People Who Leave Duos Because of Support Role

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Ryazan, Mar 20, 2020.

  1. HurricaneErrl Dedicated Player

    Also, none of the duos are so difficult that you "need" any support roles to power through it.

    This thread is getting silly
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  2. HurricaneErrl Dedicated Player

    Hush drains power? I wouldnt know, because he's always dead before he can do anything noticeable to me, like everything else in that duo lol. I just kind of laughed to myself picturing people out there in the duo yelling in the mic "hush is out where the shields at?" lol.

    But you are right, I've seen people who are supposed to be veterans do some pretty stupid things in this game haha
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  3. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    For some, duos can be challenging. Just ask 9.... nevermind, better not.
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  4. HurricaneErrl Dedicated Player

    LOL. I've seen people use aim trainers for FPS games, 9 should probably be running a few levels of Mario as a jump trainer for Shattered haha.

    We're just messing with you 9, it's all love
  5. Proxystar #Perception

    Huntress and Hush do it, that's why as a DPS I blow the living hell out of them the moment I see them come out, it can't take your power away if it's dead

  6. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Thank God for Soders though.
  7. Gromm865s Active Player

    It's a duo, dps and get on with your life. Why run to the forums and whine when someone leaves. Just go dps and get over it. Plenty of things to do to "learn" your role on.

    And to the dude 190cr healing a group of 290+ and they are the ones that can't stay alive...I have some swampland on Florida to sell you.
  8. shoegazer Well-Known Player

    That's the point..Duos are not that if you queue and get a partner in support role just shut up and run the works both ways.

    The funny thing is, just about everyone that quits a Duo because the other person is playing support are the same people that think they're top s@#t. So if you're really top s@#t then what's the problem? You should be able to handle it top s@#t.

    Personally, I don't care either way. Like I said earlier in this thread, I don't care if you leave. I'm not in the business of catering to a-holes so when it comes to this game's community, the more content I can play on my own the better. And I don't give a crap how fast someone else wants to run a duo, I'm not here to play on anyone's time but my own. I'm gonna battle tank duos so.. get over it or get out..either way I'm good
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  9. The Doctor Time Lord Committed Player

    I almost never run a raid where someone is NOT complaining about a "Trash" support role. That negative abuse is a reason that MOST of us spend the bulk of out time playing DPS.

    You almost never see an ALERT with less than 3 DPS with either a tank or healer in Support (Trolls are almost non-existent )

    THEN I see people in LFG begging for those same support roles in raids,

    Could the lack of experienced support roles be due to the fact that so many players won't even allow them to hone their skills in DUOS?

    Think about that next time it takes you an hour to pickup a Tank for PC.
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  10. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    I’m interested in this,here it repeats and repeats that everyone should, regardless of whether the main character or alt, have at least 2 armory and two armor sets with two sets of artifacts (DPS and support) .... where, where are all these people with full double roles in raids, LFG is full of requests for a tank or healer, if it's so simple why the same people ask for a single tank or healer for half an hour in LFG, you just need to press a button and change the DPS role to a tank or healer (controllers.... recently nobody needs even if they are ....) many times I, being for my pure DPS alt, switched to my other alt (tank or healer) so that people could finish the raid ... where, where are these people with double full roles ....?
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  11. The Doctor Time Lord Committed Player

    Interestingly I just NOW ran the Batcave Duo with a 288CR troller. His debuffs were spot on and i ran it in less time than I normally do with another DPS. AND he put up nearly 2.5 million in damage. Not bad and it puts the lie to the assertions that support rolls slow you down in duos. That troller was more of an asset to me than 99% of the DPS I run in to
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  12. Dominic Blue Committed Player

    This reminds me of what happened a couple months ago. I had avoided doing Batscape duo because of the bug that didn't allow the Batman icon to be activated so I wasn't very experienced in it. So knowing the bug was fixed (but little else) I qued up and went straight to Hawkgirl. Well my partner was strangely absent and let me take the zombie Robins by myself and enter the Batscape by myself. Well finally he sent me a huge purple tell paragraph before DCing telling me how much of a noob I was because I didn't activate the crystals in the front of the pub that cuts the first scene. Granted I would have IF that was made clear to players it existed in the first place but I didn't know. However the guy was so seething with rage he waited in the beginning of the instance to see if I'd know about the cutscenes crystals and then type an essay and then ragequit. I knew about the cutscene consoles before the theater fight just not the bar ones. I of course promptly put him on ignore but that's no gaurentee he'll not be grouped with me in a raid or something. Oh well at least I know now. You tend to learn stuff by being yelled at in this game I guess?
  13. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Ah...but for better or worse, you now know about the crystals...don't you? While it could have been delivered differently, almost everyone probably found out the same way you someone else saying "hit the crystal for cutscene skip" or similar. Also if you now have a jerk on ignore, it sounds like the interaction was most beneficial to you in the end.

    Most people won't take the time to type it in as if you don't know about the crystals you will either A) see the guy standing there and figure it out when the button goes live as you pass by or B) will already have blown past and talked to hawkgirl by the time he's done typing. If someone blows past on me, I'll sometimes type 'Ugh' or 'ZZZZZZ' or whatever. If I am very tired, or it's close to reset or I'm just feeling surly that day I might leave out, but probably wouldn't type anything other than that. Unfortunately the cutscene is soooo long that it gave him ample time to type a paragraph in this case. that instance you were indeed a 'noob' if you didn't know. Not throwing names around, but someone who is 'new' to something and therefore ill-informed is technically a 'noob' for that subject. Just take comfort in the fact that within a week or so you will probably be in a run where someone skips the button and you can think 'friggin noob' now. Hopefully you will not type them a nastygram and leave out too.
  14. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I have to side with Proxy on this one. While yes, you can point to specific runs with people, on average, most support roles will do less damage than DPSs and extend the run time. What also makes things worse is many people playing support roles are also not good at those, so a troll not throwing damage or defense debuffs, squishy tanks who don't know how to pull or healers who are trying to 'battle heal' failing at both the 'battle' and 'heal' parts completely. For every run where there is an on-point troll, tank or healer, there are just as many (or more) runs with ones who are an anchor tied to your waist. Does it mean people should leave out in the first seconds of the run when they see a role player, as the OP mentions? No. You should get the benefit of the doubt into the batcave(or other 1st boss) at least. Even then, if the other guy is at least trying, maybe a semi-carry won't be too bad and you do it cause you are already in there.

    Personally I've never run a duo as a role, so I can't say how often it happens from that side of the equation. I can say that I have very infrequently left a duo because someone was in a role. And in the cases where I did, it was more due to them either A) doing nothing expecting a straight up carry or B) doing something else on top of it, like wandering around looking for briefs or spending a few min at the repair bot or again....not doing the role that they are signed up for.
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  15. Balistical Ice Loyal Player

    Me personally, I think its a waste of time to run with support roles unless its a battle troll (either myself or a leaguemate). I have limited time when it comes to playing. Not that I have to rush, just that I have many different things to do in a set amount of time. And having a support role in a duo takes up more time than needed. I wont necessarily leave because my damage alone is enough to make a duo a solo. But theres a reason I run with leaguemates alone. You asked my preference and I gave it. I prefer dps in duos.

    Also to the OP, you need to look at it from another players perspective. Just because you focus on one role, no artifacts or gear dedicated to dps , is on you. It works both ways. I understand what you're saying, but understand what we are saying as well.

    Also, Im not reading through 8 pages of responses. Im sure we all have our own personal opinions as to why we responded.
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  16. randomkeyhits Dedicated Player

    Something to consider.

    If the damager is saying another damager will make an appreciable difference to the completion time then the first damager isn't actually that good. In duos there is only so much damage that can be done and often its first to the adds gets the majority of the damage dealt. Sure the second damager if also good will help with the final boss burn but if the first damager is good then you can help them do their thing by keeping attention off of them.You only need one decent damager.

    Seriously, if a damager is worried about the burn then I'm worried about the damager.

    On the other hand, if they've ground the content into the ground, replays or running it on their 10th alt and just want it to be done, dusted and onto the next then that is on them. They can ask me to help complete things faster and if I agree then I agree but I am in no way obliged to be playing their way. I generally don't like rush play.

    Is my stance right? yes, is theirs? yes too.

    It is their right to leave if they are not happy with the setup for that instance but to me its one of two things, sheer snobbery or they are actually a poor damager who needs a bit of carrying. If they are good then it would take longer to re-queue and start over than it would take just to do the instance in the first place.
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  17. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Quick note on this. I popped into a run last night and there was a 276 troll in there. He was standing by the cutscene crystal but when I went to mine it wasn't available to activate. I asked "First run in here?" response. I walked over to Hawkgirl to talk to her and he still stood in the same spot. I asked "Coming?" movement. I waited 20 or 30 seconds, turned and walked out the door. By the scorecard, I was the 2nd person to do so.

    Now this guy might be able to think "They keep leaving cause I'm in troll role" but I'd have left with any other player who just stands there...unresponsive, especially seeing as I'll be watching all the cutscenes on top of doing a carry. For all I know the guy nodded off or walked away and had not timed out yet.
  18. Faerie_Knight Well-Known Player

    Just last night I got into a run of the Gotham Wastelands knightdome duo with a fellow CR 84. I was in controller role, and he was in tank role initially. Neither of us complained about the other being in a "role", and we proceeded to smash our way through the mission, right up until we got to the main room with the big green "envy" cube. We had a bit of a problem with the first part due to both of us just running into a LARGE group of mobs. Second try, I lead off with aoe crowd control, and we kept our distance until things were thinned out. That worked a lot better. So we used the same tactic on the second group. The Iconic battle went down easily. But we ended up having a lot of trouble fighting the boss. Both of us died multiple times, both of us ended up running into the boss arena alone by accident at least once.

    My partner decided to switch from Tank to DPS for the fight after the first 4 deaths. I stayed in Controller role since my partner blew through Power like it was bottled water and he was in a desert. At least half my time was spent restoring power. After I accidentally triggered the fight before my partner was in the room I notice that the envy cube's attacks had a pattern. So when I died and came back, we used that knowledge to finally defeat the boss.

    Could we have done this faster as two DPS from the beginning? Maybe, maybe not. Actually, probably not. We both were running builds that primarily use super powers rather then weapon attacks. And my partner as mentioned used a lot of power doing those attacks. This means at least one of us would have been constantly waiting for power regeneration. What would have sped things up is if we had known the mechanics of the boss fight in advance and thus known how to fight him the first time around, instead of it taking 9 deaths each to figure them out.

    Funny thing, neither of us were upset about the whole thing. In fact, we spent down time before attempts at the boss discussing potential strategies to try winning and sharing observations such as where the healing crystals were located or the fact the envy cube DOES shoot at you. Something neither of us noticed till the 3rd set of deaths cause we were busy fighting the boss in his face.
  19. ArtemisWonderWoman7 Well-Known Player

    From my experience with this I'd have 2 say my reaction differentiates from which character I'm on.if your a troll I don't need you.when u kill adds u get power from them and there is no dominance required to use control effects.I wont leave but I am not happy to see anyone as a troll is duos.tank ok u can keep everything off me so I can focus on dps and a heal can keep me alive.but troll in a duo's your 3% damage debuff is not really helping much and again in duo's every power has stuns and pop ups and any other control effect that comes with using powers.just switch your stance and dps in your troll gear.alot will think but what if u run out of power? By the time I reach duo's I have atleast my omega artifact up and respected the sp to do without needing a troll for even raids which doesn't have a power back mechanic.again I won't leave but my opinion is your having me walk u through it.
  20. Faerie_Knight Well-Known Player

    While many powers can do crowd control, there is a marked difference between doing so as a Controller who's spec'd for the role and, for example, a Sorcery DPS build. Even using identical loadouts and identical gear, I see more instances of Resist and Immune in DPS role then I do in Controller role. Enemies also break out faster and more often in DPS role.

    And while a Precision dps build may not need a controller supplying them power due to using weapon attacks for most of their damage, a Might focused dps build may well need it. All of which becomes even more important when running content at-level.