Up-Votes Needed Players are Practically Invisible! Can't be Targeted or Picked Up! Intolerable!

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  1. Catastrophic Repercussion Committed Player

    This video will demonstrate the titular bug in action.
    Note: Normally I censor all names, but my current capabilities prevent me from doing so to moving text, so apologies in advance. I point this out because so far as I can tell, this is not done on purpose and it can happen to everyone (I had this experience too, unfortunately, I didn't gather footage at the time) so don't blame the players shown in the video or in-game.

    Once this random bug happens to a player, they would:
    • have their toon rendered in one place, but their actual presence is in another.
    • have a targetable shell that doesn't respond to any combat effects.
    • not be targetable in their actual spot, though they can still be damaged when the attack hits the right spot.
    • see everything as normal from their PoV, except people running around them in a funny way.
    It is unclear how this would occur, and this happens a lot more frequently in recent times (though a friend suggests this phenomenon occurs even before the BoP lag). I hope will get significantly reduced.

    Special thanks to Ryazan for allowing me to hijack her channel to upload this.
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  2. Zoros Active Player

    I have experienced this bug quite often inside pvp matches, both arena and legends. Thank you for capturing it and making a post about it :).
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  3. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    This happens from time to time in PvE too. I've always chalked it up to a poor internet connection.
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  4. Darth Piper Loyal Player

    It has something to do with lag of an individual player... whether it's the network connection, server processing of the individual, or the game equipment (console, computer, etc). The danger in this is that the person can participate in the fight in real time, but if he or she dies the rest of the team will not see a cog for revival. The only way we've been able to "correct" this is to relog. I don't remember if in an operation when you move to the next section it will resync. I'll try to watch for that next time it happens.
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  5. Catastrophic Repercussion Committed Player

    Regular pvp too?
    It's almost like every Legends report I make is not limited to that mode @v@".
    I got that myself again just this past Thursday...

    My hunch is that it's a server issue, as I never got hit by it when my internet connection is legitimately poor, also the "invisible" player would be normal in the next LPvP match (usually in several minutes and without relogging), thus my understanding is loading a different map would resolve it.
    This appears to be independent of the lag issue (as I said in the OP, the increased frequency probably happened before the episode launch), so if we're experiencing the same issue, it'd be great for you to upvote the OP to increase the likelihood of this getting inspected.
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  6. Vulpar Well-Known Player

    I've seen this bug before in JLD Darkness Rising and now twice in this alert.

    The person who went invisible couldn't tell they were invisible, but everyone else was unable to see them. Neither times in HQ did the person who was invisible need to be picked up, but the time it happened in JLD they did die and we were unable to pick them up. This last time in HQ, when the person got trapped in a metal ball, their character showed up where they were when they got broken out, which happened to be in the middle of the air, face down. They weren't static or idling, they were fighting, but they weren't moving around. When they picked up something, it showed up in their character's hands. When they picked me up to break me out of a ball, my character and my camera shifted over to where their character looked like it was.

    I didn't notice whether the person was visible from the beginning, but I think that this last time the person who went invisible went invisible during the cutscene in the meeting room. When it happened in JLD, the person who went invisible disappeared during the cutscene before the last boss. Their character idled just outside of the boss room.
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  7. Vulpar Well-Known Player

    This got moved from a separate thread where I had mentioned the HQ Alert in the title.
  8. Deus Ex Machina Committed Player

    This has been happening as early as 2015. This is an on-going bug that cannot be reproduced. Internet connection, PC/Console have absolutely nothing with this bug. I've tested this on multiple accounts, PC's, and two consoles on a fibre connection with a 20-30 ping. It just happens randomly and I fear this bug will never get fixed.

    The only in game fix is to warp maps or relog.
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  9. Imaginos Committed Player

    I've had a similar bug but I'm pretty sure it's only happening when I'm grouped with a gadgets player or on my gadgets player and usually cross faction. They'll go invisible and I can no longer see them inworld. I can see them on the mini map but can't see them in world or they're just standing in a doorway that we're both nowhere near, doing nothing, while actually doing something in world, like fighting. Makes some dous really tough when you can't pick up your partner.
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  10. Catastrophic Repercussion Committed Player

    It is literally the same bug as my OP, it's just our observations are different so thank you for the extra details!
    Weird you can witness cross-faction gadgets player consistently display this trait... hopefully this is something that can be reliably reproduced

    Don't forget to help upvote/like the 1st post so devs can pay more attention to this!
  11. bASTHET1982 New Player

    I constantly see many players with invisible body parts. It is an error of the game, NOT of the Users not of their PC or Internet.

    --Constantemente veo Muchos jugadores on partes de su cuerpo invisibles.
    es un error del juego, NO de los Usuarios si Pc o Internet.

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