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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by TestReporter, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Mohican378 Dedicated Player

    Thanks for admitting that you actively participate in a system you rail against with fervor. It's nice to know who just talks the talk, and who walks the walk.

    Sorry Light, but buying them for in game money just means you're happy to let someone else spend real money instead of using your own. It's actually worse than using your own money from a moral position, because while you complain and complain and complain about the system, you participate in it, and take advantage of the those you claim are so foolish for spending their real money.

    So typically hypocritical.
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  2. Proxystar 10000 Post Club

    Actually you're wrong he did make a blanket statement because he referred to "me and my pals" not just me.

    My pals being anyone that agrees with my position.

    That's a blanket statement.

    Its amazing what you realise when you leave your bubble and read something instead of immediately wanting to just critisize someone.

    What comes first the chicken or the egg?

    He's participating in a system forced upon him to get by and large styles he likes with no other way to get them.

    People are forced to participate in lots of systems in the world under compulsion; despite disagreement.

    But hey apparently light fx is the one living in his own little bubble
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  3. Mohican378 Dedicated Player

    actually he was referring to you and your specific set of sycophants who hang on your every word, not every player who dislikes TCs.

    Nobody's forced to do anything Proxy. they make a choice. As long as you push this idea that its compulsory, you're losing the argument.

    you choose to buy the capsules or buy the stuff off the Broker, or you choose to stand firm and give up things you want to make a point that things you want are less important than what you percieve is the right thing to do.

    Just stop. you're as much a hypocrite as he is, because you've done the exact same things with TCs.

    This is, and always been about choice. you may not like the choices you have, but they are still choices, and nobody's forcing you to make them.

    Quite honestly you lost all credibility on this issue MONTHS ago when you admitted to participating in the system as well.

    Neither of you has a leg to stand on.

    You're just two forum bullies who try to present their opinions as fact and then claim other peoples opinions are less valid than yours. You can't even bring yourself to abstain from participating in the very system you're all crying about. that really is all anybody needs to know about you.

    All talk. No action.
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  4. Proxystar 10000 Post Club

    Oh so anyone that agrees with me is a sycophant.

    Im flattered that you think I'm important enough to have fanboys.

    I'll just lump you in as a 'hater' if that's the case.

    My position is shared by many because that's what they choose to believe but hey they're not doing it by choice they're doing it out of loyalty to me right.

    The time capsules are far from perfect but they're better than they were all because of feedback from players both negative and positive.

    As I've said before I should probably never buy replays either considering I think they're problematic too.

    I should probably stop paying my sub because parts of the game I don't like.

    The reality is you have your position, I have mine and they won't change.

    But really no I do enjoy having sycophants that made my day. Thanks.
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  5. light FX Steadfast Player

    Yep. Im in my bubble right now. I just came from the dentist and he even commented on what a nice bubble i have :p So because i think players should play instances and earn feats based on their skill instead of their wallet i live in a bubble. Hmmm i wonder what all the players in this game were doing before TCs were introduced. I guess all the feedback about removing feats from TCs was just me in my bubble with multiple forum, youtube, facebook, and twitter accounts. All that feedback was secretly me lol. I also sat in front of a few burger kings and yelled at people from my bubble.

    There is always a bottom line and with TCs its people want to buy feats with real money. We have seen some people even request to buy more sp from the MP on these forums or even buy the best gear. Well all the gear and sp in the world wont make these people good players. Many of them think it will. Dont want to comment on this anymore because i can at least see why TCs are appealing, why they are in the game, and why people spend money on them. But its pointless trying to have a debate when there is so much ignorance and tunnel vision. No one can seem to say why they like TCs other then the gambling aspect and buying feats instead of earning em through gameplay. So that seems to be the only conclusion. Because styles can be and have been earned other ways in the past. And they could be on the MP with no feats.

    Btw throwing a party in my bubble tonight if u would like to attend proxy. There wont be any gambling there tho :p
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  6. Proxystar 10000 Post Club

    Oh damnit bro I was gonna bring the stabilizers :(
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  7. Mohican378 Dedicated Player

    Lol, nothing the two of you says changes the fact that you have been, since the outset, participating in a system by your own choice, while consistently complaining about it. You can't have it both ways. Either you want the stuff more than you want to actually take action, or you don't. Both of you clearly do.

    And that's hypocritical, no matter how you slice it.

    then you try and justify it with "I don't spend real money". No, you just feed into the system by letting others spend money for you. You still get what you want, and you think because you don't spend real money, that it frees you of the moral ambiguity of railing against a system while actively participating in it.

    you could have chosen not to get that stuff and accepted the loss in SP. We all know that none of that SP is really necessary to play the game. then you'd have some high ground to look down at others from. But you didn't choose that. You chose to participate.

    It's not that you're forced to get it. It's that you don't like that one of your choices involves personal sacrifice.

    I get that. We all do.

    It's called life. A series of decisions with consequences, some of them unpalatable.

    And Light, the bubble you live in is the one where you're always right, everyone else's opinion is wrong, and how can they not see that?

    the problem with that bubble is that it stems from your own weakness, which is an inability to see things from any other viewpoint than your own.

    Which is why virtually all your posts include some form of "I just don't understand how people (insert example here)"

    you can't understand it, because you don't want to. you want to feel you're right, and anybody who disagrees with your opinion is obviously wrong.

    You're so transparent.
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  8. spack2k Steadfast Player

    well atleast u know what u get for ur 5$, even if other items are not useful u would still have a 100% chance of getting an aura, now if u get 5 TC for 5$ what is quaranteed with a 100% chance ? the quark marks LOL everything else is pure RNG.

    BB were definitely the better deal for the players not such a good deal for daybreak though.
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  9. McShotzz Well-Known Player

    So very true, having skill points doesnt = innate skill. You could have the epic od feat from dox when you could one shot the boss but that doesnt mean youve earned the actual "skill" one would gain from learning to do that on tier. Or the recent gorilla exploit were people rushed all the elite feats, they may have more skill points than others but still wont have more skill than them
  10. OhSicks Well-Known Player

    I'd just like time capsules to drop with their content, so the Time torn would continue to drop in the War-torn village and Time-torn Area 51 and the gotham continue to drop in Amusement Mile, etc.
  11. Proxystar 10000 Post Club

    I know a pot and a kettle they call each other both black as well.

    Curious do you pay taxes?
  12. light FX Steadfast Player

    Yea for sure. Or like the 214cr guy i ran into in the zoo the other day. Lowest dps with the most deaths and we couldnt finish the raid because of this person and his 2 league mates who were so bad. 214cr guy kept going on and on about having 280sp, the op hands, and where he ranks on wavedox lol. Yet he was getting out dpsed by players 10cr less then him wearing VII exp mods. He was rage too.
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  13. Proxystar 10000 Post Club

    Coming soon to a capsule.

    The 'x' button trinket; allows you to slam the x button and do immense damage every 3 seconds.
  14. McShotzz Well-Known Player

    Gotta love it, best thing about stats revamp is although mediocrity starting to surface
  15. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    Yea, they already gave us a taste with that trinket lol
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  16. light FX Steadfast Player

    I cant believe this even has to be said, but spending real money on items is not the same as spending pixels on items. And anyone who thinks it is or would make that comparison well all i can really say w/out being rude is thats complete and utter nonsense. Adding a few to ignore on here cause honestly the silly arguments and reasoning has become intolerable.

    And people shouldnt participate in using the broker to get an iconic style in a DC video game? LOL And im the one who lives in a bubble? :rolleyes: I guess i should sit on and save my fake pixelated money ingame for when my toon retires. Gotta pay for my toons walker and retirement home :D Maybe if the iconic styles were put in the game for all to earn through running content instead of these boxes then players wouldnt have to buy styles off the broker. Or added to the MP like many of us have asked for for years now.

    No one should care what others do with their real money has been used to make a point by numerous people and said repeatedly on here. But it seems at least 1 person cares what i do with my fake pixel money :confused: Absurd.
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  17. Aqua Surge Loyal Player

    Yeah, I need to farm my cash back. I'm missing 6 capsule feats now. 5 are from the collections and those collections cost 40-160 million and I'm just not paying those prices. The only style I need is the Future Crusader's Chest. I'm not paying 10 million for it though.

    I have the money but will not fall below a certain amount. I need a break from the time capsules.
  18. Mohican378 Dedicated Player

    It is genuinely hilarious how often you intentionally misread a post and try to make it say something that it didn't.

    I don't care who spend their money on what.

    I do care that people claim this system is horrible and unfair, yet feed into this system, whether they want to admit it or not, by buying it off the broker.

    How did the item get on the broker Light? More importantly, WHY did the item get on the broker? It was supplied because of the demand by players like you, who want them, but don't want to spend money on them. Somebody has to spend the money, which means by feeding into the demand you are only one step away from spending that money yourself and perpetuating it.

    and YES. YES YOU SHOULD abstain from buying that iconic emblem you really want. Or you should stop screaming about the method that emblem was delivered, Because your actions speak louder than words.

    What they say is "I'm really upset about his unfair system, but not too upset to not participate in it."

    Nothing is absurd about that.

    Please don't mistake my criticism as caring how you, or anybody else spends their money. As I've said from the very beginning, how and when and what you spend your money on is entirely up to you. And it comes with consequences.

    If you can't see that buying TC items from the broker is barely any different from buying stabilizers in terms of feeding into the machine you hate so very much, then you are intentionally not seeing it, and nobody is going to change that. It's that darn bubble around you again. Nothing gets through.
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  19. Proxystar 10000 Post Club

    Actually it's just a differing opinion, you can be "negative capsules" while still somewhat participating in the system because it's not about being "pro or anti capsule" at all it's about being critical of certain aspects of how they function... (while still playing and enjoying a "video game" in the best way you can. This is just a video game remember.)


    feats in the capsules are unnecessary as the styles themselves should be desirable enough to sell by themselves without an attached feat.

    the RNG should be fair and reasonable and should offer a redundancy system to stop excessive bad luck and the potential for a person to spend unreasonable amounts of money trying to get something - there are kids that play this game.

    the time capsules should not be the only method in which these or other iconic styles or desirable styles are delivered into the game.

    You can advocate for change while still being compelled in to participation.

    There are multiple ways to advocate for change, one being the extreme abstention of participation, the other being minimized and selective abstention along with critical feedback advocating for reasonable change all of which has happened and has lead to positive changes, both within the capsules themselves and even as far back as how many fragments we got from the instance for free.

    A parellel in real life if you must need one is that when workers are seeking "raises" or improvements to work conditions, they don't necessarily "fully strike" there is such a thing as "partial strikes", or "minimal action".

    This "extreme" angle people continually take in an effort to discredit others on the forum is asinine. You're not going to make his opinion change and nor should you, it's clear you have your own view we're simply going to continue to disagree on which one is right along with the people that sit on either side.

    I don't expect you to agree with me or Light and you'll no doubt continue to have your view irrespective of what is said anyway, such is the beauty of what makes this world go round.
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  20. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Proxy, you should know by now how the devs operate. As long as you're feeding the system, complaints about anything are void. The devs look at complaints then they look at numbers. If the numbers don't match the complaints, nothing will be done about it. It's ok to have concerns or suggestions, but as long as the numbers support the opposite of what is being preached, no changes will be made. People want feats removed, they're going to have to show it through actions. Buying it off broker =/= bypassing the system.
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