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  1. Prindacerk Committed Player

    Is it me or does the Penthouse base theme look very weird? The paintwork is blue and ugly and the ceiling/floor all look cheaper than other bases (like Eastern for example). There's no richness in that base theme. Looks very jaded and outdated.

    Is there some kind of choice in that theme to make it look rich and vibrant?

    I bought it on my character that is supposed to be like royalty. Instead it looks like a hobo place compared to Eastern or Ancient base. Even default deco feels better than this imo.
  2. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    You bought Penthouse instead of Wayne Manor layout?
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  4. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    A few things I find confusing:

    The comment about the paintwork being blue

    That your character is royalty so you got them an apartment, as that's what the penthouse theme is

    That your character is royalty and you didn't go with manor and all the stuff it comes with
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  5. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    The amenties look pretty cool tho… sometimes amenties don’t really match the theme of the base this one’s pretty good for a penthouse suite.

    The Wayne manor one I don’t really like since they look almost if not identical to the darker themed original lair
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  6. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    The color of some base components (as well as some rare base items) can be changed, this can be done while in the decorating mode (you can change the color, add an emblem ...)
  7. Prindacerk Committed Player

    I have Wayne Manor theme on my main. This character was supposed to be different. Didn't want to have same kind of base theme on both. The issue is that Penthouse theme doesn't feel rich on it's looks. I was wondering if I need to tweak something to make it so.
  8. Dene Prince Devoted Player

    Try putting it all to white - via colour picker
  9. darth_paul Dedicated Player

    Yes, the colors are defaulted to the original three colors that we had for our characters before they added the fourth one. They never updated the bases to have a fourth pallet though.

    For example, I have the penthouse for my fire heroine, and her first three colors are red, yellow, and orange. So, the walls are red and trim is orange and yellow. Then I have my electric villainess with the penthouse as well, and her first three colors are purple, yellow and white, and so the walls are purple with the trim showing as yellow and white.

    You can change any of the colors with the control panel though, and change the emblem and colors of the emblem. I don't believe that they have to match the colors of your character, they just default that way.
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  10. Prindacerk Committed Player

    Thanks a lot. That's possibly why. My base looks like a clown house with blue walls. Gold trims and red ceiling or something.
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  11. Dene Prince Devoted Player

    Changing them all to white, with the control panel, will give you the most "clean" looking apartment - you can then experiment

    The wood is still wood coloured etc but it will give you a much better starting point
  12. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    And at some indeterminate point in the future, the emblem will switch to a random one (possibly one that hasn't been unlocked by the character who owns that base), and will be nigh impossible to change back. :mad:
  13. darth_paul Dedicated Player

    Yes, the bane of everyone's existence! It also tends to mess up the emblems for all those base items that will show a logo. And, some of those items are supposed to match your character colors too, but they often don't display properly either. Such is base life in DCUO.:D
  14. Prindacerk Committed Player

    The wood is not rich texture to be fair. My real home flooring looks richer in wood than the one in game. Also, why are the pillars in a discoloured state? I changed it all to white and the discolouration in the pillars are obvious.

    I think I should switch to Brainiac or Atlantean base instead because those two look great compared to this. Atlantean one feels more royal and rich than Penthouse.

    Waste of MC buying this. Especially when it wasn't on sale.