People need to stop queuing for support roles unless they intend to do those roles

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  1. iAquamanJLA Well-Known Player

    I was in fatal exams with 3 players, all low leveled, and we just couldn't take out kid flash. I had queued for dps, and i was doing great, I had taken out about a third of the bosses health after they had all been knocked out. I eventually get taken out, and one of them proceeds to tell me that I suck, as I was cr 140 and couldn't take out the boss by myself. I tell him that if they played their roles that we would take out the boss. Him and another player both say that they're dps, and say that I should be playing support, even though I have no healer gear or a healer loadout. People who obviously don't understand how support roles work really need to stop queuing for them, or maybe learn how to use them. I'm not saying that I understand the support roles completely, I don't yet, but at least I'm trying to figure it out instead of queuing for healer when I'm a dps.
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  2. iAquamanJLA Well-Known Player

    also could someone please explain what controllers do because i'm going to make a quantum controller pretty soon
  3. Vesper Dedicated Player

    Preach on, Preacher Aqua! Yes, this frustrates me no end.

    Running Demon's Plan yesterday. I'm 158 tanking, we have a barely-in-the-door 138 troll (I think this is the SUGGESTED minimum CR, not the bare minimum, but I forget), a 152 dps, and a 152 healer in dps. He says as we come in "I'll heal at the bosses". Okay, fine.

    Roll down the hallways, lots of death sammiches for all the ninjas. Get to the boss room, he's still dps. As tank, I'm fine. The other dps avoids the traps pretty well, keeps moving, he's fine. But our poor lowbie troll gets stuck in the traps multiple times. He's sucking soders, dropping orbitals, holding block constantly. He dies, get him up, repeat.

    At the end of the fight, he asks the supposed-to-be-healer why he didn't go dps. The StbH responds with comments about the troll's mother's sexual preferences and saying that the group wouldn't have finished the boss without his superior-sexually-charged dps. He was less than 1/3 the dps of the other guy BTW. We kicked him in the middle of his rant about the supposition that the troll's parents never married.

    Luckily enough, we were quickly automatched with another guy in healer role. He comes in on his dps gear. He tells us as soon as he catches up with the group "OH! Sorry about the dps. Let me switch. I hate it when people sign up for roles they won't play." Alert finished in under 10 minutes from that point, no deaths.
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  4. kabeq Well-Known Player

    For me it's a matter of what's needed. All my top tier toons have armories for both stances. I (almost) always go in as DPS stance. Sometimes players can't (or won't) play their support roles. Sometimes my role is already in the group in that stance. I suspect that some people may not realize that they can choose only one (not both) stances when queuing.

    If you want to have a good time, and not be upset about the game a suggestion would be to ask the person in question if they would mind changing to whatever role is needed. If they ignore you or won't then the choice for you is to initiate a vote to be excused, or try to roll in anyway, or just leave if they won't excuse you. The deserter penalty is not draconian anymore.

    I used to let people in the game make me upset, until one day it dawned on me that I wasn't having fun, even though I love this game. Once I figured out what the problem was, I've been enjoying the game ever since. I don't let others in the game determine my fun. I make choices for me, and now I have fun.
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  5. Vesper Dedicated Player

    Controllers have several vital functions to the game. Trolls provide Power for their team-mates. Trolls literally try to "control" the enemy fighters, with stuns that root them in place and with harmful debuffs that make the enemy fight worse.

    Power back was for a very long time the main focus of most Trolls. They were often considered "blue bar healers" because trolls keep track of the blue bar underneath the green life-points bar to see who needs power. These days with Advanced Mechanics and Weapon Mastery, most dps can manage their power much more easily. Even with Weapon Mastery though, tanks and healers usually fair better with a troll.

    Power back comes in 2 forms: Instant Power which gives a quick burst of power to the Troll and 3 people near him. Power Over Time (PoT) gives everyone near the Troll a tic-burst of power every 4 seconds for 20 seconds.

    Debuffs are the Troll's next focus. There are 3 kinds of harmful debuffs the Troll can toss.

    Attack debuff limits the ability of the enemy to do top potential damage to the team. When active, the icon is a red cross-hair target under the target's name bar at the top of the screen.

    Defense debuff limits the ability of the enemy to stop incoming harmful attacks, so the enemy takes more and harder hits from the team. When active, the icon is a red shield under the target's name bar at the top of the screen.

    Health debuff limits the ability of the enemy to heal up. When active, the icon is a red heart under the target's name bar at the top of the screen.

    Stuns are also important for Trolls. All trolls have some type of stunning powers, which are usually their debuff powers.

    Quantum is considered the strongest at stunning of all the Troll sets, but all of the Troll sets come with decent stuns for peeps who learn their powers well. I hope you enjoy Trolling. :D
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  6. kabeq Well-Known Player

    Excellent explanation of a troll's role. I would just add (for the newcomers), the indicators that the power you have cast is still in effect.

    1. Under your character's name (and his/her life and power bars on the top left of your screen you will see little red and green icons. When a troller's power over time (POT) is in effect you will see a small green lightning bolt under your supercharge bar under your characters name.

    2. Same for your damage, defense, and healing Dubuff. Except that your debuff powers create a small red icon underneath which ever target you have hit with the debuff power. You have to keep an eye on these icons so you know when it's time to 'recast', same as power over time.

    The description of your powers in the power trees will tell you which of your powers achieve these various effects in troller's stance.
  7. Pink Revenge Committed Player

    you can disable the role-optional alerts. this helps. but you still get players who queue as both to just get in faster intending the whole time to only dps. but it helps weed a little out.
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  8. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    I confess I queued for DP as DPS and troll and we had one if each role. One asked me to troll but I stayed DPS. After every major fight I toggled and did a quick PoT and also kept the power/shield SC on my bar. We were fine as everyone was at episode level or greater. If people care to play smart and use supply drops it's not an issue.
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  9. Castrato Well-Known Player

    For me, when I double que and go in I always ask the group if they want me to tank/troll/tank. It saves a lot of headaches when the group wants you to do something instead of saying screw what they want, I want to do x.
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  10. Stark23 Committed Player

    I disagree, I always q both rolls to help the q pop. All 4 roles is rarely necessary for content, I'll assess what other roles are in the instance and go from there.
  11. Makineko Committed Player

    Do you have the capability to do both roles? If you do there's little issue but if you don't then you are hindering the group at top tier content if they need the role you queue for and you can't do it. The support role option isn't about making the queue pop faster it's there so you can queue as a role if you want to play that role or can play that role if necessary.

    If I could like this 1000 times I would, nothing gets under my skin more then people who queue as both role and dps but when needed to or asked reply "got no support gear" or "I can't".
    I've always said to people in my league who are new or are close to hitting t6 "only queue it if you can do it" ( for their sake and the groups they queue with). If you queue as a heal and a dps for content and the group already has a heal or a heal isn't necessary for that level then by all means feel free to dps. But if you queue as a heal and the group needs a heal then you set yourself up for problems. In most t6 content and below its less of an issue if you have 1 or 2 150 dps to burn stuff but try it in any t7 raid then the person who's abusing the queue system like that risks getting he boot and rightfully so in my book.
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