Only getting event gear from SoBA boxes

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by LeagueOfV, Feb 2, 2023.

  1. LeagueOfV Dedicated Player

    Is anyone else only getting event gear from boxes? I haven't tried running any instances. This is from open world just now.
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  2. Zoe· YouTuber

    Could be because of this change?

    • Bosses and Loot Caches from Episodes 42, 43, and 44 now drop unboxed green and blue gear. They still drop Unattuned purple gearboxes. (Augment choice gear is still Unattuned gearboxes as well.)
  3. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Haven't been on since the update, but as of last night very late, they were still the 'better' level gear. Update woes maybe?

    EDIT: Just read Zoe's update. If that's a change they put in, to have green and blue auto opened, it's a load of crap and needs to be reversed. This will make leveling CR way worse as you won't be able to open gear at any kind of advantage to the piece you need. Getting 10 green head pieces in a row won't help if you have them open one after another. I appreciate the fact that purples are the most important, but blues AND greens should also have the chance to be sat on and opened when it makes sense vs automatically.

    Roll that nonsense back if it was intentional.
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  4. Prindacerk Committed Player

    You're getting event gears in other instances?
  5. LeagueOfV Dedicated Player

    But 320 gear vs. 330 for green? Seems very wrong!
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  6. LeagueOfV Dedicated Player

    Yeah, 320 for green vs 330 is a huge drop!
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  7. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    This is not a good change. This just artificially extends the content for players with really bad luck. Especially since it will give you either Damage or Support as an option. This should be reverted as this will hurt future releases.
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  8. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    I’m not on so can’t see but if that is how it sounds than that is a very terrible update. Once you get to 320 gear and start getting drops for green and blue you can control what items you open at what levels. This allows players to save a set of blue gear while getting green drops to help give a controlled boost once you get full gear from the previous color.

    This essentially is a redundant change that only hurts players with absolutely no reason to why it would even be needed.

    As for the 320 vs 330, that looks like a bug. It may be reading the automatic opened gear as leveling gear which means it’s dropping omni gear
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  9. Jcal Dedicated Player

    This is bad, real bad. Both the bug and the actual change.
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  10. jolaksi Well-Known Player

    • Bosses and Loot Caches from Episodes 42, 43, and 44 now drop unboxed green and blue gear. They still drop Unattuned purple gearboxes. (Augment choice gear is still Unattuned gearboxes as well.)

    All of a sudden it sounded like a logical decision to do so players rely on TC gears and purple drops to gear up. How thoughtful of you...

    I wanna stock and keep my green/blue gears then decide on how to gear up at once. (Or use same pair of unattuned gear on my side role). That is more rapid and efficent way of raising combat rating.

    Revert it back to how it was. Make green/blue drops unattuned again.
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  11. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    There shouldn't be an item level difference, so we'll check into that.

    The reasoning for the change is similar to other recent unboxings. The real CR bumps come from the purple gear (still boxed), so unboxing greens and blues saves clicks and lets everyone see if they actually need the styles easily.
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  12. spikeat Well-Known Player

    Why are we going back to a time when gears were attuned? A majority of my alts don't play support role and now they have to wear mixed gear in order to keep up with CR. On toons where I do play both roles, I like to focus all the gear on one role instead of going for a balance approach. Is this change due to some players asking to see if the style is collected? This is not the answer.

    This change has taken the game 3 steps back. We opted for unattuned gear for the better in the past. Change it back.
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  13. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Saving clicks for a situation like this isn’t really something that hurts players. The system before was actually helpful to players as it allowed players to actually open the pieces they needed while saving pieces that were already at that level. Players were able to save extra pieces to strategically open when the boost was actually needed. Sure, the boost may not have been a big as purple gear but it was still helpful.

    And as for the style thing. Wouldn’t it have been better to just name the boxes after the name of style they held? This would allow players to open what they needed while also knowing what styles they were getting.
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  14. SilkyPawz Bunny

    Totally agree, why make this change???
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  15. ClowninAround Well-Known Player

    Just stop giving unattuned gear random names and make it whatever style it is. Such an easy fix, yet the devs went the complete wrong direction with their attempted "fix".
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  16. Swifty Mugiwara Active Player

    This is going to hurt my alts that I don't put as much time into. Rather have it the way it was before where I could pick the role on all the gear. Saving clicks wasn't an issue that I ever saw anyone really post or complain about. This is an unwanted quality of life change that is going to drive veteran players away from playing on alts. Its hard enough trying to run stuff on my main with the lack of people playing in general. And having to deal with a change like this is going to be annoying 100%.
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  17. AZPrime Active Player

    This change only really makes sense for those that are coming into a new DLC with end-level gear from the previous one. For people who only get drop gear, which I imagine to be a good portion of the playerbase, this change is only going to stagnate their growth, especially for those who play both roles.

    Luck of the draw matters just as much to newbies as it does to seasoned veterans. When you lock in that luck to force a choice as to which side players can choose to level up instead of leaving it up to the individual, all it does is make an already long grind even longer. That's not going to make people want to stick around. Yes, purple gear is absolutely what everyone wants, but as green and blue gear is the majority of the drops on the table, using that gear to slowly level up CR and stats while saving up marks for vendor gear is a decent alternative, which is now being suppressed by this change.

    As far as styles are concerned, would it really have been that difficult to include the style information on the loot box screen itself before attuning the gear?
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  18. SilkyPawz Bunny

    What about players with role specific characters and only 1 armory for that role be it Only DPS, Only Healer ect, your forcing other role gear that they can't use at all.

    Your going back to what 2014-2016 instead of going forward to 2023 and making changes that are much needed even the base items for events going back to having to buy every single base item from the event vendor for the feat, when you have base decorators who might want 20 of 1 item, why and who is making all these bad changes? I am not trying to be rude at all.

    When your community is getting smaller and smaller you make the worst decisions instead of keeping players and actually working on fixing so many bugs in the game you make these unneeded or wanted changes!
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  19. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    The changes do make it easier to see whether you've collected a style. It also helps if you have a lot of older loot caches that you need to opened and suffer from carpal tunnel.

    This will make it more gearing up characters a messier process.
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  20. Jcal Dedicated Player

    Please appropriately gauge the seemingly unanimous opinion here and reconsider this change. Being able to see a style contained in a box isn't worth the headache of beeing stuck at a CR level for days/weeks because a piece of gear doesn't drop.
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