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  3. YodaDog New Player

    Me neither... Happens to me all the time...
  4. Captain Just New Player

    I understand, and I didnt mean for it to come across like I dont believe others arent experiencing this. I am sure they are, but i really havent had the problem of my target switching while locked on
  5. Gafa New Player

    I had an issue today in a duel with a tank. As a healer, it was impossible to target the player I was fighting resulting in a loss. This was because he had his snow demon (or what ever it's called), mr boo, and the other trinket that gives you 3 pets at once. every time I would get a lock on the player himself and hold the lock on him, it would change to one of his pets on it's own. This is beyond ridiculous Mepps. As well as the amount of pets 1 person can have out at once. I think that needs to be looked over as well.

    I'm more irritated that the guy I was fighting just stood there the entire match while his pets destroyed me. But to make things worse, the targeting system kept randomly changing targets to his pets WHILE I had a lock on him from the start. Holding L1 and using the D-Pad to get back to him was a feat on its own that didn't make any difference because it went straight back to any one of his 5 pets he had out.
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  6. Raijin1999 Loyal Player

    Yeah, targets drop randomly sometimes, even if you have auto lock set to off and are holding down L1 like a mother hubbard. (She held down L1 like a champ)

    Doesn't happen too often, but suspiciously happens when the camera is in close quarters and the enemy is mid range and has the ability to move quickly to your left or right. Targeting assumes you lost sight of the enemy and unlocks. Lag may play a factor, since targeting, including being able to register what is a target in your range, is not something calculated by your system/rom code or even temporary ram code, but by the server. When you move in range of a target the server has to communicate to your console that the object or enemy is now 'selectable'. With the lag this game has, it's clear that causes several issues with targeting.

    Futhermore, targeting is still based on the center-screen reticle that's visible on the PC side, but was made invisible on the PS3 side but it still there. For those that don't recall, back when the PS3 version launched, on startup ther was this ugly grey crosshair that would center on the screen, but would go away once we opened the menu and closed it out. It's still there though, and essentially any enemy or object that falls into it's line of sight is going to be favored by the lock function. This sadly includes barrels and objects that are through walls - so long as the object is located more toward the center of the screen then it's going to take high priority.

    The best way to force targeting on nearby enemies is to use the tap melee button while holding down the direction the enemy is in. To target ranged enemies use the tap range button. These two buttons to have a preferential lock on setup based on distance. In the event that all enemies are up in your grill, then using either works fine. The more clip friendly a weapon tap attack is the better you can force targeting to kick in how you want it to during these dull moments of play.

    Yo, devs, listen up: Add a toggle option on the player end that changes the way the lock on function works so that simply holding L1 (or having autolock on) will always auto target the closest enemy near you, regardless of what direction the camera is facing. This will allow you to hold down the lock button and autotarget a cluster of enemies based on their range to you (which is a likely indicator of their threat to you, in most cases). Several playstyles, especially melee players, will be able to fully utilize this feature if implemented. I myself favor MA (even after the speed nerf) and use swoop combos and the tac mod swoop links to dragonball the hell out of enemies. At the pace of gameplay, the camera rotational speed on the PS3 side is extremely effin' sluggish. If autolocking took care of having to rotate the camera and always selected nearest enemy (and not nearest 'barrel') this would enhance gameplay much.

    Also, increase the blasted camera rotation speed on the PS3 side already. It's horrendously slow and doesn't need to be for any sensible reason aside from a lack of gameplay experience on the developer/technician end of the design. This is not up to standard with this type of game, yo.
  7. Nekron 99 Loyal Player

    I think the theory of how things in front get determined for targeting being a different way than the player expects and it is a big player concern but the concern of objects being targeted over enemies and the enemy attacking your character being targeted over the enemy attacking someone else is not a bug per say. It is a gameplay mechanic that needs tweaking.

    The actual bug is that you are targeted onto something (typically an enemy) and the game automatically switches your target lock focus to something else (either another enemy or more often than not an object). This isn't to say that the way things are determined for target priority isn't causing the issue, coupled with server lag and how the lock actually locks, but the actual issue is the switching of targets happening without you doing anything.
  8. surge914 New Player

    I play in PS3 and its annoying how sometimes i'll target items in the enviornment first or how you won't target whats in front of you. Can't you prioritize this so you target enemies first then items and first whats closest to you or something like that.
  9. kgghk New Player

    I have it off and this has never happened to me.
    Please fix the targeting so that it locks on to the closest (non object) enemy. To target other things keep it the same, hit a direction to switch targets.
  10. Rockhound665 Steadfast Player

    Funny. The only place targeting will lock on to the closest thing is in the Vault. You're trying to destroy a package and it keeps targeting a ball or bomb.
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  11. TrueMarvel New Player

    You guys do realize that if the targeting of pets is removed that you will NOT be able to kill watchers and such right?
  12. Scooby Active Player

    hence the option to turn on or off, player preference.
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  13. thelostczarnian New Player

    omg yes im sick of targeting things from other rooms!
  14. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    For those of you experiencing the target switching midfight, would you say you ever repeatedly tap your target lock button, for any reason, throughout the course of a fight?

    Also, do you notice it happening or not happening if you refrain from holding L2 at all over the course of the fight?
  15. Little Sister New Player

    Here is what happens to me and how to reproduce it.

    Go to fight the Morrowbot. Hold L1 during the whole fight to stay locked on. Now die in the fight and have someone Revive you. When you get back up, do the same as before (hold L1 and fight). What happens next is you will start to target and attack the Morrowbot, but then suddenly your toon will turn around and attack absolutely nothing and have nothing Locked On.

    This was just an example, but it almost always happens after dying. And you have to keep trying to Lock On to the target again. Sometimes pressing Start and backing out can clear this glitch.

    Note: I'm not sure if this is the glitch others are talking about, but I hope it was helpful.
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  16. Tsuzura Well-Known Player

    I have to hold the left bumper the whole time to lock on with the 360 controller which makes it hard to use powers while fighting and when I try to use a power it will lock off the target and probably switch to another.

    I just want it to stay locked on the target if I hold it for a while or double tap it.
  17. Nekron 99 Loyal Player

    When I'm fighting a crowd I will sometimes repeatedly tap the lock to try to get it to lock onto the target that it attacking me and typically the closest to me. If after 2-3 taps it doesn't lock then I use the d-pad to cycle through all the targets until I get to the one I want.

    When you say 'holding L2' do you mean pressing it for some abnormal long amount of time or pushing it at all to use powers?
  18. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    In regard to L2, just long enough to use powers.
  19. Nekron 99 Loyal Player

    Thanks. I'll try to start taking better notes on what button presses I'm doing just prior.
  20. Soulburn32 Loyal Player

    i wish i could draw or was recording last night i had the perfect example

    i was around one corner with and enemy and there was a barrel around the other side of the corner

    i engaged and released target lock 3 times before finally giving up and using the d pad to select the enemy right in front of me instead of a barrel threw a wall anther 5 feet behind the target hitting me

    edit: i don't use auto target lock or whatever its called
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