Playing with Fire - A Nexus walkthrough [Tank & DPS]

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  1. Soulburn32 Loyal Player

    Having beat it a few times now and run it several times I wanted to post some observations and tips for fire in this raid.

    Must have powers imo:
    Stoke Flames, Burnout, Burning Det, Backdraft, Single Target Pull

    Other Powers:
    HLS, Overheat

    Explanation of powers and usage:
    Stoke, Burnout, and BD are all powers you can clip with. My basic strategy is to clip backdraft or stoke flames with one of the 2 breakout powers. Sometimes I will clip backdraft with stoke if the 2 breakouts are on cooldown. HLS can be used the same way it is a clipping power itself but the animation is 2 long and it needs to be clipped as well with one of the 3.

    How to use Overheat:
    I mainly only use this for general. When general teleports away this is the move you want to use to agrro him from a distance. The reason why I use overheat is 1) you spent power points to get it on the way to stoke flames, 2) it is the fastest range power I could find to be able to return to block after casting.

    General Tanking Tips:
    1st room: What you want to do is decide who you think is going to deal you more damage with weapon attacks, I normally just watch cybernetic, only come out of block after the one you are watching completes his weapon combo; he will pause for a moment allowing you to re-buff.

    2nd room: Same deal here, only pop out of block after the boss completes a weapon combo; if your a fire tank you can withstand the aoe's pretty easily as long as you remain in block. If you happen to be pick by the stun robot: use any UWC powers on your bar, pop a personal damping consumable, pop a soda, pop your supply drop. If you run threw all those you should make it threw the stun with no problem.

    3rd room: here is where you must have that ranged single target pull. for maximum dps burn if at all possible do not pull the robot next to the boss right away, when somone calls out the robot count to 10 before yanking the robot in the boss should buff within the next few seconds. If your fire try to save burning determination for when the boss buffs, right after he buffs he will raise his hand and if you hit burning determination it will prevent your team from being pulled to the boss.

    Final room: again you want to mainly focus on whatever boss you think is doing the most damage from his weapon combos and only come out of block between his attacks. If you have general in the last room I suggest always holding target lock onto him so you don't have to find him after he teleports. The tell for his teleport move looks like the smokebomb animation; after he teleports fire off overheat and return to block; as long as he is within target range he will return to you. As far as shield phases go, what works best for me is to call out the 1 shot attack and have someone lunge in to the boss as it goes off and then roll away after the attack goes off.

    My recommended loadout:
    Inferno | FW | Overheat | Detonate | Mass Det | Snuff Out

    Some things I see people doing wrong:
    I see alot of people trying to use both mass det and fireburst in the same loadout, do not do this; only use one or the other at any given time.
    Do not cast mas det or fireburst back to back, cast one go threw your other powers and then cast again.
    Use detonate a lot guys, this is probably your best power by far to use and I see a lot of people sleeping on it or just simply not using it enough.

    Improving your finisher:
    Supply Drop 4 guys, get it, use it, learn to love it. As we are not using supercharges the best use of your supply drop 4 is to wait until the boss is 30% or less and then use your supply drop to help finish it off. Once the boss reaches 35% I want you to hit pop inferno and overheat then cast mass det or fireburst. As soon as mass det or fireburst finishes I want you to drop a supply drop. Now with your 60% lock + 50% from the supply drop and your 10% core strength you should be able to fire off about 3-4 snuff outs with a 120% damage buff. After the supply drop wears off, setup your dots again, reapply the 60% lock and go to town again.

    Fireburst or Mass Det, and when to use which:
    1st room: either one really, if you work on your positioning to not be hitting all 4 fireburst can hit better but mass det can just be easier.

    Hallways: always use mass det in the hallways on the adds, this way you don't have to worry about getting into mid range and you can just sit at max range dropping huge numbers.

    2nd room: the stun robot room I always go with fireburst, its single target damage is hands down better than mass det.

    3rd room: this one can go either way, if you confident in your ground and your tank go with fireburst, if you need to sit back more go with mass det.

    4th room: mass det, to many bombs going off in the middle and the main boss moves around to much to try and use fireburst

    Final room: mass det, yes I know it is possible to use fireburst and it would probably do more damage but for the good of your team just stay max range and use mass det, the extra damage from fireburst is not worth the extra stress to the team.

    Not killing the robot before the buff:
    I know what your thinking "all my powers are aoe what can I do?"
    Only use your cast time aoe powers when the robot is not out yet or right after it has been killed. Only apply inferno and overheat when the robot is not out yet or right after it has been killed. If the tank has pulled the robot in close very early your dps is going to go down, just accept it and your what you can. Detonate and Snuff Out even about 35% is what you want to use here when the robot is in close before its time to kill it.

    Basic DPS advice:
    Find a rotation that allows you to always have your 60% lock the majority of the time without spamming mass det or fireburst. I can always spot these guys right away they are relaying way to heavily on the damage they see from the cast time powers. You will improve your damage by just using the cast time powers to retain your 60% lock to make inferno, overheat, and detonate always be hitting at the highest possible damage levels.

    This is all just my personal view on how to play fire in Nexus; hopefully some people struggling can use this info to improve.
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  2. 13igtyme Loyal Player

    This is what I was going to do when I decided to switch for style feats. My tank has been on the self for months now.
  3. Dump Truck New Player

    Good advice. I run a similar loadout except I use fireball for fiery weapon for a third dot. I've had no issues topping charts or keeping up with HL spammers.
  4. Jaye31987 New Player

    Everything you said was good but I personally like FB and Mass det in the same loadout. I always find myself needed to adjust depending on the situation during the boss fight and the fact of having the luxery of a long range and a short rang in the same boss rights gives me more flexibility to do stuff.
  5. Jaye31987 New Player

    I also wanted to note one thing. I could be wrong here but im almost sure that BD, stroke flames, and burnout are all like 2 seconds animations...the same duration like backdraft. In reality, you making your backdraft+clip with strokeflame more vulnerable to get hit compare to a normal bd+ block.
  6. crownclownking New Player

    is meteor till viable, I just got back to playing my fire toon so i haven't played much with this toon yet. but my loadout consist of fire weapon ,mass det.,detonation.,overheat,inferno,meteor. So far is ok i mean i have one piece of t5 gear and i haven't try the raids with this toon yet. Also i think im gonna try tanking with him too so the tanking guide really helps cause is been a while since i played this toon so im rusty lol
  7. Soulburn32 Loyal Player

    Backdraft stoke is the longest of the clips but it isn't any longer really than just hitting backdraft. Its not all about the animations it alot to do with how fast you can return to block. BD is faster return to block and Burnout for instance.
  8. Dump Truck New Player

    meteor is viable, but the issues with meteor is it's animation time and if you run meteor you do not want to run a move like fireball or spontanious combustion as they share the same burning effect. The animation time is too long on it's own unless cancelled with FW.
  9. Jaye31987 New Player

    I think I said it wrong. What im implying is that the duration of backdraft is the same duration of BD. So by clipping backdraft to still got to wait 2 seconds to return to block.....unless you could clip out of the BD animation by PD..?

    Can you clip out of BD animation by blocking? ( I dont think you can? Having a brain fart now...due to me dpsing)
  10. Soulburn32 Loyal Player

    You can block almost instantly with BD you do like a half hand pump and then it goes into block so yes you are kind of like halfway clipping the animation into block.
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  11. Jaye31987 New Player

    Sweet to note. Especially when every second counts regarding going back into a block.

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