Open Episodes & Bonus Weeks - Extended!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Apr 14, 2020.

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager


    UPDATE: Open Episodes has been extended through May 11, 2020!

    In the real world, the next few weeks are likely going to be difficult, perhaps scary, definitely isolating. Here at Dimensional Ink, we can't fundamentally change that - even with all the capes and cowls in the world - but we can do our small part.

    We know DCUO can be a way to escape or distract from hard times, and we know playing can be a great way to stay connected with friends from the comfort and safety of our own homes.

    For the team, there is an elevated sense of meaning and passion about what we do right now. If we can make anyone's next few weeks easier, that's important to us on an entirely different level.

    That's why we remain (safely) hard at work on our upcoming episode (Birds of Prey), so you can enjoy it as soon as possible, and that's why we're rolling out bonus WEEKS for the foreseeable future.

    Take a break, log in, have fun - and stay safe.


    First up, we invite everyone to come play all of our storylines and content with Open Episodes. All players will have free access through Episode 35: Metal Part I (with increased loot lockout times) from March 19, 2020, through at least April 15, 2020 May 11, 2020.

    Wherever you might be in the game, with whatever content you own, you can log in and be a Super Hero without worrying about real-world costs.

    Remember, also, that our latest episode's event versions are always accessible to everyone for free, so yes, virtually the entire game is here waiting for you.


    No more bonus weekends! Starting tomorrow, we're pulling out all the stops, adding to our previous plans, and converting every bonus weekend into bonus WEEKS.

    We can't share everything yet because we're still working on the details, but check back here for the latest information as we go.

    For now, know that we're kicking things off with a bonus currency weekend!
    • Bonus Week One: March 19-25, 2020
      • Bonus (Double) Source Marks and Episode-specific currency rewards.
    • Bonus Week Two: March 26-April 1, 2020
      • Bonus (Double) Thanagarian Marks & New Rewards (Metal Part II)
      • Spring Sale
    • Bonus Week Three: April 2-8, 2020
      • 5x Stabilizer Fragments (daily instance)
    • Bonus Week Four: April 9-15, 2020
      • Double Artifact XP
    • Bonus Week Five: April 23-29, 2020
      • Member Discount Week
    • Bonus Week Six:April 30-May 6, 2020
      • Special Source Marks Week w/ Vendor Discount
    • Bonus Week Seven: May 7-13, 2020
      • Special Stabilizer Week w/ Quark Vendor Discounts
    • Bonus Week Eight: May 14-20, 2020
      • TBD
    Open Episodes begin March 19, 2020, and end May 11, 2020. Excludes Episode 36: Metal Part II and Episode 37: Birds of Prey.
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  2. Jords21 Well-Known Player

  3. Ascended Well-Known Player

    Cool. Thanks guys, this is appreciated. I thought you'd extend the open episodes, since nobody can leave their house yet, but the bonus weekS is a nice surprise.

    Stay safe out there everyone.
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  4. Sir Freeze Active Player

    another bonus, i wonder what they could put in?

  5. BUDOKAI101 Committed Player

    Crap, I'll be adding more players below the suggested to my ignore list I guess. I kinda enjoy that more than gameplay after 2 weeks
  6. Zoe· YouTuber

    Nice! It's very appreciated.
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  7. MeteorShock New Player

    Thanks Guys Your The best
  8. IonHero Committed Player

    Just to Clarify, will Metal Part 2 be included in Open Episodes once Birds of Prey is released?
  9. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    No, neither will be available with open episodes. Metal Part II just hasn't been set up to work with open yet.
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  10. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Very generous, and understandable that Metal II is not in there. Some suggestions for Week 5? (If you are looking for them)

    - Augment XP x2 (or ?), we'll get 10 more levels of leg augments and 2 new head augments with BOP
    - Another source x2 (or ?) week? I know most everyone I run with is drained down on source because of this last week, leveling Artis
    - Bonus Renown week. Renown drops are 2x, or 2x when applied...either way.
    - OP LPVE week. All the legends toons are beefed up for the week and all LPVE maps are open. I personally still wouldn't run them, but I know people seem to want to run these.

    ....or another 5x stabliizers? What?....too soon?
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  11. Clawed Active Player

    Thank you guys
  12. Frollone New Player

    What do you mean with "TBD" when you talk about the 5 Week Bonus?
  13. kingmasternova Loyal Player

    Is it possible to extend the event for Metal part 2?
  14. Universal Light New Player

    First of all, I'd like to thank you guys for your efforts on trying to make this isolation period bareable. But I would like to ask if you guys have plans to compensate those accounts who bought membership? I don't mind the open episode so that the isolated world can enjoy their time indoors, but I can't help but feel like we, the paying members, have gotten the shorter end of the stick.

    My friends and I bought membership around February this year which helped us cope with the lockdown in our city and perhaps could keep us connected while we're isolated, but now it just seems like we're throwing money away. We can barely even play due to the lag. And I don't know if it's because of our internet connection (which seems fine unless we're playing DC) or it's because the servers are few and densely populated.

    I hope you guys can do something about this.
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  15. Nodens Dedicated Player

    TBD = To be determined. They haven't come to a decision, yet.
  16. Nodens Dedicated Player

    Just so I know I'm reading this correctly, Bonus week 5 doesn't immediately follow week 4? There's a week-long break in between them?
  17. Stranger Well-Known Player

    Well, in the actual "week 5" the new DLC's going to be released.
    This means, no one would care for the Bonus Week, and rather play the new DLC.
  18. Nodens Dedicated Player

    No one? You speak for us all? -But, please do tell us, in what way did the OTHER bonus weeks interrupt our play?
    -Besides, I wasn't asking for the Dev's reason. As I said, I JUST WANTED TO MAKE SURE I WAS READING IT CORRECTLY.
  19. Morgana New Player

    Thank you so much Mepps.
    I can suggest: 5 x stabilizer fragments (daily instance) with every character of our accounts ;):p

    And please, return the original Wonder Woman, she is so beautiful, the new one looks so rough like a travestite :(
  20. MrGainey Level 30

    Can we extend the ignore list from 1000 to 10000 at least between all the money sellers spamming that your doing nothing about we also got to deal with these new hot heads that are toxic and it's really annoying to have to remove people from ignore list just to add one it's like on the hour problem
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