Player run events.

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by ARI ATARI, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. ARI ATARI New Player

    Why don't we have more of them?
    Why is it that we don't have more participation when they do happen?

    Did you know that SuperPatriot is running a tournament for both legends and arenas right now?
    If you did know, why arent you participating?
    Not only do you get to play the game, but you get a chance to win prizes, learn strategy and tactics, and meet some cool people.

    Wondering why there is so little interest.
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  2. Daddio New Player

    I wonder the same myself at times, then think of those who do attend get more attention, more play and more enjoyment.
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  3. Corrupted Ertai New Player

    I know nothing of these events you speak of.
  4. ARI ATARI New Player

    are you pc or ps3?
  5. not_again Dedicated Player

    Because player ran events are a major headache for the organizer and many participants. You have to be on at a certain time so you have to adjust your schedule to make sure you are on, then someone does not show and you end up waiting around forever to pick up someone. Then there are player made rules that everyone doesnt agree with. Finally you have the same 5-10 leagues with 2-3 teams fighting each other and in the end there will be phantom disconnects and a million other excuses for why someone won or loss and no prizes are ever given to anyone.

    I don't think this is SuperPatriot or any other person hosting something like this is at fault just some headaches cant be avoided. I do like how he did make a seperate website and a twitter account that gives updates of what is going on with the tournament. Bravo to you good sir.
  6. Vixen Well-Known Player

    Atari you already know the answer to this 70% of dc players do not frequent these forums or follow on social media the other 30% only get on the forums to complain or get relevant info.
    These events you speak of are mostly pvp. Most people don't find that compelling. These events also are just among you and the people you know and have always found to be your "peers" as far as this game goes. I'm not sure how you can boost interest in something only you and your circle feel is important. Try to think of a way to get the msg to ppl that are in game. Open events up so that anyone can participate. Maybe then you will see a lot more players show up.
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  7. kingmasternova Loyal Player

    EZ answer NOT everybody like PvP.
  8. Flightboy New Player

    This has been really enjoyable for our league. Next event like this I'm sure we will have at least one Arena team too. You guys really should give events like this a chance as Atari stated above. FYI most in our league are outside the "circle".
  9. Maxx_Watt Loyal Player

    Never heard of these events. but I don't roll with leagues so that could be a reason. The other main reason why I wouldn't be interested is due to the leagues & people that I know would be there, I don't have time to spend with trash talking N word spewing morons.
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  10. Vixen Well-Known Player

  11. TheDark Devoted Player

    One guy up there has a point. Not everyone that plays the game visits the forums to know what's going on.

    As for not participating, I speak for myself when I say there are just some players in the PvP community (everyone not just the 5s crowd) who I would prefer to avoid. Some chaps are just grouchy and sensitive. Trash talk is ok and fun sometimes but some players get all buttt hurt if you slay them.

    Maybe some players also don't join because they don't have a team. Even if I wanted to I would fall under this category considering my old league doesn't play anymore. Besides I don't think I'm up for getting to know new players. So maybe its a combo of things.
  12. tukuan Devoted Player

    Devs have said in other threads that they'd like to add more and more features to the scrimmage functionality, which one would hope would include ladder-style tournament functionality.

    At the same time we now have the events tab at the beginning of the on duty. Would it be a huge leap to allow someone to create an open tournament and have that show on the events tab? This wouldn't be done lightly as it would require a substantial number of dev resources but it would go a long way to make the m in mmorpg and bigger one.
  13. Flightboy New Player

    I have to say there hasn't been any trash talking drama that ive seen or witnessed. No I dont have the 5v5 channel in my tabs, but then again for people you don't care for why not ignore them and enjoy the league cohesion?
  14. Quantum Edge Steadfast Player

    An events board in these forums would be great.
  15. Aqua New Player

    Too many assumptions here. The overwhelming majority of people participating are pretty civil with each other and there is no secret pvp illuminati "circle".

    Of course there's bound to be some trash talk, anything competitive spawns that behavior, but no one is gonna rip your head off just for posting a message in 5s chat or something similar.
  16. ToneMD New Player

    Are these events announced in versus or something equally universal in game? Maybe the devs can help by broadcasting these events.
  17. Quantum Edge Steadfast Player

    Ixnay on the irclecay.
  18. TheDark Devoted Player

    5s chat has some of that negativity. Perhaps not now but when i activated it it was. For all I know it still occurs. im not putting it back up nor would i get in there in the future. A while back I planned on getting into that crowd for the fun aspect. For 1 hour a group was btching about what leagues are OP and deserve recognition. They polluted the chat wth insults. Next day a group complained and resorted to name calling for some sort of violation. I had that chat up for 3 days and I already was disgusted. Ironically someone had brought up how the bickering was surely going to bring in new players.

    That behavior may not happen now but it already left a sour taste in people's mouth who have been playing a while. Do you honestly expect players looking for fun in a calm and respected environment to join players they identify as the root of that problem? They see a specific league name and they just don't care.

    Maybe it'd help if you guys sought players ingame or on here who were never exposed to that. Clearly some players have expressed their feelings based on what they experienced. I don't understand why you think they would make it up considering we have all witnessed what's mentioned.
  19. Motive New Player

    This was a few months ago on EU-PC. There was a PVP tournament...

  20. Soulburn32 Loyal Player

    Probably because the last 2 that were run did not go very well