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  1. Great Architect Loyal Player

    It comes from every area of EG7. It's really not important where. You could say that the profits from Everquest are being used for that, and it would be just as correct.

    But that's the key: PROFITS.

    People are talking as if DCUO is being drained of cash that it would otherwise have had, to feed other games. That's simply not true. EG7 specifically state that they aren't ceasing investing in DCUO. And for that investment, they get a return, and a profit. Dimensional Ink also turns a profit. There's no money being "siphoned off".

    You might also note that they're not making any major investment in any of their other existing games. Including Everquest. Are they siphoning money out of that game too?
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  2. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    Without knowing what is happening behind the scenes, I try not to make accusatory assumptions. I think the appearances are pretty awful, though.
  3. Multiverse Creator League

    Whatever words he used..... it is painfully obvious that no real money is re-invested in the game.

    We have been getting the bare minimum for the past 2 years...... and we don't even get that much since the start of 2024.

    :( :(
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  4. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Let's look at the 2024 Roadmaps for EQ and EQ2.
    EverQuest 2:

    If you back out and took a look at their staff post tracker, you can see consistent communication between their dev team and the players. I see a thriving community with little to no unhappy players.

    What makes Dimensional Ink so special that their dev team can not or will not talk to us? Can not or will not reassure fears or correct misinformation? This lack of transparency been going on for years but it has suddenly come to a head now in 2024. Even DCUO's cheerleaders have started having doubts about the future of this game.

    Players have invested or currently invest time and money into this game. We are allowed to make accusatory assumptions. We deserve answers. The stonewalling is ********.
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  5. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    I think I speak for most of us when I say, "If I'm paying for a subscription and spending additional money on marketplace items, I would hope that that profit is recycled back into DCUO and not some game that I don't play." I would think most of us might find that somewhat important. Especially when we're not seeing any improvements to the game from the money we're spending...
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  6. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    Both should happen. In most corporations, profits sustain all aspects of the company to a degree, and the more profitable products get more attention. I never said I like where things are headed, but I also am concerned that players' voices are contributing to making it worse. There are very few new MMORPGs out there because gamers have shown less and less interest in the genre; we may not see another game like this get released in the near future or possibly ever.
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  7. Ghostknight Well-Known Player

    Misinformation is information presented as fact when it condradicts fact. Misinformation is intentional lies.

    Opinion is a view or judgment that is not necessarily based on fact or knowledge but is based on feelings.

    I believe a majority of the people on this forum are giving their personal opinions. EG7/DB/DI has every right to censor anything that they consider harmful to their business. Major examples of censorship by business are toxic or obscene behavior.

    Peace and DCUO Forever
  8. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Maybe it needs to get worse so the studio can wake up and see that they need to do better.
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  9. PrinceD Active Player

    Next year we will have James Gunn's new DC universe, I'm wondering if this universe is successful, this game could really take advantage of this since fans of the genre would perhaps feel like playing, but in this situation the game is in it wouldn't hold much people for a long time, a total waste of profit potential that they could raise thinking about next year too... no guys, the game isn't ending, but from what it looks like the chances of having a better game are low... it's really frustrating to see all the profit we give to this company being invested in other games.

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  10. Great Architect Loyal Player

    People misunderstand the difference between "Revenue" and "Profits". Just because a company produces a huge amount of Revenue (which is what the chart in the EG7 presentation shows) doesn't mean it is producing huge Profits. Gross Revenue is basically all the money made, but before any business costs have been deducted. If your business costs are high enough, no amount of Revenue will be realised as Profit.

    So the fact that DCUO generates the most Revenue does not mean that it is generating the most Profit. And due to the high volatility shown in the chart, the profit it might produce wouldn't be constant or reliable. What the actual profit is is not in the EG7 Presentation - and that's not it's purpose. It's purpose is to analyse "EG7's financial performance, strategic initiatives, and future growth prospects." not report profits from individual companies.

    When they say they will continue to invest in existing games, they mean "we expect these to remain profitable with this level of investment". When they say "No major investment" they mean "we don't expect them to remain profitable if we sink larger amounts into them".

    I have no idea what Daybreaks, or Dimensional Ink's PROFITS are, and nor do you. They're certainly not in that Presentation.
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  11. BlackGryphon Well-Known Player

    Or it -could- herald the arrival of the much anticipated and, perhaps, even -actual- entity that's come to be known as "DCUO 2.0"!!!
  12. Great Architect Loyal Player

    No - that actually WAS in the presentation. "We won't, for example, be remastering DCUO".
  13. Raven Nocturnal Devoted Player

    Actually, yes, I do.

    Lol, I stopped inviting people to this game years ago. I legit wouldn't even invite my worst enemy to this nightmare shitshow greedy horrorfest our beloved game has become!
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  14. Raven Nocturnal Devoted Player

    1000% exactly, spot on.
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  15. Raven Nocturnal Devoted Player

    And it could all go away with one simple sentence from a green name...........
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  16. Raven Nocturnal Devoted Player

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  17. Great Architect Loyal Player

    He absolutely doesn't.

    If you think he does, please supply the timestamp in that video where he does. Happy hunting ;) .
  18. Dominic Blue Dedicated Player

    Ok major cope there from you but you can interpret what the CEO says and believe that DCUO is getting the funding it needs sure. I’m glad a lot of you gaslighting defenders of Daybreak are out now so I can promptly put you on ignore. Shame I won’t see your answers when DCUO gets shutdown soon and you’ll pretend you didn’t just manipulate people into believing DCUO was fine and all. Forum members like that make me sick to my stomach. Getting real tired of this crap just saying.
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  19. FlyingFingers Well-Known Player

    Well said my friend every word this isn't not the fan bases fault but the fools at EG7 whatever happens and is happening is there fault. You can't pump out trash and think sensible people and people would common sense would tolerate this nonsense that's going on and still stick around and play and spend money.
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  20. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    Oh no the developers are making bad decisions and the players are holding them accountable … boohoo
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