Player not teleported into instance (although he is displayed as in the group)

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Horrorshow, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. Horrorshow New Player

    There is something wrong with the ques when someone is queing PVP. There always seems to be one person who doesn't show up in the group and everyone is left with only three people to fight against four. Either the person is AFK and not bothering with the que or there is something wrong with your system. It has happened to me more than one too. Fix it.
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  2. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Can you post your character name so we can take a look?
  3. General Zod 10000 Post Club

    This has happened to me when I queue with friends. I would make it into the waiting zone and they wont. They would then message me and say the got the LSOD so maybe it has to do with that.
  4. uXix Committed Player

    This happened to me a few times...

    If i'm in an instance and in queue and queue pops and i click ready then leave the outside the instance IN GROUP but not in arena.
  5. Horrorshow New Player

    Sorry, Mepps. The character is Dilustel and it was a PVP legends match earlier on in the day. I hope it is not too late. Thank you!
  6. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    Since I already saw this happen 3 times:

    - One Player is not being teleported to the instance though he received the message and confirmed for teleportation.
    - The player shows up as in the group on the left side, but he is not inside the instance. For example: it displayed the player's role in a legends-match (should be impossible, forgot to screenshoot it though)

    - This can happen to both PvE Instances and for PvP matches.

    - In that legends-PvP match the start-timer ran until its end, but server didn't teleport any players in.
    - In the PvE instance, the excluded player from our premade group for Arkham had to leave the group, before the "reopen instance" was triggered - and we could get him in.

    Never saw this happen before the last GU.

    I couldn't reproduce this on purpose, but I will try to find more info.
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  7. Shadow Vlad New Player

    I also posted this. Its reproducible but very hard and would require luck. How its happened to me multiple times is you que for something, get confirmation that its ready and will enter when everyone readys up. While waiting to be sent in if you use a portal or warp to hq,rally,base and everyone gets put in the instance while you're loading from your door/warp you will end at your warp/portal destination. While you're in the nightclub scratching your head and your friends are in a mismatch arena, etc if they try to invite you it will say "player not found".
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  8. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    I searched the whole Arkham Asylum for a post about this bug, but couldn't find anything.

    Before the GU, I got disconnected if I changed instances when the teleport came in. Did they try to fix it and it went wrong?
  9. Horrorshow New Player

    This is sitll happening Devs. Yet again it happened to a match inside Arkham Asylum. It seems to happen in Arkham more than anywhere.
  10. Statman New Player

    Whoops I just posted about this, and then I find this thread (always happens, doesn't it!)

    I've only experienced this for pre-made PVE groups though. I'll link this thread to my post.

    Here's what I posted in the thread I made...

  11. Ironman New Player

    This actually happens when you are travelling through zones after accepting an instance. The system is trying to load the instance (when it is ready), but loads the destination zone instead, resulting you being in the instance and seeing the group list but not physically in the instance.

    It used to disconnect you when this happened, but the devs seems to fixed it, ..sort of.
  12. DrewCheech New Player

    This happened to me last night in PVE. I was Q'd for an alert, and the alert started as I was leaving a police station. When the loading finished and I got outside, the other 3 guys names were on my screen, but I was left out of the alert. Phasing didn't work, so I logged out and logged in. But that didn't really fix the issue
  13. GreenDrakkon Well-Known Player

    I've had this happen to me several times in pve. Couldn't leave the group. They couldn't kick me. I was still in gotham while they where in the instance. I've also seen this happen before to someone joining a group. They never were able to enter but the other three where there.
  14. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    This happens when the player zones while he/she is supposed to be teleported by the server.

    How to reproduce:
    1. Queue up and confirm
    2. start zoning somewhere (loadingscreen)
    3. The last player confirms while you are in the loadingscreen

    Until this is fixed: Do not zone after you confirmed the queue.
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  15. oasenhoheit Loyal Player

    This happened to me more than once, to me and groupmembers.
    This bug seems to occure, when someone is using a teleporter after the pop. Then the group get's ported into the match, except the one who ported. The match still shows the whole group, but one member is not there, so the team is missing one member and this member can't be replaced, because the match thinks the group is complete.
    To make someone else join, the one left out needs to leave the group and maybe even relog.
  16. PaperGirl New Player

    Exactly what's happening and how to reproduce it , please fix that .
    IT's annoying to have 1 member not teleported in arena , and have to fight 3vs4 .
  17. TrueMarvel New Player

    if your que is ready and and you have accepted it, DO NOT GO THROUGH ANY TELEPORTS. or any type of loading screen. Apparently you are being transported in during the loading screen... but because you are in it, the system can't put you inn the instance
  18. bedovean New Player

    Everyone is correct, as for this being a "rare bug" i do not think so. Even though it seems the chances are rare that this would happen, it happens probably 1 out of 3 instances i run. Especially pvp.

    Again just clarifying that the following assumption is correct and have tested and reproduced the same result:

    Que up for instance
    Push f1 to join instance
    Warp through any kind of teleporter or go to a nightclub

    If que starts and warps players while you are loading, you do not get in instance. Like i said seems like it would not happen often, but it has not only happened to me, but also my wife and about 100 people that have tried joining instances with us. A common occurance because players do not sit on their hands waiting for a load, they are about doing things :p
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  19. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    In PvP-matches the counter will run down from 1:20 when a player is missing that way. For me it happened in 1 out of 15 matches lately. Just a rough average.
  20. Zpirit Dedicated Player

    A simple way to recreate this, would be get a group together, and when you're que pops exit a major portal. ( Exit The Watchtower, any police station/nightclub, or your lair when the rest of your group are pulled into the match.