Please fix Batman's BB!

Discussion in 'Battle of the Legends (PvP)' started by Zoe·, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. Zoe· YouTuber

    How many threads do we need to open to get Batman and Robin's block breaker fixed?
    I love PvP and I love doing it on my free time when I don't need to grind for anything,
    but I can't even help my friend level up. No just countering them doesn't always help,
    and Isn't the solution. It's an exploit just like any other. Taking an advantage of something
    broken and ruin the fun for players who actually have skills and wants to play for fun or
    be competitive but can't. I literally don't ask for a whole PvP revamp- at least adjust
    Batman and Robin's Block Breaker. Why do we need to wait so long for a tiny fix?

    I see it in my eyes as cheating and I'm calling for Justice here.
    Fix them. Thank you.
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  2. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    I opened a bug report on that bug website. It said it was reviewed by moderator, so hopefully we'll get somewhere with this soon.
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  3. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    nothings broke, that's just how batman is 24/7 XD.
  4. Luke© Well-Known Player

    Sure, in PvP it´s a Pain in the A** for every1 not playing Robin/Batman. But if they make changes to Batman/Robin´s block Breaker, Legends PvE would take 10 times longer, since this is the fastest way to go through.
    So whatever they make, 1 fraction will be mad. If i´m not wrong, Mepps even wrote once, they wont focus on PvP for now, since people always get louder with every change they make.
  5. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    An entire community has to really on one blockbreaker? That doesn't seem sad to you?

    Did you know that you can use weapon combos and clip them with a tray power for great damage as well.

    Some characters even have DoTs that you can use along with your weapon combos and tray burst powers. Crazy, huh?
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  6. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

  7. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    Well it doesn't hurt for us to essentially beg at this point for some balance adjustments. I mean if the game is so desperately trying to make money that they can't do a little fix here and there, then the game is struggling more than I would like to imagine :(. However, LPVE should 10000000% not be a concern when balancing actual Legends.
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  8. |The 3rror Committed Player

    batman bb does hit hard but it’s common sense if you get a 2s/4s match to not let him bb there’s these 2 things on a human face called “eyes” used for looking around check yo surroundings and hold square when you target them i use batman time to time but i still know how to counter not that hard it’s just pvp not for yall thats all :/
  9. Zoe· YouTuber

    When you have them both spamming you at the same time and you also get stunned there is nothing you can do,
    and who are you to say that PvP isn't for us? maybe it isn't for you, if you support such an exploit. You said it yourself,
    you use Batman too. Cheating is cheating, no matter how you try to cover it with pretty words.
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  10. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    In a 2v1 situation, sitting there spamming it is useful in trying to lure players off the node while leaving your partner on the node to collect points. Also, a player that knows what they are doing will counter you and then throw 2 BBs on you doing 1,500+ damage. This is far more counter damage than any other Legend character can do consistently. Essentially there is zero reasoning players can give that warrants this BB doing the damage it currently does.
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  11. |The 3rror Committed Player

    yes i used him before also used other legends character and still best him u claim its a 2v1 obviously yo partner is not good so thats yo teammate fault again like i said it’s common sense to lunge him toggle btw batman bb dont stun its his batarang so you saying his bb stun obviously your new to legends or pvp in general :/
  12. |The 3rror Committed Player

    also countering them can be helpful get rid of they partner or just get blues until yo partner comes back since you already batman bb gonna do alot of dmg so in mind you should spam lunge/full martial arts combo or whatever legends character they use
  13. Zoe· YouTuber

    I'm not new at all. My partner is amazing. It's broken and need to be taken care of. Good for you,
    you can try degrade me as much as you want but it won't help you. Countering them is not enough
    and not the solution. Pretty sure the only reason you keep commenting here is just to not get him fixed.
    You probably played Catwoman when she was broken too, didn't you? I'm a Wonder Woman\Wonder Girl main.
    I've been pvping for 3 years now (Ever since I joined) and not me or anyone on this thread have nothing to prove to you.
    It's a fact so deal with it, we will get them to fix it, like it or not.

    P.S Six people already agreeing with me, so...
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  14. Zoe· YouTuber

    English? I can't even understand what you're saying. And me begin on EU has nothing to do with how I do
    in PvP. It's just sad, so many excuses.
  15. Knightmare Active Player

    I've played since Beta( mostly), Batman is by far my number one go to character and after discovering the broken BB a few months ago I have not PvP'ed. It's just not clean. My usual partner plays as Robin and we have pretty good chemistry, he has asked me to legends a couple times and I just cant bring myself to queue for it . Please fix legends , I've given up on arena and open world. Which is absolutely terrible.

    I know there has been a recent request for a PvP council 2.0 to engage the devs on how to fix/ monetize the game which I know can be controversial based on what apparently happened last time . To be blunt IDC if we revert back to a previous iteration, or just scrap it and start from scratch I just want it fixed.
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  16. Knarlydude Loyal Player

    Yes, After double checking the numbers other day the damage is definitely WAaaaaaaaaaaay too high.
    Yes, I can & do lunge them but that does not fix their broken damage.

    If they don't fix Batman & Robins BB then the devs needs to revert catwoman MA damage.
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  17. CaptainColdJr007AKAFreeJohnson Committed Player

    Keyword: If you get a 2s/4s match. IF.
  18. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    This should remain the top thread until Batman is fixed.
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  19. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    Pfft good luck with that they’re busy tweaking H.I.V.E Reborn still probably.
  20. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    until batman is fixed XD. if we're going by comics which the game is based on, then there's technically nothing "wrong" or "Broken" about batman, well there's certainly something broken about him..... he did this