Playing with the intellectually bankrupt.

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Proxystar, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. Wiccan026 Loyal Player

    The joy of teaching is it's own reward and perk.

    Congrats on the new assignment :p
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  2. Kontakt Active Player

    I blame the open episodes, i have run into some useless players who constantly have no clue what they are doing and at cr 170 which makes me wonder how they got to that cr, and the worst part is they don't bother to read chat or join the voice channel all they know is fight the enemies in a mission, they have no clue about mechanics and they miss and mess up feats for other players.
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  3. Swamarian Committed Player

    I hit top DPS one run as a Sorcery healer. Someone else mentioned taking the top spot as a controller, thanks to the bombs.
  4. Swamarian Committed Player

    STO requires you do a minimum amount of damage to get credit for a mission. It can have problems.

    One guy randomly queued into a mission with one of the top members of the DPS league. The DPSer utterly vaporized everything in his path, leaving the other guy no targets. (When he found out that the other guy didn't get credit, the DPSer apologized.)
    During a mirror incursion, one guy spent the entire mission closing rifts and powering up the station, while another player tanked the adds for him. He got no credit, despite fulfilling what was nominally the mission goals.
    When damage was bugged, it was possible for someone on a fast computer with a tricked out ship to kill the crystal entity before players with a slower connection finished warping in.

    And people who didn't get credit were still stuck with the 30 minute mission cooldown.
  5. Permafrost Imp Active Player

    Next time you need a troller to help with CC, count on me. Got bombs and shields at the ready. Also a mic, if you can stand the shrieks of a fair dinkum Aussie.
  6. recoil Committed Player

    agreed. i don't like raids. i did just fine on my own in solos even when i was a troller. in fact it was easier solo as a troller since i didn't have to worry about advanced mechanics %ing my power restore abilities making sure no matter how many times i threw pot it would not reach the rest of the team. we need more solos so we can get a full set of gear first and test how it works before flying into raids as we do now.