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Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by MetaMax75, Feb 21, 2013.

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  1. MinisterOfChance New Player

    Well i had hoped the changes they did with 23 would fix this issue - they didn't! I set 15 League permissions last night and logged in today and as usual they were gone. This is getting VERY annoying, they NEED to fix this asap!
  2. Emerald_Starlight New Player

    +1 x1000 More people need to thumbs up this thread. Poor targeting has gone on long enough, at this point I'd rather get a targeting fix then a dlc.
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  3. Playhard Well-Known Player

    But wasn't it Larry on one of the webcasts who said (when asked about fixing targeting) that they weren't even aware there were threads about issues? I'm voting yes, but have my doubts they even know about real bugs.
  4. WorldsDown New Player

    Yes... I decided to +1 this thread, even though I think at the end of the day, it's the developer's job to prioritize what needs fixing in the game. This targeting problem that the OP mentioned has been going on since the beta.
  5. FrankDma1962 Well-Known Player

    No threads on targeting?!?!? Which forum were they looking at? I've been posting and complaining about it when I find a new thread or make a new one myself. It is even more noticeable in the Vault. If you have a throwing weapon and target it a box by the time you let go it has changed target to a bomb or ball instead of the thing you really want to hit. I've had it happen in missions and alerts when the farthest or least damaging target is the one you're attacking instead of those causing you damage right around you.
  6. Green Lantern New Player

    What I think is funny is when the game selects that barrel for you, and you use the DPad to select the enemy instead and your attack STILL goes to the barrel. It's funny to see your character turn around and fire the attack off camera.
  7. WorldsDown New Player

    Aye, and the same can be said when you name your base. That also gets blanked out when logging out, and back in.
  8. surge914 New Player

    Yes this happens to me a lot and its annoying. Also when your trying to target the add in front of you but your target the ones behind. PLEASE FIX!!
  9. Sanctimonious Well-Known Player

    Nothing more frustration that tabbing through 4 barrels to get to 1 of 5 mobs in front of you.
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  10. Sytenia Committed Player

    Is this a PS3 problem only?
    I'm a little confused here, I dont have these problems with the targeting at all but I play on PC with keyboard and mouse.

    Well maybe one but I didnt see anyone mention it in my quick look trough the posts.
    When I'm attacking something infront of me and I dont have my target set locked to that target, if then some other target walks up behind me like in between me and from where my point of view is it will switch to that target.
    This is not so much of a problem I guess because you can predict it mostly, more of an annoyance.
  11. Namor New Player

    I wouldn't say it’s a PS3 problem only. Many of us use gamepad controllers with our PC. For me, it would be a lot better if I could assign a target lock and keep the lock on (without having to keep a button pressed down) until the target dies, or until I change it. As someone else pointed to love having lock on a mob then pressing attack, only to smack the health barrel close to you, the one you were trying to save. This issue (in my opinion) makes the game more frustrating. Many times with PvE (npc adds) or PvP (player pets), it takes much to long trying to reacquire any target. This game moves way too fast for any player to be stuck fiddling around with targeting.
  12. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Folks, for this thread to remain we're going to need specific, reproducible steps that detail what is happening with targeting, how you get it to happen, and why you don't think it is intended.

    To start, for those experiencing problems, please post if you are using a gamepad or keyboard/mouse, and post which platform you are on (PC vs. PS3). Thanks!

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    • Report only one bug per thread. This makes it much easier for us to track and respond to concerns. Separate issues should be posted separately.
    • Check to see if your bug has already been reported, either with a forum search or by at least scanning the first page. If a thread is already active, use it to confirm you've seen the bug, too, or to add additional detail.
    • Provide as much detail as possible, including steps to reproduce the bug. You can never post too much detail. The more detail you provide, the faster the bug gets fixed.
    • Keep discussion to bug reports only. This is the forum to report bugs and provide information about how to reproduce them. This is not the place to discuss whether a bug fix is good or bad, a nerf or a buff, fair or unfair, etc. Please take those discussions to the appropriate forum.
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  13. Sytenia Committed Player

    You have to keep a button pressed down to keep your target locked?
    I can totally see that being a big problem but maybe it's just a setting?

    For me it works like this: when I want to lock a target all I have to do is aim at it so the square box is on it then press the lock button once (not hold it) so the square changes into a small circle and it's locked.
    This locked target will never change unless the target dies or goes stealth (PVP), it will even stay on that target if it moves far out of my range.
  14. Zizzi New Player

    For PS3 we have to hold our L1 button down. It's rather tricky and hard to do because it restricts movement on your left hand. I wish we could lock our lock-on, I didn't even know PC could do that.
  15. Volaron New Player

    I play PC so this isn't a big problem for me, but for the short time (I mean 3-4 hours) that I played on the ps3 targeting did seem to be a big problem, so +1.
  16. Sytenia Committed Player

    I can totally see your problem there but maybe it's just a setting, I cant even imagine having to play like that.
    You should totally have a look at the options and try finding something that might affect it, if there is something like that I bet it would make it much easier for a lot of players.
  17. Zizzi New Player

    I agree.

    Mepps and Devs, I think the best way to address the problem is to allow PS3 users to toggle their lock and have it "stick."
  18. Nekron 99 Loyal Player

    I'm on USPS3 playing with a PS official controller. I'll try to break down the issue with targeting into three separate problems.
    1. Targeting will change to another enemy even though you are locked on. I'm not sure if this is intended as a mechanic or if this is a glitch, but you'll have your target lock held onto an enemy and suddenly your target lock will jump to a different enemy without you doing anything. I'll look for specific examples of this over the next few days.
    2. Multiple enemies exist directly in front of you but the crosshairs will auto target a barrel or non-threatening object in the room and you must hit the d-pad to move the target lock to an enemy. This is probably my personal biggest complaint. I've seen this happen in the far left room in the Shady Nightclub Duo. There is a barrel in the corner and when I enter the room instead of my crosshairs being on one of the enemies that are currently attacking me it will be on the barrel. Then I do a weapon attack and pop the barrel prematurely. It doesn't make sense that the barrel was deemed the most important target and the crosshairs were put on it first. I'll gather some other examples as I play over the next few days.
    3. Multiple enemies exist in front of you and some enemies are on the other side of an object. The enemy behind the object is targeted and you have to hit the d-pad to move to the enemies directly in front of you. An example of this is in Star Lab Research Facility Alert. If you travel down the left side (Green Will Powered Side) when you get to Hal Jordan and defeat the 3 large flying guys you go down a short hallway. At the end of the hall there are 2 adds and a 3rd add on the other side of the pile of objects. In a lot of instances when you get within range to target the 2 adds that are in the hall with you, your crosshairs will target the add on the other side of the object instead of the enemies that are attacking you currently. It makes no sense to attack the add that can't deal you any harm. Also the add is the farthest enemy away from you so it also makes no sense to target that enemy. Why anyone would want that enemy as the first NPC targeted is beyond me. This is just one instance of this issue. If you play throughout the game you will see this occur a lot.
    Those are the three main issues that I experience. I'm not sure how to specifically reproduce the 'issue' since it is so random how targeting seems to function.
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  19. Namor New Player

    Yup, I have to hold a controller button down to stay locked on a *specific* target. I use a Xbox 360 wireless controller. I started this game off (beta) playing with a mouse and keyboard. But the clickfest was killing (dont want carpal tunnels) my hand. I dunno how you guys/gals do it.
  20. Nekron 99 Loyal Player

    Yeah you have to hold it down on the PS3, there is not a click it once and it's locked function that I'm aware of. Although I have no problem holding the button down. The problem is the actual targets the game chooses to pick as the auto targeted one and that the lock will jump around even though the button hasn't been released.
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