Orb of Arion any good?

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  1. Captain1Dynamo Well-Known Player

    I don't think I've seen anyone actually using this. Does anyone? How well does it work?
  2. TheLorax Loyal Player

    It's the best heal artifact yet in my opinion. Pair it with the Demon Fang and Omegahedron to manage your power.
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  3. Brit Committed Player

    I use it. I have played with it quite extensively. Based on my experiences of actual gameplay, not just theorycraft, this is my breakdown.

    First, as soon as it hits level 80 and you start getting the x3 priority heal for x3 power, you will require a huge shift in how you use you priority heal. It's like re-learning your powerset all over again. Not just for your priority heal, which will no longer be spammable, but also for other heals you will have to employ differently in order to replace your priority heal spam. The priority heal becomes a big investment spike recovery, and you'll be looking for frontloaded other heals to fulfill the role your priority heal previously did.

    Power management will need to be addressed. This will be both in finding extra ways to generate power (I use a Demons Fang), and a different attitude about how high you try to keep your power pool and manage your expenditures. There will be an adjustment period. I actually ended up Power Changing to a different healer set so that I could build fresh habits, rather than stick with my old comfort zone while it played so different. Once I did that, it started working a lot better.

    The pet. Sigh. First of all, you have to understand, it is not a pet artifact. It is all about that higher burst heal for higher power cost. You will NOT have 100% uptime on the Spectral Acolyte to keep him healing with you. It's just too power hungry. Instead, he exists almost solely to take the pressure off of you for a couple of seconds while you rebuild your power pool, since you will blow most of it with the huge x3 priority heal. If he picks up 2-3 seconds of healing, you can be able to get your pool back and break back into a more normal rotation.

    From 80-159, point blank, the pet is not enough. Those 50% priority heals the pet gives just do not budge health bars enough to keep people up. So if there is a big spike that hits multiple people, and you use your priority heal to heal one of them, while you are gassed it is likely you will lose another teammate. The Artifact would have been infinitely more useful while leveling up if the thresholds would have 80 - 100% heal for 3 seconds and 120 - 100% heal for 6 seconds, instead of the current method of 80 - 50% heal for 6 seconds, and 120 - 50% heal for 9 seconds. Shorter duration on the pet, but with the full heal amount, would have been far superior. There were actually some fights where, because several members of the group would take spike damage all at once, I actually would take the Artifact off to not have it destroy my power pool and get us killed.

    At breakthrough 160 though, it finally starts doing what it needs to do with the pet, and those additional heals can actually be enough to be useful while you recover your power from the big initial burst.

    I supplement mine with Demon's Fang and Starheart, with Demon's Fang (and a rapid hitting bow or handblasters) helping with power management, and Starheart's additional burst to the group heal sort of serving as my slightly-less-spammable replacement Priority Heal. I did try Omegahedron and found that it contributed no significant extra power management than when working with just the Demon's Fang. I did try Soul Cloak and I really do like Soul Cloak as a viable third (Fang, Orb, and Cloak), but largely it depends on what powerset you're healing with and how important your supercharge is. As Nature, I rarely bothered with Regeneration on my bar, so Starhart did more. As Electric, on the other hand, Soul Cloak was hands down the winner.
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  4. Captain1Dynamo Well-Known Player

    That was an excellent review on the Orb, thanks for the info!
  5. FlawlessTime Well-Known Player

    I use it on my main and I have it at rank 160 that's where it shines . The Demons Fang helps you manage your power and
    Omegahedron they both do wonders but the demon fang is better.

    When I use my troll however some healers don't use that set up and it's a pain to keep them power and more so when they spam healing powers smh .
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  6. Millefune PSN New Player

    Does the Spectral Acolyte heal you as well as the most (or next most if you're currently the most injured) injured party member, or does its priority heal heal itself and the most injured party member?
  7. Darth Piper Committed Player

    It casts your "Priority Heal"... once from you, and 4 (level 80) or 6 (levels 120 and 160) times (every 1.5 seconds for 6 or 9 seconds). Unless your priority heal works differently, it should always heal you and the person with the lowest health at the time of the cast.
  8. Brit Committed Player

    Today I did have an odd experience with the Orb that I'll share for reference. I had a Controller in my raid group ask me to take the Artifact off and play without it because "it takes too much power".

    I took the conversation to /tell to avoid making a big hoopla in the group.

    I politely pointed out that I was NOT in the top three for Power In, so I was maintaining high enough power that the majority of his Recharge dumps were not landing on me, but rather the DPS.

    I politely pointed out that I only use it to resolve massive spike damage, and that x3 healing for x3 power is literally the EXACT SAME THING as spamming the priority heal 3 times, but with the Artifact on I then get the pet to pick up 6 extra priority heals over the next 9 seconds while I recover my own power, effectively meaning that I'm getting 12 Priority Heals for the cost of 3.

    I pointed out my own personal Power Out to prove that I was drinking sodas to supply my own power. I also reminded him that I had a full 160 Demon's Fang, to help me address my own power concerns.

    And then I politely reminded him that I had never at any point during the raid complained about Power and was experiencing no shortages, so he should believe in himself more and feel confident in his ability to keep power flowing. Things were running smoothly and we had zero wipes, so there was no reason to mess with a set-up that was working perfectly.

    The controller then confessed that he had simply seen the pet up, and then immediately complained because he had had bad experiences previously with other healers and the artifact.

    Controllers do have a dislike for the Artifact, because some Healers do not take individual responsibility for the power, or think they can still spam the priority heal or can push it needlessly to have 100% uptime on the pet, as if summoning the pet was worthwhile enough to waste a huge x3 priority heal when nobody needed it.

    If you're going to play with the Artifact, be aware that the players who are using it ineffectively push it towards a bad reputation, and so you will have to doubly be responsible with it, or face immediate stigma and complaint.
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  9. FlawlessTime Well-Known Player

    Lmao Oh great points and I love the story to . When I troll I run into some healers without a damn care in the world and Spam that like the world is ending .

    It gets annoying fast but everyone in the group's I was in had full power . But the healers who get to drunk and spam away were always low. A few times someone eles will switch to heal because they start to see it to lol.

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