Paranormal phenomena

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    That is, have you witness something weird or strange in your life? something you cannot explain?
    Wanna share it?
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  2. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    It wasn't something you might see on Ghost Adventures or Paranormal Caught on Camera (Travel Channel is great to have on in the background LOL) but it was something rather unnerving, nonetheless.

    Years ago, myself, my younger brother and one of his friends were talking with our next-door neighbor and her friend one summer evening, and the conversation turned to ghost stories and the like. It started out a nice warm evening with the stars out, but as the conversation went along, clouds started rolling in. It didn't really cool things off too much, though. However, as we continued talking I kept getting the feeling of something at the very least observing us and possibly waiting for something to happen. So while the clouds rolling in might have been just a coincidence, when combined with that feeling of something watching it just seemed to ramp up some anxious feelings I was having.

    Then (I can't remember if it was the neighbor or her friend) suggested getting the Ouija board they had in the house, and that anxiety increased. Every instinct I had was saying that was a bad idea, and apparently my brother was feeling the same thing. As the neighbor, her friend and my brother's friend went to get the board, I turned to my brother and said, "If they bring that thing out I'm gone, I'm going back home," and he said he'd be right there with me.

    Then we heard the door to the neighbor's house open, and there was the board, being carried out on top of the box for the board. My anxiety spiked and I got up immediately and left, my brother right behind me. We didn't run, but we weren't wasting any time getting back home either. And that was pretty much the end of the incident.

    It wasn't unexplained noises, or apparitions making themselves seen. All in all it was a pretty low-key event when compared to what others might have experienced. But all these years later it's stuck with me, and I still think things might have escalated from just that anxious feeling had we stayed and messed around with the Ouija board.

    There was one other less ominous event that I can think of, though. It was something that happened after my mother had passed away. I kept an old clock radio on the top of my entertainment center so that I could have a clock in sight to keep track of time (easy to lose track of time while playing MMOs LOL). One day, out of the blue it started going off, the music playing on its own even though I was nowhere near it and hadn't touched the switch for the radio in a while. It was old, though, so I just figured it was just glitching out or something like that.

    Until later that day. I was helping my dad take of some stuff in his travel trailer and we suddenly started hearing something. Turns out the built-in radio in the trailer started going off all by itself. Neither of us had touched it while working either.

    Coincidence? Entirely possible. But the radio in that trailer wasn't anywhere near as old as my clock radio, and as far as I know of it never acted up like that again. So there's a part of me that thinks that was my mom's way of either saying hello or just messing with us a bit. :D
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  3. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    I've had my share of my own experiences, but I heard one that was very eerie from a friend of the family. One of my sister's friends went on a road trip with her family during the summer, and they stopped at a bar in the middle of nowhere before heading to their camp site. The bar was packed with only enough room at the bar for them to squeeze in. They thought it was odd since there were no vehicles outside or other signs of where all the people had come from, and they decided to take a picture of themselves with everyone behind them. The bartender was giving them really weird looks for taking the picture.

    When they returned from their trip and had the photo developed, they were the only people in the photo. The backdrop was of empty stools and tables. Since I wasn't there, I cannot speak to the accuracy of the story, but it still makes a good story either way.

    As to my own experiences, the oddest one was seeing a toy Ghostbusters pack materialize through the wall in my closet as a kid. I would have thought I was seeing things, but I turned to my friend next to me and asked if he saw it, and he nodded at me with really big eyes. I also experienced some smaller things with toys moving on shelves by themselves (could have just been uneven shelves). One I couldn't explain was a shaker toy that would make bird noises started making bird noises with no one touching it one night when I had friends over.

    There was also a time when my sister and her boyfriend at the time lived in our basement in a bedroom down the hall. My mom ran a home preschool and had a kid's play kitchen, plastic dining set, dress-up clothes, toy boxes, and other kid items in our basement mostly for storage. Occasionally, the kids would go downstairs to play with all of it, but not on the night in question. My sister and her boyfriend were awake in bed at 8pm or 9pm and started hearing kids giggling and playing in the main part of the basement. They were both spooked by it a bit and didn't investigate whilt it was happening.

    Afterward, they dozed off, but when they woke up the next morning, they found all the toys, the play kitchen, the dress up clothes, and all the other items strewn about the basement. When they asked my mom what kids she had cared for the previous night, she looked at them confused and said there were no kids in the house after 6pm. My sister probably has had the most experiences of that type and even had a lady at her place of business later in life tell her that she has the energy of a medium.
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