PC vs PS4 - Frame Rate?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Playstation.James, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. Playstation.James New Player

    Hello DCUO world,

    So what sort of frame rate do you PC guys achieve?

    The PS4 has a "Allow 60 FPS" option however I don't think it actually locks at 60, and sometimes feels like it jumps from 20-60 especially when there is more effects and stuff happening on screen (raids etc)

    Unfortunately when you turn "Allow 60 fps" off which I assume locks the frame rate at 30, it just seems really slow and un-responsive especially in PVP.

    If I lock at 30 FPS, and adjust to the lower frame rate will I be at a disadvantage against say a PC player who achieves 60 FPS or is it just my imagination?

    I wish digital foundry would just make a video for me :D
  2. Deathmike Devoted Player

    For the past year I've been playing mainly on a laptop with an integrated graphics chip.
    I'm running full 600p (800x600) resolution with details set to medium/low.
    I probably reach 30-40 fps if I stand right in front of a wall.
    PC Master Race FTW!

    Deathmike out.
  3. Proxystar #Perception

    I run my game all max settings on 1080p and get 170 fps in front of a wall, my game generally tends to stay above 100 fps unless something weird is going on.
  4. Bobburt Committed Player

    I always played the game at 30fps. I tried 60+ on a couple of different occasions but it never felt right for me.

    It may just be me, in regards to framerate, this game seems pretty well optimized compared to many other games. So it isn't too hard to get upwards of 200+fps on pc. Of course, there's no point in going that high considering most monitors don't go over 144hz :p I'd be hard pressed to find that special snowflake that can tell the difference between 60 and 120fps in this game.
  5. Proxystar #Perception

    I used to be like that, but eventually you do get used to running it above 30fps
  6. Pingvinozavr Dedicated Player

    Sadly there is no ingame 60 fps option on PC - it's either 30 fps with Vsync turned on(which should not be the case since actual working Vsync supposed to cap fps at the same number as monitor's refresh rate) or something like 300+ fps(at least in my case) with Vsync off with possible screen tearing.
  7. Beefiest Cakes Committed Player

    1080P @ 300FPS!

    But I have it locked at 144FPS since I'm gaming on 144hz monitor. Tried to go back and game on my PS4 but games at 30FPS give me a headache. Can't wait for PS4.5 to come out.

    Edit: you won't have an advantage over someone with FPS but you will have an advantage against people in PvP if you have a lower ping. That's unless if they are on the other side of the world.
  8. Pingvinozavr Dedicated Player

    Pretty sure there is on option for 60 fps on PS4.
  9. Beefiest Cakes Committed Player

    I'm talking about other games obviously. No way would I start from scratch on another platform.