Open world mob ettiquette question

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  1. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    I don't expect to be alone anywhere in the game except when I'm running an instanced solo mission or when I'm in a base.

    What I hope for is to be left alone to do my own thing when I'm out and about in the open world, especially if I'm not hitting /shout for assistance and the mission I'm running is a mission that can be done alone.

    The way the game is set up allows for that. All it takes is a little consideration from others.
  2. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Just an update. As I ran through these missions last night on about 8 toons, I think 7 of which got the stupid T-Spheres mission, I saw no one wearing a lobster head, so I proceeded to help them out. I received no shaken fists for angry tells as a result so it looks like everyone is onboard with my previous message. Thanks for participating.

    Question I thought of for those of you who are against 'sharing' or 'stealing' or 'lazy play'....if you are working on 'Un-metaled' and someone near you takes out one of the groups of 3 or 4 mobs (you do not assist), but leaves the civilian pickups behind, do you leave them to expire, or do you pick them up? Same for if you are working on arresting the inmates...if someone is working on the metal shipments, knocks out some inmates to do them and leaves the inmates behind(as they are not needed for his mission) it ok to grab them?

    Just wondering what the 'rules' are as they are varied and mysterious.

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  3. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    For me it's about fun.

    I don't find it fun to rush through a mission, and more often than not I'm in no hurry. Efficiency is the least of my concerns. Actually playing the content is a lot more fun for me than going down the "get it done NAOW" path.

    If someone else wants to go down a different path than I take, more power to them. Just don't push me down that path, because it's not something I'd try and do to someone else.

    As far as people getting upset about it, I can't say I'm too surprised. Setting aside my own frustrations, this kind of frustration isn't too different from frustrations that can arise from higher CR players queueing into older content and obliterating it before at-CR players get the chance to do anything in the instance. The circumstances may be different, but it's similar enough that I can't be too surprised about it.

    Both situations could be solved pretty easily by either communication between players or consideration of other players.
  4. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    That's the thing, though, unless we get any solid feedback from other players, we can't know exactly how disruptive it might be for other players.

    Some may just brush it off. Others may curse out other players. There may even be those that just rage quit in frustration. We just don't know the degree to which it can be disruptive, especially if the players who may be causing those disruptions (even if they don't intend to do so) don't stick around long enough to hear whatever feedback might come from their actions.
  5. Proxystar #Perception

    Unfortunately that's not a reasonable expectation in an open world environment game involving multiple other players.
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  6. Awsome Well-Known Player

    100% right. In fact, this is a bit underselling it.

    This expectation is down right ridiculous. The game promotes doing things together, grouped or not by way of giving everyone credit who is involved.

    It is absolutely unreasonable to expect people to worry about your feelings in this type of an environment.

    And to wish that everyone will send you a tell every time they attack the same mob as you?? Come on man!
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  7. Grant Gardner Level 30

    Bah ... you worry too much about the little stuff ... The guy overreacted despite not losing much on anything.
  8. fm0987 Committed Player

    The absolute worst mission for this of people "stealing" you count towards completion is the spore containment or whatever it's called in Doomed Metropolis. Can be pretty annoying, but not near as bad as it was now that it has died down a bit. Not the players fault though, the devs really for assigning a mission to both factions in such a small area.
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  9. Nogreen Active Player

    I bet your one of those that never read the TOS or ROC of the game your playing.
    Maybe you should start soon ;)
  10. Mobius Twist Active Player

    I don't think any GM worth their salt would even look at this complaint seriously, especially in light of the already-established gameplay mechanics. If this were kill-stealing, and if this were a repeated issue I could see claims of harassment, etc. For example, had I followed this player and piggybacked off them I believe they would have a reasonable issue, but I doubt it to be ban-worthy unless exceptionally egregious or with demonstrated malice on behalf of the offender.

    I think games are more elegant now. Having already gone through these issues prior, all the ones I play have adopted mechanics so that kill-stealing, etc., just don't matter any more.

    I don't think it reasonable for a player to expect everyone else to know and honor their playstyle. As I used to say to my dad when he wanted to know why I wasn't outside helping him, "I'm telepathetic - I can't read minds."
  11. Controller Loyal Player

    I'd gather that the offended player that the OP ran into is a good dude / dudette in real life.

    They were probably just having a bad day, and were more than likely hungry. Happens to ALL of us.

    I'm going to offer someone a Snickers if I encounter such a reaction in the future.
  12. Littlejaytee16 Committed Player

    Come on now ... That's like me saying: "You know what? The Joker really isn't such a bad dude. He lets me go into his vault everyday and get all these free items."

    I don't think anybody was trying to debate what these characters would want or not want "in game". Their in game personas, or lack thereof are pretty cut and dry.
  13. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    LOL :p to be totally honest my reply to your post was pretty ,much tongue in cheek.... hey truthfully using my own Gotham under Siege example........... Batman can be a complete pain in the butt if you help him. You locate him being attacked by around Amazons and defeat them.. When the final one drops he never says hi, never gives you a thumbs up, a bow or even a quick salute. All he does is turn, fire off the grappling hook and zip away. Its been a while but at one time I even started a thread here to make fun of that mission because I rescued him inside a parking garage with about 4 stories of concrete above us.... Last Amazon dropped and as usual he never said a word just fired the hook and zipped away... the POINT of that thread? That grappling hook should have gotten stuck in the bottom of the floor above us and at best he could have zipped about 4-5 feet before he smashed against the ceiling above him.

    So basically not only is he an ungrateful PAIN in the butt but he's not too bright either. You know come to think of it even after you defeat Ivy, Freeze and Scarecrow and set him free at Arkham.. I never once have ever heard him say thinks for that either. Must be too embarrassed about being tied up to begin with? Just gets up and runs off. LOL
  14. Littlejaytee16 Committed Player

    I know... I just decided to continue the banter with you because I thought it was funny.
  15. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    We'll have none of that here....sillyness. Internet banter should not be fun...

    You will set a bad precedent.

  16. Littlejaytee16 Committed Player

    I'm sorry... I apologize for trying to keep things fun.