Orb Of Arion: Bug

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by FALLEN-ONE, Nov 20, 2018.

  1. FALLEN-ONE Active Player

    Xbox One here, my lvl 160 Orb of Arion is glitched. Upon using a “Priority” heal, in my case “Renew” the Pet does not heal. Sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn’t. Most of the time the pet would lift the hands 6 times as if it was healing but it DOESN’T!

    I have tested it in an open area with no distractions. I spent some of my marketplace cash to max it out due to its “advertised” helpfullness and “intelligence” and also because I don’t like spamming priority heals. But now it just seems that the only passive you get from the artifact is the increased “Priority Heal” cost. Not very helpful.

    Also, occasionally, the pet would heal but it’s not very intelligent and would heal me instead of a dying group member forcing me to use “Priority Heal” once again. Please fix this issue. I know the heals are 1.5 seconds apart but MOST OF THE TIMR THEY DON’T HEAL.
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  2. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    Do you have any video of this happening? Might help the devs understand the circumstances/what's going wrong.

    Also, priority heals will always heal you, and additionally heal another group member with the lowest health.
  3. FALLEN-ONE Active Player

    Nope. I do not actually have a video, I’m playing on console and I’d do that if I knew how. Maybe I’ll record it on phone...
    The pet is pretty dumb, it just sits next to you and only heals you while you are away from the tank in the back healing, It’s like super glitched out after that latest hotfix. Similar to what you could find in their streaming video when they showed us thae artifact. Numbers just do not register and sometimes they do, when they do it would only heal like 6-7k, my HoTs heal more than that... It almost feels like it’s capped and split into 6 moves that may or may not even exceed a priority heal of my own if I just unequip the damn artifact.

    Like I said, it does heal but only whenever it feels like, most of the time the pet just sits right in front of my face and doesn’t heal a tank or a half healthed group member.

    Also, not only that, but whenever the pet does decide to heal, the heals are extremely weak. Maybe like 7-8k a pop, and conjunction with its randomness slash unregistered healing, a priority heal with this artifact is not even worth it since you’d have to use “a priority heal” yourself for an increased 300% in order to get an actual burst heal for whomever is lowest on health. It almost seems like it has a mind of its own and is there to go through the motions, that is: to heal me and a random DPS member with highest dominance in the group. What I’m saying ks, there’s no way it’s those pathetic heals are based on someone’s health... I’ve healed CoT E multiple times with an ice tank tanking the boss at like 20-25% HP left on the bar due to broken shields and I used a “priority” which brought the health up to like 70-75%, everybody else in the group was at 100% HP but the pet just stood there facing the whole time even despite me being like literally on tank’s on head and kept whiffing over an over.