Please fix Fan in Hard Light

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  1. Rebel230 Well-Known Player

    The fan skill is integral for the infinite ranged combos. The skill itself wreaks havoc in groups and I find a lot of players complaining about it/ me. The skill basically blows the group all over the place.

    Can you please fix the skill to either suck the targets to you in a straight line, OR blow them straight back from you again in a straight line.

    Is this a possible correction?
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  2. Delta796th Loyal Player

    It's a group pull that trollers can use need for a fix.
    It only pulls when used from tray, so if it's an issue you need to alter your rotation.
  3. Rebel230 Well-Known Player

    I am following the infinite combo ranged DPS build, so its cast 1x and then part of the never ending combo. Its not "my" rotation, its the same build used for dps (ranged) I see everywhere. If I am doing something wrong I am certainly open to advice.
  4. AnonymousEUPS Dedicated Player

    Are we talking about duos here? Since as a DPS you're not pulling anything in an alert or raid so I can't see the problem unless it's ignoring dom requirements..
  5. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    No ur right u wanna start wit tht. Tap triangle fan combo. If u start wit lb then ur in long might ticks not getting in ur am. Same wit mg. ur doung it right n yes its set up dumb. I dislike mg n lb being forced to he channeled so slow!
  6. Off Side Well-Known Player

    Mmm, not everywhere... I use Ram instead Fan... try it out and you will see is better, also, you will do more dmg...
  7. Rebel230 Well-Known Player

    But isn't fan part of the combos even if you use ram 1st?
  8. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    Start with LB it stuns and if the add health is 35% or less it hit really hard at close range.
  9. Delta796th Loyal Player

    The only time fan will pull is when used.from the tray to start combo. Once it becomes part of a combo chain it will not pull adds.
  10. Greenchain Well-Known Player

    But starting with Ram, you only get 2 ticks of Might damage whereas in combo chain, you get 3 ticks of Precision damage. Plus starting with fan helps pull the adds closer, into mid/melee range. How is that (usually) bad?
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  11. Off Side Well-Known Player

    Yes, but like Delta796th says, Fan only pull if is used from tray...
  12. Off Side Well-Known Player

    Since Light update, Ram does 3 ticks... before was the same, but you needed to get closer...

    It's not bad... I've tested a lot, and best way is starting with Ram, also Ram seems the power it does more damage than any, only if you don't hold full ticks from LB and MG... just test it -.-
  13. Greenchain Well-Known Player

    Copied from patch notes. Tray cast is still only 2 ticks unless melee range right??

    o Impact
     Increased base damage when used from the tray. When used as a Construct Combo it will also hit three times.
    o Ram
     Increased base damage when used from the tray. When used as a Construct Combo it will also hit three times.
  14. Off Side Well-Known Player

    That's right... used from tray and melee/mid will hit 3 times... and as combo 3 times from wherever...
  15. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    In most content you won't be able to pull things in DPS stance. In DPS stance in solo/duo content you'll be able to pull from the tray but that isn't really a big deal. The adds will be pulled close enough where your next attacks should still damage multiple enemies.

    Please reply back what the "Everywhere" build is. Theres a lot of players shooting themselves in the foot.
  16. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    Start with whatever you like. I typically use Fan since I can choose to transition to either CL or IMP to determine which Cycle I want to use.

    The pull won't matter in DPS stance. You can use whatever you like. Ram/IMP is fine. I just like Fan since I go into CL and don't have to worry about my range of distance from the target as much. Using Light Blast is okay but is best if the enemy is already under 35% health. Mini Gun would be okay but takes 3 seconds to get full damage. Any of them can be used. You should use whatever you like.

    If your trolling you shouldn't really have Fan on your power tray.