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  1. Predicament Well-Known Player

    With the Brainiac story line officially over and been over, our last two DLCs have actually been faction based, meaning different things on hero vs. villain side (t4 ops and t4 bounties are different based on faction), which have been great because brainiac was getting boring and redundant since its the same thing. My idea for the game is to make more open world content, I would love hourly random events through out the city. For example every 2-3 hours you would have the hero side transporting something from PD to Star Labs, and the heroes would need to help escort them. There would be randomly generated enemies that will stop them or try to hi jack the supplies. This can be pve or pvp based on phases. For villains maybe have an event every 2-3 hours where a villain is trying to rob a bank, I know we have diamond heist and ring war but that's it, those are shore smalle in comparison to the scale I'm thinking, and I was thinking since they are pve or pvp maybe have the reward be a boost to your stats for 2-3 hours until the next event.

    I know it's possible to do it but not to hate on ps3 but I know this would just be a fail there because of the stability, I can from ps3 and love the community but I think this would just be awesome if implemented,
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  2. tukuan Devoted Player

    I like the idea of this sort of content and miss the days of when diamond heist or ring war would lead to these epic battles. I think for this sort of content to work the notification process needs improvement which is difficult because the event could be happening at different times in different shards.

    Timing is also an issue, the problem right now is that if people are queued they aren't going to drop the queue if they get the warning that the event is about to begin in 5 minutes. Likewise if you enter a city you could have just missed the announcement and likely won't rush over once the event starts unless you are pretty close.

    So to address these issues it would be cool if in your lair, the upcoming league HQ (DLC8) and WT/HoD there was some sort of countdown clock or mission board about the upcoming event. Then if you knew it was in say 10 minutes you could run a quick challenge or even duo instead of just sitting idle. Also you would have to get locked into one shard such that you could for example be in WT or Gotham and get a notification when the event is about to drop in Metropolis.

    Travel time is also a point to address. I know that there are teleporters for sale in the MP for heist/ring war but if no one is doing them, no one is buying them. Instead if a free teleporter existed in your league HQ and/or WT/HoD, you'd see more people hitting these event almost for sure. Then give a replay badge option and I'd think SOE would make more money off of those than from the a teleporter revenue.

    I think if these sort of notification issues were addressed then it would be easy to get a group together to go and hit them which to me is the key to getting some legs under this sort of content again.
  3. NCR RANGER New Player

    I want them to open the clock tower and get missions from oracle. An alert in the iceberg lounge, Wayne industries, and the Daily Planet.

    The unbottleing of GCPD head quaters (Prime Battle Ground) and run different daily missions from there with all of Gotham's heros. Placing us in instances we've never been in with. I.E. Gotham Museum of natural history with Batgirl and Wild Cat.

    Villians can get new missions from Amanda Whaller at Lex Corp HQ etc.
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  4. Statman New Player

    I'd love open world content, but we all know what that does to the PS3.

    Like NCR RANGER said, I'd like to explore some of the Iconic buildings that were bottled.
  5. VANTIX New Player

    Yay for more open world content! :) it's my biggest wish for this game. I hate being trapped in an instance I love the open world part of any mmo
  6. BlackLanternCore New Player

  7. M15TER ROBOT0 New Player

    The impact on people levelling would be HUGE and unfortunate. My opinion is they made it so if you want open world pvp, go to the open world pvp. That is what the phase shifter is for.
  8. Predicament Well-Known Player

    im not askign for open world pvp im asking for open world events pve or pvp, make us feel more like heroes and villains, not put us in instances for everything, for once i would like to help maybe say Capt. COld rob a bank and help him escape or have the PD escort a villain to strykers from little bohemia to strykers and I go try to free him just more random even that you help out in, in the open world with more iconics involved(not as bounties)
  9. MsMamba New Player

    This game has a lot of potential, I just don't know why instead of doing this, they make inner an instance. Another recycled map. :(
  10. Itazuki New Player

    Yeah, more open world events is something I've seen asked for on the PC side quite a bit. Though like someone else said, not sure how this would work with the PS3.
  11. Solarr Man New Player

    I admittedly am not a huge fan of MMOs, but something about DCUO has captivated me since the moment I downloaded it onto my PS3. While the world is still fairly new feeling to me, I can see where you vets are coming from.

    The idea of having a massively open world as being described in this thread would ensure that I keep playing for a long, long time.
  12. Predicament Well-Known Player

    That's a great feeling, you'll never get it back, only small glimpses, like we got a small trease of a new city with the Flash DLC and even though they have always been there, having content on arkham and steelworks is pretty cool, what I'm asking for is more dynamic, I hate to compare this game to another but, when I played guild wars 2 for a short while they would have dragons show up every 3 hours I think that would take a huge group to take down, maybe every 2-3 hours have joker trying to rob a bank and a bunch of villains need to take out a bunch of OP cops and some iconic heroes show up to take down too, bounties are cool but its just not as active because they stand around waiting for you to find them, this one is more of an active event in the open world.
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  13. Aquagurl New Player

    I think you have the right idea . in city of heroes it would flash in the chat box in red so heroes and villains would have time to get there and participate . It would be cool to do more iconic things . stopping a bank robbery would be fun , or a break in at star labs . but , I dont know if it will ever happen .
  14. Conduit New Player

    Brainiac may be gone, but the story isn't over yet. DLC7: Origin Crisis picks up where Prime Battleground left off.
    But overall, I think this is a good idea. Gives a feel of reality to the cities.
  15. Solarr Man New Player

    An idea I think would be smart is having level-capped events. It sucks being a low-level hero or villain (minimum level for Ring War or Diamond Heist for instance) and trying to participate in these events only to be ganked constantly and be unable to participate. I realize that this is a PvP thing, but having a level cap and multiple events (getting more "epic" as the level cap grew) would allow people from beginners to vets to feel like heroes/villains.

    The Guild Wars example is a good one of ways to constantly engage the player base, which seems to be a great way to keep an otherwise Free with Options game relevant and popular.

    Of course, having more events other than just Ring War and Diamond Heist would be awesome, too.
  16. Solarr Man New Player

    I agree that bounties could definitely be better. At the very least having the prospective bounties have a semblance of a schedule where they are flying/acrobating/running around the city and you know they will be in X-part of Metropolis from Y to Z would be awesome.

    "Okay, it is 3pm, so I know that Kid Flash is going to be in downtown Metropolis right now heading towards the hospital around 3:10. Maybe I can catch him along the way."

    That, to me, would make the heroes more than just hard sparring dummies from the Hall or Watchtower, it makes them living/breathing entities of the world rather than just an after-thought.

    Basically, if I am in Metropolis, how come I'm not randomly or occasionally running into Superman going about his rounds?
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  17. Sechuran Fox Dedicated Player

    I think this is something Champions Online does pretty well. You enter an alert and you're automatically set to level 30. Maybe that's something they could implement for certain events here?
  18. Conduit New Player

    Yes! This sense of reality is the only thing I find missing in this game. I don't see how it'd take much effort to put this into the game, but I could be wrong. I'm not a Dev, so I can't say much.

    But from a hero's point of view, instead of looking for Bizarro or Minotaur in the same spot, why not have them fighting across the city itself? Make it to where a hero fights them and actually throws them around like Wonderwoman did Metallo in the opening cutscene.

    I would definitely like to realistically stalk Raven... Imeanwhut