Playhouse dinning table & Mystical coffee Table.

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Zylo, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. Zylo Well-Known Member

    anyone know or have any idea were to find them? their the last ones I need for the feat and there is no way am going to spend more than 20+mil for them on the broker.
  2. Redhot Active Member

    I have the playhouse dining table you on Us pc ?
  3. Zylo Well-Known Member

    thx for the offer but am on the PS3. do u remember were u got it?
  4. Redhot Active Member

    A friend passed it to me @@ I wish I knew
  5. Zylo Well-Known Member

  6. Zylo Well-Known Member

    *bump* anybody know?
  7. uXix Well-Known Member

    Playhouse dining table from T1 boxes.
    Mystical coffee table from T3 boxes.
    That doesn't mean they don't drop from the bosses themselves.
  8. Shadow Vlad Well-Known Member

    Yeah I got a playhouse dining table from a t1 box recently
  9. Snow Active Member

    Did you mean Playhouse Coffee table or no? If so, the coffee table drops in T2 Flash Duo, Abra and Riverside Hotel, Braniac Mk 3.
    And I have no idea where Mystical Coffee table drops..
  10. Zylo Well-Known Member

    When u say T1 and T3, do you mean chalenges, DOU's or Alerts? Or it doesint matter?
  11. uXix Well-Known Member

    It doesn't matter.
  12. Zylo Well-Known Member

    Sweet. Major thx for the info.

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