Paradox Wave

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    Full league run with full T5 on the ps3 side and this is how the run went per boss after 3 hours, posting this to show what we learned from our run. If any other league has anything to add or strategy that has helped them beat it please share.

    Paradox warrior- He would spam his big blast shot attack almost every 10 seconds and 9/10 times the blast would be invisible. Would kite him up in down the hall way since his normal attacks with still kill a tank blocking. Has a stomp attack that will kill the tank. Also adds spawn.

    Paradox Sentry- Has a shield up that makes him take only 1 damage but will spawn little purple balls that can be thrown at him that do around 20k damage. These balls however are very hard to see and don't last long at all. Most of the time they are invisible and if you do manage to pick on up they blow up in your hands. He has a frontal blast attack that shots orange little blasts out, again these are invisible most of the time. This boss also likes to spam his jump attack that 1 shots you a lot when he gets low, my only guess is that is his enrage timer going off; which isn't long. He also has adds.

    Paradox Ravager- Spawns fountains that heal him when he is in them...many many many fountains. He spawns them faster then you can kill them and don't seem to go away. He spams his charge attack that will one shot you if in its path. He has adds that spawn as well. He would teleport to the entrance a lot and just charge down the tunnel and 5 seconds latter do it again. Also does a laser beam attack that will one shot you that cant be avoided, again my guess is this is his enrage timer attack going off since he spammed it until all of us were 1 shot one by one. Also has adds that spawn.

    Paradox Oppressor - Has a slash attack that shots out many other blades in front of him, these are invisible at times and hit very hard. He also has the charge attack that can one shot you. He also has an encasement that kills you that he uses. You cant break out of it, cant have others smash or throw you to break you out. Tank cant use break outs to get you out of it either. Can't smash or throw the encasement at the boss either. You just stay in it, it blows up and you die. He also has the one shot laser that he spams that one shot you and can not be avoided, again my guess is this is his enrage time move, He also has adds that spawn.

    All in all many of the attacks are not seen and are not visible. When boss was low, boss would go crazy and go on a 1 shot spree until everyone was dead. My guess is that they enraged, Many league members said that the tunnel was very laggy as well. Very hard raid due to the invisible 1 shots and 1 shot spams on top of adds. Tanks has to kit the whole time since blocking the normal attacks isn't a options due to the damage they do and the threat of the frequent 1 shot attacks the bosses do.

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