Players quitting Duos because of EOG?

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  1. Carilee Active Player

    I have seen some hypotheticals/thought experiments in here about how bad they eye is for the community. well try this thought experiment. everyone get in a group and do throne reg and all of the dps and the healer use EOG. now all of you group up by the bridge and stay in each others circles. then watch as everything dies quickly and you finish the instance in 1 attempt in 15 - 20 minutes max. or run the alert with 3 dps use EOG and either a tank or healer popping the EOG and everyone stands in each other circles and watch as everything dies and you finish it in 10 minutes or so. The EOG is an amazing artifact that gives the group more killing power. btw these aren't hypotheticals. this occurs on a regular basis for people who work together.
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  2. Plowed In Dedicated Player

    Or before any loot drops people need to submit a ticket to you explaining why they’re worthy of receiving it.
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  3. Carilee Active Player

    the real fun part of the EOG, which I don't think a lot of groups are doing is what we call "the cheese"TM it isn't just using the EOG. its adding an extra green circle for the group by having a healer power do his dps rotation in dps gear with dps artifacts and augments but in healer form and using EOG constantly. then the group can literally use orange circles as part of every rotation. this ups the damage immensely and allows the group to beat the instance faster. it also allows the troller and healers to pop supercharges more often which keeps the group alive. btw the dps in healer form is doing the opposite of scoreboard chasing for all of those ppl out there who think being the top dps makes you the best/most important.
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  4. not_again Dedicated Player

    You are not supposed to share this. You just broke the internet and the game. ;););)
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  5. Carilee Active Player

    for some reason the police are knocking on my door asking for carilee
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  6. E Clip Dedicated Player

    Exactly, Im not disputing that nor arguing against it. However you cant tell me with a straight face that players who run EoG arent coming from that place too: that the scorecard is everything and they only care about their own damage numbers... yes, yes 1% use it for the team, I know that too.

    Again, Im not arguing against this either, I agree its not a good thing to do. Yet it happens frequently in my runs. Maybe it was a string of bad runs and in time people will get used to it and stop crying about it, who knows. It doesnt happen only when I run with league or people I know. Is it funny? Yes, I even play the red alert siren in my head when people scatter from EoG as if its a boss mechanics they need to avoid :D. Hell, even Mepps memed about it, so it must be hilarious. But it does come with a downside and a negative effect.

    Lets stop running in circles, you recognize it produces toxicity, and the source of the toxicity is that it credits one person for the damage. That is the reason people run EoG and that is the reason people jump out of it. I said previously, even if all run EoG, the problem wont go away because there's always going to be those arguments, I stood in your EoG, you didnt stay in mine.... and so on.

    And no I wasnt joking about the trinkets, its real stuff. I can humor you with at least 5 stories just from this week alone and feed Mepps even more meme material :D
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  7. Proxystar #Perception

  8. jpharrah1010 Devoted Player

    If this is actually happening it’s not a big surprise ...the scoreboard prevent pugs and even tight knit groups from playing as a team......the mmo I’ve left this game for has synergy abilities that do massive damage when another player interacts with your synergy if there were a scoreboard no one would
    Tap them
  9. ALB Dedicated Player

    I seen that in an elite raid, but it was a nature gorilla
  10. HalfromTynon Well-Known Player

    ^this. It produces toxicity.
    Whether toxicity is founded or unfounded. It is there.
    How does the toxicity get eliminated?
  11. Plowed In Dedicated Player

    You eliminate the human element ;)
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  12. LadsDcuo Well-Known Player

    Opps wrong company cough cough EA
  13. LadsDcuo Well-Known Player

    lol I was doing COTE and whenever I would use my eye of gemini the other Dps would always run from it lol
  14. Iconic Simulation Loyal Player

    Would that artifact happen to be called " Sash of RNGesus"? Lol
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  15. (EU PC) WyckedGamesTTV Level 30

    Please, please, please call it "Bane of the Deeps Bunny" :D
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  16. Iconic Simulation Loyal Player

    Or" Tears of the Tryhard" lol
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  17. E Clip Dedicated Player

    The answer is obvious, let everyone who stands in the circle feed off of each other's damage and everyone gets their individual damage increased, not just one person. Which would essentially make it another form of supply drop, but with a smaller damage increase and a lower coooldown.
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  18. ALB Dedicated Player

    They are going to make the circle bigger. Want to run, go ahead, but you will loose numbers for every second you run. That will solve the problem and toxicity I keep reading about. Make it same size as healer and tank circle.
    Another thing people don't realize, EoG past 120 give back power too, but hey why let not having power get in the way of dps.
  19. Hraesvelg Always Right

    It's like some people forget we're still primates. The "toxicity" is built in. And everyone that complains about the toxicity is also "toxic" to someone else in another form. For instance, I think it's "toxic" to keep calling everyone and everything you don't like "toxic".

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  20. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    Haha yea it all goes back to the same argument:

    People thinking others care that they're offended.

    Im an adult man, if someone actually said they were upset i didn't pop a trinket in their circle i would literally act like i didn't hear it and move on with my life
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