over priced event items

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by mtanasas, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. mtanasas Well-Known Player

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  2. mtanasas Well-Known Player

    this event better last 3 months
  3. JasonIsley Devoted Player

    If they lower the costs they'll lower how many marks you get.
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  4. Wiccan026 Loyal Player

    This was the year for standardization, seasonals especially got changed with that in mind.
  5. Backblock Well-Known Player

    idk why the event items are overpriced...
    What's the excuse here?
    Summer Event, we had those tikis and towels at 15 sand dollars.
    I recall hearing "Oh, these are iconic base items, so they're a little more expensive"

    Base items costing 15 marks means the paying player will get less with their paid for seasonal marks.
    Seriously, though...
    5-6 bucks for 3 of those asylum gates or 3 of those fog masses is a ripoff lol
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  6. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

    Well the expensive ones don't count towards the title feat. So they are just fluff on the top. If you can't afford them now, save up.
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  7. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    Actually it lasts 3 days.

    You have until Monday to complete everything.

    Good luck. ;) ;) :D
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  8. Backblock Well-Known Player

    lol at the people defending this o_O:confused:
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  9. 1 ncmike Dedicated Player

    With the vault dropping gear now there's no reason to have gear on the seasonal vendor it should be style only.
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  10. JasonIsley Devoted Player

    And somehow they would fix the math to still add up to 300 marks for feats in 30+ days.
  11. 1 ncmike Dedicated Player

    Then they would have to add more then 3 styles.
  12. JasonIsley Devoted Player

    They would turn the new Spider style into a 1 star feat, base items would become a 1 star feat.
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  13. Chaos Evolution Devoted Player

    Dollar....dollar dollar bills y'all
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  14. Isif Committed Player

    Run yer alts. Works every time.
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  15. Aqua Surge Loyal Player

    Alts need to be level 10 for the event though. I have like 7 toons that I can actually use and I'm using them all this year. If I play my cards right. I'll have about 2100 marks. This is still ridiculous though. I was excited for Halloween until I learned the prices.
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  16. Isif Committed Player

    The prices don't really appear to be any worse than Summer. Speaker thing and the pirate get up were kind of pricey too. Since I've given up on TCs, event feats are pretty much what I actively hunt.
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  17. nawanda Loyal Player

    How hard is it really to use a 2nd toon to help your main get the stuff and feats? I think the prices are fine.
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  18. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Okay here is the break down folks

    To accomplish the style feat you need to buy the belt, mask and helm and each costs 50 spooky bites.. that = 150 total and get you one 10 point feat.

    To accomplish the furniture feat to need one

    1 Shallow Grave
    2 An Arkham Gate
    3. A Long Arkham Fence
    4. A Short Arkham fencew
    5. A long Arkham wall
    6 a short Arkham wall

    Each of these cost 15 sppoky bites and that = 90 total.. and am I READING my feats tab wrong because it shows NO feat points for that collection just a new title.. Arkham Antiquary?

    Now we do have one other item on sale at the vendor that does award a ten point feat.. Buy Isis.. Cat Woman's Pet /partner in crime and you get another 10 feat points. ISIS cost 100 Sppoky bites.

    So without even thinking about buying any of the other potentially cool stuff they have to offer you need 340 sppoky bites JUST to get 20 feat points and a brand new title. Now I have run the outdoor mission and the indoor alert 6 times today so I can state with conviction that without using replays or BUYING spooky bites from the market we can get TEN spook bites a day... So it will take 34 days JUST to buy the stuff you need for the feats/title.

    Now I am the first to admit my memory can get fuzzy but I could swear just LAST year"s style pieces only cost like 15 spooky bites each (45 total for the feat) Also the event, per the announcement that Mepps posted today the event will run a grand total of 33 days with today being the 29th or September. So we get TWO days in this month and 31 in October and then POOF done! . So plan on running alts to but the furniture (that can save you 90 spooky bites) and then if you want ANY of the stuff that does not give you a feat plan on using replays or PLAN on NOT getting everything.
  19. Aqua Surge Loyal Player

    The collection in the vendor is 50 marks, I still count 300 marks which is the entire event run ever single day.
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  20. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Read my post right below yours.. Okay so TODAY I ran 9 different alts through both the 4 man alert and the outdoor daily that can be soloed.... Between them I now have 90 spooky bits... I also have absolutely no furniture yet because every single piece costs 15.. Not a single style piece since those since each of those costs 50 spooky bites and you can NOT transfer holiday cash from one ALT to another.. and I have not checked but from previous year during holiday events .. you can't even give one of your alts a a style piece you bought. Heck I am still 10 spooky bites short of even thinking about purchasing Isis and again I couldn't if I wanted to because I can't give another alt my spooky bites so every one of my alts is 90 bites short of buying the cat.

    So now here is the truly fun part.. Unless its a mistake the FEAT tab currently shows that if I obtain all 6 pieces of furniture on any character I complete that FEAT.. however the feat awards zero feat points just grants a title this year. THAT means that the ONLY thing an alt can buy and then transfer to another alt.. doesn't give you a single feat point just a new tag you can stick above your head. SO altogether to earn 20 feat points from the event each and EVERY alt has to go out and earn 250 spooky bites.. That's 150 for the three style pieces and 100 for Isis.

    Still think those prices are fine? Because that will take you 25 of the 33 days the event lasts.. So without using replays you have a whole 80 spooky bites left to buy ANY of that other stuff the vendor is selling that has nothing to do with a feat. Basically they have rendered our alts all but useless. Only thing they can HELP with is a new name tag above out heads.
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