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    Hey guys today I did my first t6 raid called lockdown, ya I'm behind Ive been off dcuo for awhile, and I had this neck piece drop for me on my first try. A few people were going crazy on how I got it on my first run lol. Is this necklace considered to be the best at the moment and is it as rear of a drop as the prime helm? Thanks for any feedback!
  2. Captain Neos Committed Player

    Lol yes it is, also consult an occult specialist with regards to all the jealous curses and hexes you will receive.
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  3. MeloMan New Player

    It depends for what role. As a troll the OP neck is better then the 100 neck but for dps the 100 neck is better. The 100 neck is also better for healing. And when i say better i mean the #1 stat for your role. For example the 100 neck gives more resto to a healer then the OP neck does. For troll the OP neck gives more vit then the 100 neck.
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    It's been the best neck since the DLC released. It's still the best. The next DLC will introduce necks that have higher base stats for the role you play. So, you'll have to decide if you prefer slightly lower stats for your role in trade for higher health/defense and stuffs, or let go of that beauty for the newer gear.

    Personally, I'm gonna keep mine equipped for bragging rights. :p
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