People Need to Stop with the Light Hate

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  1. SirMuttonChops New Player

    I hear a LOT both in game and out about how this game has "too many" Light-based characters in PvP.

    Here's the list of Light-powered characters:

    John Stewart
    Hal Jordan

    Amon Sur

    Soon to come:
    Saint Walker

    Let's go down the laundry-list of Bat-family/rogue characters in Legends:

    Now let's try the Superman family of meta-humans and the like:
    Power Girl
    Lex Luthor

    Let's try magic and see how different the size is:
    Wonder Woman
    Donna Troy
    Felix Faust
    Dr. Fate

    Looks like the total number of Light characters is 8, while Supes family is 7, and Bat's is 9 (not counting the purchasable toons), and Wonder Woman's is 6. The numbers aren't too far apart, and the number isn't even the highest. Worst of all, it's on par with the lowest right now because 2 toons haven't even been released yet.

    This complaint about "too many light powers" in game amazes me.
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  2. Notangie New Player

    and still no unicorn powers.:eek:
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  3. Daemonic Visions Committed Player

    Still no Etrigan.

    Gr00grams got his Circe, Clutchmeister will be getting his Atrocitus...DV..screw him he'll NEVER see Etrigan..

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  4. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    4/7 in the supes family is marketplace
    2/6 in WW are marketplace
    Bat family definetly has the win though, only really one "Marketplace" being batman.

    There's 4 (soon to be 6) non MP Lanterns
    3 non MP Supes
    8/9 non MP Bats (they were the early ones kinda makes sense)
    4 non MP Magic.

    First let me say I'm all for Lanterns so I'm not against it. Just thought it was fair to say that the non MP view should be accounted for as well. It'd be nice to see some classic guys like Flash or Green arrow. There's TONS of characters out there. If there's anything wrong here it's that the diversity of our playable characters can be categorized into 4 groups. C'mon DC is much broader than that!

    But, anyone complaining about Saint Walker and Atrocitous.... i have nothing pleasant to say about those people:mad:
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  5. shaun10656 New Player

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  6. Green Lantern Fadi Loyal Player

    i cant wait to play using atrocitus !
  7. Dene Devoted Player

    Great Post!

    Just wanted to point out that Light is not part of the mentor trinity.. so your argument of "but they are equal" kinda shows that light gets a lot of attention, considering we have no lanterns as mentors.

    It should be that the mentor trinity out shadows light by a lot more than they do.. but yes, I am well aware of the lack of popularity of WW and even Supes in DCUO lol
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  8. Bendmetal Dedicated Player

    Atrocitus is the best, and so is saint walker! Can't wait to see how they play
  9. Poetic Play Committed Player

    As Jeebie said... It's really more about all the other variety in DC that they just are not putting into the game. Instead we get tons of Batman(But no Poison Ivy QQ) and Lanterns....

    Just a lot of people who play DCUO are not even into comics. They are only learning stuff through DCUO, so I think it'd be awesome to introduce the not-so famous people also! Really can't believe Flash isn't even in Legends yet...
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  10. 139 Masks Dedicated Player

    There no Lantern mentors.

    How many Flash Family characters or Rouges are there in LEGENDS?

    JSA gets Power Girl (I guess).

    Don't even get me started about the Legion of Super-heroes, 4th World characters, or Kamandi

    Yep, seems there is a good deal of focus on the Lanterns for a non-mentor group. - Lanterns fall under the Meta Banner, apparently, BTW. So lump them onto the Superman Mentor list.

    I looks like the Mystics are really slighted. I always wondered by Solomon Grundy wasn't playable in LEGENDS.

    So, yeah, maybe less focus on Lanterns and more focus on Mystics for game balance?
  11. Owl Devoted Player

    I suspect there will be Marketplace Legends characters with the release of DLC 9.
    Probably Red Guy Gardner & Blue Kyle Rayner.

    The Amazon Fury DLCs will most likely add Magic Legends characters.
    I hope we eventually get Black Adam, Shazam, Black Manta & Aquaman.

    The Halls of Power DLCs will probably add Meta Legends characters.
    I hope we eventually get Hawkman & Flash.

    More Legends options is a good thing.
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  12. SirMuttonChops New Player

    I don't think you understand exactly what this is saying. I mean, if we wanted to represent ALL The individual groups without overlap, we'd be missing Justice League Dark, Batman INC, Super Friends, JLI, etc etc etc etc...

    This thread was addressing SPECIFICALLY people who say there are too many GL's in Legends PvP, and NOT that there needs to be representation for every organization that exists in DCU ever. (BTW, that's a ludicrous demand you're making, my friend)

    And I don't know where exactly you get the idea of Lanterns falling under the Meta banner... Is it because we only have 3 mentors? Because you can be a gadgets player and be Supes-mentored. Just because there are a limited number of mentors doesn't mean that there are only 3 types of creatures in the DCUO. I mean... you're going to have a hard time convincing me that Kilowog is a meta-HUMAN.
  13. Joykiller Dedicated Player

    Steel and Lex are technically a 'Tech' characters though, right? The rest of the Superman/Kryptonian family of Legends characters all have similar powersets; they stand out because of their use of technology, but I get that they're from the Superman corner of the DC Universe.

    Flash and his group are seriously neglected.
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  14. 139 Masks Dedicated Player

    Yes, I understand that.

    I'm agreeing with those that think there is too much Green Lantern influence in the game, and we are missing representation from a whole lot of organizations in the DC Universe.

    I didn't understand that you didn't expect people to point out why they thought there was too much Green Lantern content in the game already. I pointed out that there is no Lantern mentor and Lanterns are a sub-set of Meta. Based on the information you laid-out, Mystics are the ones missing content - certainly not Meta because with Lanterns added in - the Metas have more content than Tech or Mystic.

    I'm not sure here. Are you trying to claim that Green Lanterns are Tech or Magic rather than Meta?
    Certainly Alan Scott (at least used to be) is mystic-based.
    Are you trying to claim that Green Lanterns are Tech because of the Ring and the Lantern? In that case, then Tech appears to have more representation than Magic or Meta - and Mystics are still the one with far less content than the other two.

    Only 3 realms in the DCUO at this point and they are divided up by mentors. Based on the info regarding each, I would suspect that the Lanterns fall under Meta and not the other two.

    So I'm assuming you think that Superman is a Meta-human? He ain't even human either!
  15. SirMuttonChops New Player

    You obviously are NOT reading anything I'm saying. Or you can't read properly. Either way, nothing of what you said addresses my point, and I'm going to end this conversation before it continues straying from the topic of the of the thread.
  16. DrewCheech New Player

    Just further proof that there should be a light mentor.
    But the spectrum of light is so great, how would you simply choose one mentor.
    Unless the made white for hero and black for villain
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  17. shaun10656 New Player

    flash got a whole dlc for himself 2 iconic sets a bounty and hes featured in other pieces of content theres more important legends imo then flash atm
  18. Poetic Play Committed Player

    Think that's the point though, he has been in the game so many ways, and still hasn't seen time as a Legends character. Just find it ridiculous that he can be with the game so long in content, and all these Lanterns get in before he does. XD
  19. shaun10656 New Player

    well I like to think adding legends characters every dlc is a new thing now atleast theres blue lantern flash npc :p he will get his character soon
  20. Purechaos4422 New Player

    so they need to start bringing in x men ya I know that's not DC but would set this game off