Pet DPS - Mercy, Godwave, Arcane Battery

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  1. vihtsuhei New Player

    Hi y'all!

    I want to reopen a discussion about pet dosing as of right now I am pretty confused about this whole subject and an hoping more experienced players might help me out a little bit on this subject.

    As there are many controversial videos about pet dpsing on YT, especially the introduction of Zatanna and her passive ability Arcane Battery.

    Thus, I went on the test server trying to figure out anything myself without any proper results.

    What I recognised was that there doesn't seem to be a big difference in using Mercy vs. Zatanna as ally (all on max level).

    Zatanna does properly recharge ability summoned pets as Brick, RKS, Fury etc. , which basically frees up a spot in the LO and also reduces overall power costs by "not" calling Fortify Golem or Offering.
    This seems to be a great option for any might DPS.

    In contrast to that, by using Mercy one seems to have Cyborg or Oracle ally for better power regeneration or some great mod for that, as one might run dry fairly quick.
    But not only does Mercy affect the ability summoned pets, but also reduces the cooldown of trinket pets, heals Henchmen, deals extra damage when calling a trinket pet in battle and applies the PI (at least at a specific level).

    For precision DPS this is similar, but especially the use of Mercy locks a spot which otherwise could be filled with something like Transformation or Strategist.

    So my main questions are:
    How does Godwave play out for artifact summoned pets (Quis/Grim)?

    Is Grim obsolete when using Mercy?

    What is a viable use of Godwave combined with Zatanna if any?

    What are the main difference of precision pet and might pet DPS to you personally, what are your experiences?

    Any discussion, hindsights, personal preferences, tips, loadouts are well appreciated ;)

  2. vihtsuhei New Player

    Well, for those who are interested and the silent readers:
    I went back on the test server for another hour and tried different combinations.

    Overall, it seems that the combination of
    Quislet, Grim, Source Shard
    & Ally
    seem to have the best results overall with a slight 7-10% higher damage outpout than alternatives.

    Alternative 1:
    Quislet, Source Shard, Mercy
    & Ally

    Alternative 2:
    Quislet, Source Shard, Mercy
    & Ally

    Alternative 1 & 2 give similar results overall.

    Although depending on the boss, I'd suggest Mercy (at least 160) for the defensive protocol (combat pet shield), if the boss si targeting pets.

    Not sure about the second ally though for the following reasons:
    If you're running with a troll spamming powers, don't woors, but if not,
    one might need Cyborg, Oracle Bot or something similar to keep up with the huge power consumption of Sorcery.

    Disclaimer: All arts on 200 and all allies on 10.

    Please don't hesitate to get involved in the discussion ;)

  3. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Best pet DPS setup I was able to build (various powers) was:

    Grim, quislet, source.
    Zatanna and emperor Aquaman (or cyborg/Oracle if power is an issue) allies.
    Focus 3 attacks in your tray, (godwave and summon pet =5), then a shield, self regenerative ability, or SC.

    Always godwave before a SC use.
    Always godwave after the artifact pets come out.
    Never use offering with fury on this setup (offering weakens the loadout output and damage).
    Always use godwave with a smile since you'll beat precision.
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  4. Drewbolt Greatest Healer of this Generation

    I never went after Zatanna because I couldn't just afford the ally favor of a new ally and because I think someone said she didn't work well with Mercy, which is what I already used. Anywho... I'm using Quislet, Source Shard, Mercy without Zatanna. I then always have 3 pets up with Robot Sidekick, Quislet, and my Trinket Pet.
    If using Zatanna without Mercy results in a 10% increase, I guess I'd like to know what was done differently. Historically, when someone told me (personally, not in forums) that they tested the Mercy artifact and found it lacking, I'd remind them that one of it's features is that it brings up the Trinket Pet off cooldown. In other words, barring some stupid ******** design that pets should disappear as a mechanic mechanic the Trinket Pet would always be up and fighting. Of course, Mercy also buffs the Robot Sidekick attack and gives other stuff blah blah blah... Anyway, they would normally say, "Oh! I forgot to pop my Trinket Pet constantly" (and subsequently get the big burst of damage for calling it and for calling the Henchmen).

    Now, all I can do is ask because you didn't post what you actually... did you pop the Trinket Pet off cooldown within range to get that big burst of damage and pop yor henchmen to get that big burst of damage? (I'm including the henchmen in this conversation because it's a perk of the Mercy artifact, and discounting this feature to focus only on it's other features doesn't fully capture everything it does offensively-speaking.)

    I don't intend to sound snarky or offend. I'm genuinely curious at you getting a 10% increase of damage. Personally, even if I could replicate your work and see that increase myself, I'm not sure I would given the cost of getting another ally and switching for an artifact I don't have (I dropped Grim when I went many moons without using it) when there's no double xp week in sight.
  5. vihtsuhei New Player

    Thanks for your replies and taking aprting in the uncovering/discussion.

    Concerning the Mercy Attack Protocol:
    I've been running the rotaions for about 10 minutes each (using a 1-minute combat parser), to make sure to get the output damage when calling trinket pets and henchmen, which have been included in the rotation ( as I would use them when playing live), tapping weapon attacks/cancels).

    The main problem with Mercy imo is the fact, that you'll have to be quite close to the enemies, which in some (especially elite) content isn't viable (and will definitely have a different output burst in a non-test-environment).

    As of Robot Sidekick or Suppressor Turret and alike I guess the effect of Zatanna will only be on side of 10% damage increase.
    The main difference is, that RSK and pals aren't running out of steam (power) as Fury, Brick, Guardian do.
    There, the 10% increase combined with the max damage burst is really a "game changer",
    whereas RSK just has a simple (AI?) rotation.

    I know a sorcery player qho is using Mercy, Source and Zatanna, and is always 1st or 2nd in damage, so it also seems to be some kind of personal preference.

    The best results to me so far have been as describe by Pale Rage above.
    Third ability should be a fast one to trigger Arcane Battery more often.
    I had no overwhelming results with Neo Venom Boost, but I haven't tried other SC so far.

    Hope this is helpful,
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  6. vihtsuhei New Player

    p.s.: Due to YT "tips" I have already 6 allies now at mid level, so I would suggest to test the RSK loadout yourself to see any difference, which was the best option so far for me and I've ran out of Ally Favor as well :/
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  7. Some rando Active Player

    I use SS/Quislet/Lernae with Zatanna and Emp Aquaman allies.
    Lernae helps with self damage to keep refreshing Aquaman's ability.

    Damage is darn good overall, a lot more than I was expecting to be honest. Build lets me spam abilities (which I like to do) while also being a pet DPS. On top of it, I picked those 3 arts initially when building my character because they give me combined the most extra %might from artifacts leveling.
  8. Some rando Active Player

    This is true! For sorcery I spam soul bolt to trigger arcane battery, refresh Godwave more frequently and constant self damage with Lernae for the aquaman passive
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  9. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Also, just a side note, not sure if I mentioned, but:
    Zatanna only works with "summoned" pets. Trinkets, artifact, henchmen will 'not' benefit from Zatanna. Only the primary summon pet. Aquaman works with the other pets.
  10. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    This is the setup I was going to try to do next my mains atomic and I thought this might actually be a good fit didn’t think to level zatanna with it …
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  11. Quantum Rising Committed Player

    Those that don't use offering when they have Zatanna do testing and pay attention to the energy of your summon. Unfortunately even though Zatanna replenishes pet energy it's fairly random and not 100% reliable. With offering your summon can use the big attack more often and not have to wait for the Zatanna proc to occur. There have been times where I've seen the power proc take so long I could have used offering like 3-4 times.