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  1. EK1975 Well-Known Player

    Didn't know where else to post this to get devs attention. I have been trying to get Phoenix Material ever since Amazon Fury came out. Collection is so rare I have only JUST almost finished it. Just missing Flaming Phoenix Feather. As for "Just get it from the broker", some of us don't have hundred of millions (if not billions) of in game cash (which is another issue entirely having to spend that much in the broker to get something). Tried opening a help ticket. Didn't help as customer service didn't see it as their responsibility. Rarety is one thing. SO rare that it is now IMPOSSIBLE to get since 1) The capsules are no longer an option, and 2) The material and collection items needed are no longer in the broker is another.
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  2. XEMD Well-Known Player

    I feel you because I'm going through this situation myself. I got every collection except Flaming Phoenix Feather/Bloody Knife to name another. I feel like they need to add all previous capsules to the marketplace (unlocked) and let us buy them. I also think they should do what they did for the kryptonian capsule. Instead of having to open another capsule to find out what we get, we open the one capsule and then get to choose our reward out of the options.
  3. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    This is not a bug. Grievances should be posted in the Gameplay section of the forum. And to address your issue, Amazon Capsules are still in the broker, if you need some I can mail you a few. We also have Resurgence events where all the old time capsules return. Please don't bother customer service with trivial issues, it's not their responsibility you receive every rare drop that exists. It's a lottery, not a handout.
  4. Stanley53m New Player

    And what about the cosmic material? I obviously think that bring the booster bundle with the cosmic material in, will be a good idea.For every people who missed it like i did.
  5. Schimaera Devoted Player

    The devs already stated that OG items will not return. This includes the cosmic material as well, iIrc.
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  6. SasquaT Dedicated Player

    Those collections are very rare i have opened many amazon provisions capsules ( 2800 -3000 ) and i had only 6 of flaming phoenix feather so its like 1 flaming per 500 provision . When you do quick math its gona be 2000 USD ( - 10 % if you legendary ) spend on stabilizers or 5000 days ( ~13 years and 7 months ) if you legendary and you doing stabilizer duo everyday . Best of luck :)

    I gave you avrerage stats which means you can ofcourse be lucky and get it on "1st spin" or unlucky and never get it .
    Dont forget casino always win :)