Not A Bug Philosopher’s Stone double duration of damage buff and other at mac

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  1. 4 the ppl New Player

    It literally says double the duration of damage buff but it does not do that. I tried with the trinket, supercharge, as well as the weapon buff for super powers none of them work. I paid a lot of money to get the artifact to 200. Also when you all do fix it make it so we can move around and not get one shot by the boss unless the heals coming from the supply drop is sooo OP that it prevents that from happening. A time frame of when this would happen I would like to know as well.
  2. TheLorax Unwavering Player

    It's referring to the damage buff from your supply drop, is the duration from that not doubled?
  3. 4 the ppl New Player

    If it is referring to that which you speak of it is unclear and misleading. DAMAGE BUFF means damage buff, and I get damage buff from trinkets supercharges and super powers. I would not have leveled it up to 200 for damage from the supply drop. I would have put my money into another artifact.

    I spoke with GM and they said to put it on here I just want it to do what it implies that it does or get my money back or get the materials so I can spec it into something else. Also it should say for what type of damage as well and not say damage buff because damage buff as stated earlier means anything that increases damage but not limited to unless otherwise stated.
  4. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    The description says: "Double the duration of Health Regeneration, Damage Buff, and Power Free casting for yourself. (Unique to your own Supply Drop)"

    That means double the length of time your health regenerates from your supply drop, double the duration of the damage buff you receive from your supply drop, and double the duration for your power free casting you receive from your supply drop. I think you just read it incorrectly. The way that it works currently is the way that is intended to work.
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  5. TheLorax Unwavering Player

    It literally says:
    * Double the duration of Health Regeneration, Damage Buff, and Power Free casting for yourself. (Unique to your own Supply Drop)
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  6. xxHELLSTROKExx Committed Player

    It's a strange choice of artifact to me to level up after reading the description which is why I'm guessing I've never seen someone using it. But to reiterate what others have said, it does work as intended. I doubt you'll be getting any help/ refunds so just hold onto it for the next double event and feed it into something useful. Start saving source Mark's tho, it takes like 1200 to take an artifact from 0 to 200.
  7. 4 the ppl New Player

    Sod that... on other artifacts it would explicitly state what it does not do. Just like grimorion does not have any water interactions, scrap of soul cloak states does not add to the extended super charger. This is misleading
  8. 4 the ppl New Player

    Unique to your own supply drop means this applies just for you and not other ppls supply drops.
  9. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Grimorium Verum does have Water interactions - it says it applies the Crushed Power Interaction if you are Earth or Water.

    A maxed out supply drop by default gives you power regeneration, health regeneration and a damage buff. The Philosopher's Stone is an artifact that enhances the abilities that the supply drop already has. It is not reasonable to assume that it also enhances the duration of items used outside of the supply drop. If that were the case then the "health regeneration" part would also have to apply to any Heal over Time abilities you used or were used on you, yet those are not included.

    It is unfortunate, but you have misunderstood the text of the artifact. If you believe the text is misleading then the best you can do at this time is request a change in the text to something like "Double the duration of the Health Regeneration, Damage Buff, and Power Free casting you receive from your own Supply Drop."

    Beyond that if you don't think the artifact is worth it then I would recommend just holding on to it until the next Double XP week(end) and feeding it into a different artifact so that it has enough XP to get to 200.
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  10. 4 the ppl New Player

    Scrap of soul cloak you ignored but I was just listing an example grimoruon you are correct but I don’t use that but the scrap of soul cloak I do and it says that verbatum, it would benefit them to change the text but it is not fair for me to wat until when they perceive it right for me to use double do points. They should have listed what it does and does not do just like scrap of soul cloak.
  11. 4 the ppl New Player

    Scrap of the Soul Cloak
    Icon Scrap of the Soul Cloak (Base).png
    Rarity: Common
    Type: Artifact
    Cannot Trade
    Can Buy For: 25 SourceMark.png
    Cannot Sell
    Unique Equip

    Recommended for: Any Role

    Soul Tap
    Increases your maximum Supercharge and Supercharge generation by (18/24/27/27)%, and, reduces your Supercharge ability cooldowns by (15/20/22.5/22.5)%.

    Restore 7% max Supercharge after using a Supercharge ability. This does not stack with Extended Supercharge Tactical Mod.

    This is on there site it’s unfortunate that they did not explicitly write what it does and does not do just as it is written here. Why is it not reasonable to assume that it does not enhance the items used while using the supply drop or during the supply drop.

    Just like they wrote at the end for exceptions they should have kept that same structure for ALL artifacts. Would you agree?
  12. xxHELLSTROKExx Committed Player

    They do list what it does. Nowhere is any utility belt or any other buffer mentioned. You want them to list everything an artifact doesn't do? That would make descriptions 20 pages long.
    Alchemical Bond
    The power of the stone enhances your Supply Drop Trinkets with the following effects:
    * Supply Drop buff changes abilities to cost 0 power for (4/4/8/8) seconds instead of granting power regeneration.
    * Increase field size of Supply Drop by 200%.
    * Supply Drop cooldown reduced by 40 seconds. Each free power used reduces the cooldown by an additional 6 seconds. (Unique to your own Supply Drop)
    * Double the duration of Health Regeneration, Damage Buff, and Power Free casting for yourself. (Unique to your own Supply Drop)

    I'm not sure how else they could word it to be less confusing, other than not use the word trinket but that's what supply drops are technically called. I get your frustration and it sucks to waste everything getting an artifact you don't want but it's just like all the people that sunk money into the amulet without understanding how it works. You could/ should have googled it. I'm sure you'll be peeved at my response but we've all made regrettable decisions in this game that we had to live with. Like we said, just feed it eventually and work on some others. Most of us have gone thru like 15 artifacts trying to find the right combination. Or just use it and see if you can find some builds that it benefits.

    Edit: I guess they could make the last line read like this:
    Double the duration of Health Regeneration, Damage Buff, and Power Free casting from your own supply drop.
    But it's been worded like this forever and no ones ever brought this up on a really old artifact.
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  13. xxHELLSTROKExx Committed Player

    I'm not getting this comparison at all. All it says is that the supercharge regeneration white mod doesn't stack. Because it doesn't so this let's users know not to use that white socket or not to bother leveling it up all the way and just use the white socket. It doesn't say "using trinkets does not build supercharge" or anything about anything other than supercharges.
    You want them to include something about trinkets and buff powers but the reason they don't is because the supply drop has nothing to do with them.
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  14. xxHELLSTROKExx Committed Player

    One last thing: I made a post about 2 weeks ago asking for a soda dispenser that let's you rent artifacts at different levels for like a 30min period. Like level 80 is $2, 120 $4, $6 for 200 or whatever. This would have been clutch for this player. And personally, I'm thinking about amulet. Leveling it up as we speak so to say. Not going to spend a dime doing it tho since I'm in no real rush. But if there was this option, the game would have made at least $10 off from me but realistically more because I would have tried 200 first then worked my way down to find the level i really need. Then would have spent money on leveling it up if i really liked it. Adding this comment for the devs to hopefully see since i don't think anyone noticed my original post.
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  15. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    I didn't ignore it I just didn't know how it was relevant and also don't understand why you think they should list things an artifact doesn't do. Like someone else said if they did that then the descriptions would be 20 pages long.
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  16. 4 the ppl New Player

    I haven’t played this game in years because of things I disagreed with and I just recently started so that statement about being old is irrelevant to ppl who just started. Secondly the description is already long may as well finish it out. LASTLY, yea the way you word it would make more sense. But in parenthesis at the end which I’m following the same structure as the other artifact would be

    (Does not include trinkets, supercharges, or super powers).

    That is not long and is reasonable and also it clears everything up.
  17. 4 the ppl New Player

    I replied to the other person to show how that line is not 20 pages long let alone 10 more words. Ijs
  18. 4 the ppl New Player

    The comparison is at the very end where it says this does not stack with extended supercharge mod.

    They should have wrote this does not double damage buff from trinkets, super powers, or super chargers.

    And nowhere in the scrap of soul cloak do they mention anything about tactical mods except the last part, which following the structure they did not although they should have put that in there.
  19. Berza Committed Player

    The Artifact clearly states it changes how the supply drop works. Why would it affect other things that are not stated in the description?
  20. Wallflower Level 30

    So you have bad reading comprehension and leveled an artifact to 200 without doing any research. That's on you.
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