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  1. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    No speedhacker. There's no way that speedhackers are THAT common to where they're present 30%-40% of the time.

    As for trying very hard... I usually summon a pet and combat ally, weapon tap to activate their combat (which is enough to get full contribution) and then go wait by one of the stone/gem spawn points. Bounty dies when the cog I'm getting was still in the middle of completing the full circle and I'm left with 0.

    I will say it never happens two bosses in a row (also why it's probably not speed hackers). My theory is that the other players who are also trying to do weekly missions think "whoopsies! I might have gotten a little trigger happy there with the pew pew. I'll pump the brakes on the next one."
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  2. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    As I've said before I'm pretty sure it's way too difficult if not nearly impossible to make it optional. Contrary to popular belief, video game systems architecture, coding and programming with a 20 y/o game engine and 14 years of legacy code simply isn't a "if you can dream it, you can do it" scenario.
  3. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Again, that would also mean no one near you grabbed one either. I've gotten my 9 or 11 done having touched only 3-5 max (not grouped). And...in all fairness, I don't do as many bounties as some people...so your sampling of visits down there are probably higher. However, I think I'm pretty accurate in thinking that as long as I'm there for the start of the fight...and not counting Cosmic Boy (who's health bar melts like butter)...there's been probably no times I've gotten 0 crystals, unless I just focus on the boss...which I don't generally do until I see the crystals/stones done. I do the same, orbital, ally and pet out for credit (or I'll kill an add or 2 if close to them...it registers the pink bar faster really)...then to the crystals/stones as soon as they appear. My general MO is to arrive in each zone at about the 11-12 min mark in WV or 14-15 (of the 20 min rotation) in 31st. That's about when Kalibak or Validus are coming out, and I get everything done before it resets at 20 min.

    Maybe you are hitting it during fuller phases, so the burn is better. In any case, I already agreed....they nerfed these MORE than many of the other bounties. Probably because of the high counts and fixed timers so they'd know most any group will get it done vs having to wait another 20 min just to pick up one boss count.
  4. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    I do try and hit the WV bounties during busier times since Hydra is one of the few bounties I can't solo. But yeah, barring some serious lag on my part, if I don't have time to fully hit a cog immediately upon them spawning (after the ridiculously long beastiamorph transformation animation), then it stands to reason that nobody else did either.
  5. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I believe the only way to make it optional would be to have 2 separate instance lists...or at least the 'clamp' option would take you into a different queue. If they did this, I'd say the ONLY way it would work is to allow for immediate entry with the group you have, and no filling of empty slots. Basically a 'walk in' portal, without the walk in portal issues they've had before. Otherwise, we end up with the 'some guy ruined my run' issue or 'some guy burnt the boss to fast and he glitched' issue at full effect again. If the group is closed, and goes straight in, the people in the group are masters of their own destiny...good or bad...and anyone queuing up using matchmaking is basically in today's system. Clamped...full loot...populating by omni...able to be opened for new people as others leave.

    Having some magical on/off switch that would allow for randoms to come into the PROPER group....and having 2 full separate queues out there...would probably not be possible. YES... people would use the optional system to get feats...YES... they'd lose out on loot and gear (loot locks with old loot only).

    Not saying it WOULD happen...just that this would be the only way I'd see it functionally possible, allowing those who want a more 'accurate' experience to still have it...and those who want to wreck shop...to do that.
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  6. the solowing Unwavering Player

    I disagree, Because if your "compromise" is getting a loot table you don't care about anyway to get a feat you do care about. Then it isn't a compromise. You're not giving up anything.

    Its gonna be 2 queues. A regular queue, and a E-Z feat queue.

    (How long have people been saying its not about e-z rewards? But it always comes back to getting e-z rewards (feats without effort)
  7. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player

    Well, they were able to clamp it in the first place
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  8. Raven Nocturnal Loyal Player

    I still don't feel it requires "two separate versions". A check box just tweaks the numbers in the instance you are creating. Just like sometimes changing a difficulty merely just tweaks the numbers and nothing else.
  9. Dominic Blue Dedicated Player

    But those Devs left already or something? I dunno what to believe anymore?
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  10. ArtemisWonderWoman7 Committed Player

    The only problem with your argument is final fantasy 14 released in 2010 a year before dcuo. and still does quality of life updates and has done alot of stuff to make the it better for their player base. They to had unreal engine 2 and has been upgrading the software to keep up with the time . You can't tell me its not possible when a older game has done it. On top of that they are always balancing pvp and the powers. Even adding more powers or evolving the powers when a dlc comes out. Tell me dc doesn't want to spend the money on the software or the man power but not the bs that the game is to old.
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  11. Plowed In Loyal Player

    Playing DCUO - 435
    Playing FFXIV - 27715

    …per Steam…they have 50 TIMES (actually 63x) our population “right now.” Take your yearly income and multiply it by 50 times…yep there’s a lot of the new things that become a possibility…and they have a required sub to boot…
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  12. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    What people? I never said that. I've said it was about getting the feats done quickly....AND smashing through stuff...and to an extent getting some small amount of loot (3 marks for 4 min is not too shabby...no group making required). You know...same was we all had it for 10 years? Personally...It's also about making the runs more accessible FOR a feat run because you don't need the bodies you do in clamped.....but that might be personal bias as someone who got probably 1/2 of his feats solo using fillers when LFG was a wasteland. Many or even most EEG feat runs are near impossible to get put together in any kind of decent time. The ones that require dozens of runs present a nonsense amount of time you need to spend in the old content to get a 10 or 25 point feat.

    Personally if they had a way to differentiate the 'skill' based feats vs the 'grind' based feats...I'd be in agreement, the skill based ones could remain in clamped content. Most would require building 1 group...for 1 run...then you could move along. The only 'advantage' to doing something like artifact finder that an unclamped version provides is it will go faster and will not require 8 people to get done. As this would probably be too much cherry picking for DBG....I've always leaned towards letting them all go unclamped or in the 'option' run as I don't feel someone should be required to spend hours on end begging in LFG to find 7 other people just to run 10 year old content no one is really that interested in....just to get 10 stupid feat points.

    Now if you call that 'skill'...well, that's fine. I call that grind. Grind we already have in spades just staying at endgame. Mindless running and re-running of old content, NOT for fun as it should be...but to get done as fast as possible to go back and do it again....times however many feats exist in the game that take 0 skill whatsoever...and there are a lot of them. To me...that's not fun, and never has been. Most of those grind feats were designed to keep us busy for 3-4 months of running the same content over and over....That's what endgame is for...busywork and CR climb. Once those DLCs hit the rear view, these feats have always just been additional drudgery....they were just a faster drudgery for 10 years.

    But I've already said this like 100x in the other thread. Not sure why you in particular felt the need to respond, as I've already stated and re-stated this TO YOU in particular. My response to illumin411 here was only stating how I believed it would be TECHNICALLY possible to have the option....not a debate on the moral dilemma such an option would present to you and yours.
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  13. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    So if you and I both want to run A&B (and assuming you came over to PS/PC)....and you check the box for 'clamped' and I don't. How many people need to also want to run A&B? I count 14 more...as we'd both need 7 to fill our version of the run.

    Even assuming they populated it with something like Omni....would you see an omni player potentially hitting either/or run...or is there a 2nd 'unclamped' omni type filler (no box reward) where you could land in ANY unclamped instance?

    In any case...assuming the group needs to fill....you'll need at least 14 more people queuing in some way to get us both in...and if we both got in, yeah...those are separate instances.

    Unless you think we can both hit the same run, in which case you'd still have the 1 guy 'ruining' the other people's run potential.
  14. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    Square Enix pockets are DEEEEEEP
  15. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    Switching from one system to another is a completely different thing than having two simultaneous system in place and a toggle/vote system activating one or the other OR doubling the size of the On Duty menu.
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  16. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player

    They are deep because they took the time to rebuild Final Fantasy XIV which was originally a disaster.


    After taking the time to rebuild, re-invest, and advertise, Final Fantasy XIV is what we see today. They took a failed project ans made something special out of it. Granted, it should never have had to been rebuilt in the first place but they did rebuild it to delight their customers/gamers.

    I just wish more gaming companies cared about the games they are creating and their customers (player base) instead of treating every game like an iOS money grab game that nickel & dimes everything. Don’t be like Electronic Arts, they are a bad example.

    Oh well, you guys got what you wanted.
  17. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Reenactment of Yasuhiro Fukushima's morning routine:
    Hear he's changing his name to Yasuhiro Fukuimrich.
  18. Raven Nocturnal Loyal Player

    Not sure you understood what I meant. Some people have been saying that in order to create an option, they would have to have "2 sets" of instance versions existing in the game simultaneously. I don't believe this to be the case, and the parameters are set when the instance is "created" upon queueing into it. Not existing back to back at all times. If that makes sense. Basically, clamped and unclamped wouldn't be 2 separate instances taking up game space, the parameters are set when the instance is formed upon entering (i.e., the restrictions are lifted or placed).

    As for check box, clamped would be default, and theoretically unlocking the hypothetical unclamped check box would have to have prerequisites first. Such as reaching end game and/or having completed the instance already previously. It would be available only to the group that created it, and invite-only upon creation.
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  19. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Ok...but that's still 2 instances if you run an 'unclamped' AnB while I run a 'clamped' one....so 2 sets of runs any way you slice it. All instances are 'created' when you queue in...regardless of how you get there. It's not like having a 2nd 'set' of instances on a separate tab would mean they are all running at once, waiting for players to join. It's just being done by checkbox vs having a separate menu screen. Personally, I'd rather see the 'Custom-unclamped' screen as it's very cut and dry as to what you are getting into, and instead of the check box having to discern if you have whatever prerequisites are there. You could have whatever parameters would be needed (like CR/SP...whatever) shown on the run.

    To me, the 'on the fly' design of a checkbox deciding what will happen with a run is where this would never work. Our game does not do 'on the fly' things very well.

    And for the record....there should be no prerequisites if you decide to roll unclamped.
    Never been there?... Figure it out.
    Don't have enough people to run an impassible cog set?... Ooopsie.
    Boss blows up when the kitchen sink is dropped on him?... Guess you are re-running chief.

    Building ANY system that would allow unclamped...then worrying about how 'bad' an unclamped run COULD go, is one reason it would never happen. WILD WEST BABY!
  20. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Didn't they already establish that this is possible when they invented customizable elite content? Whatever that bs was called before they finalized elite plus.
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