Open world mob ettiquette question

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  1. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    its like watching corn pop.
  2. Nogreen Active Player

    Just remember "disruption of gameplay" can be reported and in many mmo/mmorpg you can get a ban.
    I have been playing games online since 97 and i know the feeling of wanting to help other players, but if another player wants help, they always Ask others to help.
    So, if you can kill steal etc. in this game, then it is your own fault if you get a ban.
    Remember that.
  3. DarkAya Dedicated Player

    I've been doing this for years, never get any pm's about it, I dare anyone to try.
    Open world is open for everyone, as long as everybody gets a credit it's ok, It's not like I'm fighting that minotaur for 30 minutes and someone jumps in when he's almost dead (I'm still ok with that, today it was him, tomorrow it'll be me).
    I don't feel like disrupting someone else's gameplay, I'm not making his mission harder, I'm not being an obstacle, blocking his movement or anything.
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  4. Tainted0Love Well-Known Player

    Let them vent and move on, you can always ignore them if get too far off the rails.

    Maybe they just want to prove to themselves that they are self-sufficient.

    Now the taking of node that someone is fighting mobs close to is another story. While the game allows it so it's fair, it's just a bit rotten to take the spoils when you know 100% they can't challenge you back for it. But this of course is a player rule and as such holds no authority. Much like drinking a soder in a duel or using henchmen. Some don't like it, but it's a part of the game.

    I'll take all the help I can get laboring through the ridiculously high number of objectives on some missions. As for the other nodes (Collections, rifts, ...) they spawn back in so fast it's not really an issue at all.

    In short: Do you as you do and ignore those that have ugly words.

    Enjoy the game.
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  5. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    My philosophy is that I don't need the help...I'm not asking for the help, but as long as you are not stealing credit (which to my knowledge is not possible in the OW stuff) on shared credit things like T-Spheres/Minataurs/Mimes/MetalBoxes/Titan/etc... have at it. I've even come in and started up with someone on the 'First Aid' mission where I'll start on a group they are already working, and without grouping or mentioning it they will move to another nearby one so I can finish the first and we'll both get credit. Continue that for the 2nd 3rd 4th ones and we both get done faster at 1/2 the time spent at each.

    Some people take it personally, but as a few others have said, there are no 'dibs' in open world. If someone gets butt hurt from your proximity to what they are doing it's their issue.

    The one thing I will object to is repeated group invites. If i'm near you working on a similar mission, you don't need me to be in group to get credit. I'm sometimes queued for a mission and don't want to group up. 1 inv declined could be you caught me in a pickup....a 2nd could be another accidental rejection... If by the 3rd invite request denied you don't get that...well you are pretty lonely.

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  6. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    It may not feel like it's disruptive on your end, but on the other person's side it can be incredibly disruptive.

    We all have our own ways of tackling certain objectives in the game, certain patterns in combat we tend to follow (sometimes without realizing it). If someone in the middle of their combat rotation suddenly has someone else jump in uninvited on their target, it can totally throw off what they are trying to do and how they are playing.

    Speaking from personal experience, that can be a lot more frustrating than someone being an obstacle or getting in my way.
  7. Mobius Twist Active Player

    I hear what you are saying, and it's easy to armchair quarterback. At that point I was just trying to assure them that nothing I did was meant as harmful, and that I didn't deprive them of anything.

    Communication between two individuals is never going to be perfect. Different viewpoints, beliefs, cultural norms, etc. mean that I can never perfectly communicate to you. I was compassionate about their concerns, I tried to be as courteous as possible, and I think my response was appropriate. To be honest I don't believe that interaction had a positive outcome regardless of what was said. My concern is to make sure I am aware of any cultural norms (that, by the by, have not been exhibited by others; I have people drop in on me all the time, even to grab rifts out from under my nose). The "people like you" comment had me concerned I had missed something.

    For science!! My background is education. Body language can make up as much as 93% of our communication. When we text one another, we're trying to communicate thought and intent with only 7% of our tools. It's why you see so many text messages and forums devolve into fights: Is this person being funny? Sarcastic? Serious? Confused?
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  8. Proxystar #Perception

    There is no such thing as kill stealing in this game.
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  9. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    I do understand, and given some of the language in the first message I won't deny that it probably wasn't going to go well overall regardless of what you said.

    I just think saying something like, "Sorry, didn't mean to step on your toes" and leaving it at that would have probably worked better if you were trying to defuse the situation.
  10. Proxystar #Perception

    Im sorry, but what.

    What sort of person logs into a massive multiplayer game where it's obvious other people are going to go to en masse even and then gets mad when they end up interacting with someone else, because they were what, expecting some sort of isolated single player bubble experience?

    That is absolutely absurd and asinine to expect and then to call it disruption and either abuse the person or even worse report them? That is possibly the most deluded thing ive ever read and if a person carries this expectation then perhaps multiplayer games, that you know involve other people aren't for them.

    By the way if i catch up trying to help with my giant metal man bat bounty again, oh boy! Lol
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  11. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    I can't stand open world stuff, I find it annoying when people just jump in while I'm working on my solos. It's rude and disrespectful. If I wanted to group up, I would form a group. There is a reason why it's call a solo. That is me time, when I'm ready to work with a group, that's when I go do group content.

    I just find open content promote bad behavior, I've seen way too many times when someone tries to swoop in the last second to get credit or try to steal the credit by hitting the cog without putting in little to no effort. I find it promotes laziness. Sadly in group content in open world, I've seen people stand there while the rest of the group does all the work. Sure maybe in rl something comes up, but there been times where they just didn't help out, they just wanted the free credit.

    Then again this is a mmo dealing heroes and villains. How do you think Batman reacted if Superman just swoops in at the last second to try and take care of the problem even though Batman had it under control?
  12. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    Batman would give Superman a stern talking to while Superman smiled and acted like he gave a damn. lol. Pretty much how I act when someone whines to me in a tell about how I am "taking" their open world stuff even though we both get credit 9 times out of 10. Of course that rarely happens as I prefer to do open world dailies and seasonals on the PVP phase. Nice and quiet most the time.
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  13. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    The only time I ever get mad is if I'm killing a thing for test or practice purposes. I will straight up cuss someone out for interrupting my fight with the O-Bot. I used to just sit there and watch them die - I've been able to solo it for a looooong time - then wave at their corpse and continue my fight.

    Aside from that, don't take my Relics and we'll be fine.
  14. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    nah...raging is a pretty common gamer personality trait. we've all been there and on both sides of the argument. something bout being unhappy with your real life and projecting too much into your fantasy world in an attempt to feel like youre in control or some such...

    the last time what happened to you happened to me during Amazon Fury 2. Why i remember this is because the guy who went crazy on me (i even got the "its people like you who ruin the game" line tossed at me) likes my primary alt. isnt aware those two toons are being driven by me, the same guy. since then he's initiated kicks while we were in the same group but he'll ninja invit my primary alt into an instance when he needs help.

    I just love stuff like that.
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  15. Awsome Well-Known Player

    I am the complete opposite of this. I want people to jump in. This game isn't the same as other games. We all get credit. So who cares. If you do get upset or emotional about sharing credit, then you need to look inside yourself and wonder why you care that deeply about this.

    The only exception is if you are way too high CR for the instance and you can just oneshot people. Then its a dick move because there is a possibility that the other person didn't get credit. But in end game, we both get credit, we can move on and do things faster.

    Because of what is going on in my life, I need to expedite everything I do. So if someone comes in and grabs the T-Sphere, thats fine, cause I still got credit, and I can move faster. Someone helped kill a metal man. Great! instead of spending 6 seconds, I only spent 3. There is literally no harm in doing so. If your testing something, I can understand frustration, but this is an mmo, and the other person was VERY likely just trying to help and finish quests at the same time. So getting upset about that says more about you than it does the other person to be honest.
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  16. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Thing is, it's very easy to flip that a bit and ask why a person would log into a multiplayer environment and act like they're playing a single player game where their actions and behavior won't have an effect on other players.

    I've been playing MMOs since around 2004, so I'm fully aware that it's an environment where I will encounter and interact with other people in some way, shape or form. And I get that some people won't always play nice. That's why I try my best NOT to disrupt what someone else is trying to do if I can at all help it. I've encountered more than my fair share of disruptions in MMOs, and causing any kind of hassle for other players is the last thing I'd want to do because I know how frustrating it can get.

    I don't expect perfect behavior from others, nor do I expect them to know what my preferences on help or assistance are. But I'd at least hope they could or would exercise at least a little consideration for what others are doing, because those aren't just pixels. They're other people with playstyles and preferences of play that are just as valid as yours or mine.

    It only takes a second to ask if someone needs or wants help. If someone isn't willing to do even that, they should just move on to another spawn and stay out of the way. There are plenty, after all.
  17. Hraesvelg Always Right

    People misread Sartre's "Hell is other people" and decided that introversion is something that's just totally cool and isn't some sort of character flaw society should work to eliminate. Everyone is a part of the social fabric, no use in trying to deny it.
  18. Proxystar #Perception

    Your first paragraph doesn't really make any sense, there's no flipping anything, what we have here is a multiplayer game built around a premise of multiplayer interaction, if anything single player content is the significant minority within the context of the game.

    You should be going in with a greater expectation of interaction than the other way around.

    An open world environment is the last, absolutely last place you should be expecting to be 'alone'.

    I agree that people should and could be considerate, if for example a person sends you a raging text complaining about something then the best course of action is to move on, continuing to annoy them obviously becomes griefing and isn't worth it, despite the fact their attitude in certain circumstances might be foolish.

    However to suggest, like you have at the end of your post that people wander around open world preparing themselves the type messages asking for interaction consent prior to engagement is truly laughable and unrealistic, you might be able to expect they move on, if you politely ask and you should be polite, but you can't expect people to be asking consent to interact, in fact I'd go as far as saying, you by logging in to a multiplayer game have already given consent to enter into random interactions like this and the responsibility rests with you to tell them to move on not the other way around, I say this all with respect of course, but this notion of single player ownership in a massive multiplayer game is horribly absurd.
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  19. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

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  20. Darth Piper Loyal Player

    The only time you can "take" something from someone is when you're trying to close a portal... but you have to kill some adds that are standing on top of it or close enough that if you go in you get hit. So you start killing them... and someone else sneaks in and closes the portal, getting credit for it and leaving you without a closed portal credit.

    EDIT: Same for Riddler traps.
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