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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager


    As every DCUO hero and villain will know, time and timelines can get all sorts of messed up when people and objects start travelling back and forth between them. Sometimes, though, everything just works out better than anyone could have expected. That's the case with the new Paradox Time Capsule, dropping in-game after restarts on January 10, 2018. This and all Time Capsules can be unlocked with Stabilizers. Stabilizers are earned in-game or purchased in the Marketplace.

    If you’re looking to learn more about how to get, open, and use a Time Capsule - or what is in previous Time Capsules - check out our helpful guide!


    The Paradox Time Capsule features world-bending styles and rewards from across the DC Universe. Each Paradox Time Capsule contains one sub-capsule (more on that below) and random items from a general list of rewards, including Quarks (Rewards from Time & Space vendor currency), Soder Cola Ultimates, R&D Exobytes, complex materials, collections, and the ultra-rare Kryptonite Aura you may recognize from Earth 3.


    Keep reading for more information on all the new sub-capsule rewards!

    Speed-Metal Gear Capsule


    Inspired by the Red Death, one of the evil versions of Batman in the Dark Knights, from the Dark Multiverse, the Speed-Metal gear set is terrifying to behold.

    You will note that, yes, the Red Death is a Speedster, created when one of the multiverse's more extreme versions of Batman and the Flash cosmically merged when entering the Speed Force. Spoiler Alert: that led to an incredibly twisted super villain, and also one of the most dramatic Batman and Flash costumes ever.

    Take a careful look at the back style, especially if you are a Speedster yourself, and the Bat-tainted Speed Force energy whipping out behind you as you run.

    Each gear piece has a chance to drop in each Speed-Metal Gear sub-capsule and, when consumed, will become level-appropriate to your character. If you want to trade them, make sure you do so BEFORE you attune them! Of course, every Speed-Metal style can be upgraded into an Enhanced version using recipes, for even more dark, red, metally energy. Enhanced styles are created using R&D recipes and the motes found in this Time Capsule.

    Paradox Emblem Capsule


    The story of DCUO began with Lex Luthor, from a ruined future, returning to unleash Exobytes, thus creating all of the new super heroes and villains who would be strong enough to face and defeat Brainiac. Those heroes and villains would then choose to align themselves into loose factions surrounding those interested in Tech, Magic, or Meta abilities.

    In the Paradox Emblem Capsule, enjoy an array of emblems inspired by these choices and more. Collect them all for special feats, and remember each emblem can also be upgraded using motes into enhanced, emissive versions.

    Paradox Collector's Capsule


    In the Paradox Collector's Capsule, we have reached even farther back into the altered timelines of DC Universe Online's past...and maybe even the future. These collections work towards the new Forcefield Material, inspired by Brainiac and the buildings bottled during his assault on Gotham City and Metropolis, and towards the Anti-Matter Cache and the Exoskeleton Cache.

    The Anti-Matter Cache includes the Enhanced Life Shell Gloves style and the Anti-Matter Aura - Hands, both inspired by the Anti-Monitor himself. The Exoskeleton Cache includes a helmet and gloves inspired by the original Exobytes that gave rise to all of our heroes and villains.


    The Paradox Time Capsule is available and dropping in-game starting January 10, 2018. Log in and unlock yours!

    Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Join the discussion below!
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  2. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Is the force field material color locked?
  3. Icon New Player

    Most likely, like all the other materials.
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  4. Perdition Haze Well-Known Player

    Nice to see this stuff coming into the game (kryptonite aura). Not so nice that it’s gonna be behind a paywall yet again.. :rolleyes:
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  5. SkyyRin Committed Player

    Thanks for the heart attack. I see what I can get out of it, though. Nice aura!
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  6. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Void and cosmic wasn't. It seems after those they just stopped making color varying materials, which is a big turn off for me and my OCD....
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  7. Icon New Player

    Ah yeah, forgot about Void and Cosmic. Yeah since then it's been a no go. Hopefully that's something they can re-institute going forward.

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  8. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    This material cannot be tinted. Void and Cosmic are simpler, and can take a color, where most materials are more complex and cannot. We make them tintable when possible.
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  9. Steve Trevor Loyal Player

    I hereby re-christen it as "Bubble Wrap Material"
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  10. Jewlz2814 New Player

    Can we get some details on the emblems
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  11. Shark Dental Loyal Player

    Is there some kind of graphics constraints for why hands-only auras seem to be becoming the new meta? That Anti-Matter Aura would be awesome as an aura, as hands it's like, ugh. Personally, at least. Hands auras just don't do it for me. Unless the drop rates are insanely great or something, that is.
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  12. Steve Trevor Loyal Player

    I am guessing it wont appear until restart of server for US server?
  13. RLManuel Committed Player

    It’s nice, but why was this version of dark metal Batman chosen?


    Is a Dark Knights: Metal story on the way?

    Any chance at getting, a Devastator inspired style set?
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  14. Shark Dental Loyal Player

    Yeah, was an odd choice for the color, the Braniac containment field pattern was requested for a long time. I understand them not doing it in orange (lots of orange auras lately) but this light bluish-pink resembles plastic so closely... Maybe mental users will love it. Green would've been a far better choice in my opinion, plus we haven't had a green mat yet (besides the tintable ones).
  15. Dazz-252 Well-Known Player

    As a Subscriber id like to at least see 1 fully formed Stabilizer received per Stabilizer Event instead of Fragments. Then Maybe you can justify Time Capsules. That sounds more than reasonable to me and then you wont make your players feel taken advantage of.
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  16. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 10000 Post Club

    The Red Death Batman seems to be real popular with fans.
    I get lot's of messages asking me to make not only Dark Nights videos... but Red Death especially.

    So not surprised if they went with that style.

    Although.... they could make other Dark Nights styles in the future.

    Guess we will have to wait and see. ;) ;)
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  17. velvetsanity Dedicated Player

    I just want to these pictures at least, the speed-metal mask creeps me out. And that is *not* easy to do... (I’m a huge fan of Dali, Escher, Giger, Lovecraft, Poe, etc)
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  18. Kestral Well-Known Player

    That is the ugliest material I have ever seen. It looks like bubble wrap. Though other then the Kryptonian armor I'll be the broker prices will be cheaper then usual for these collections.
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  19. Aqua Surge Loyal Player

    Those aura's on the hands just made Jubilee and Gambit toons very happy. Thank you very much. Might be my favorite Time Capsules I saw.
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  20. 1 ncmike Dedicated Player

    I would of liked a style we could put an emblem on since we've gotten tons of them .
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