Only 6% of players have finished listening to THIS Halloween alert music! (+9 more magical themes~)

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Catastrophic Repercussion, Oct 3, 2020.

  1. Catastrophic Repercussion Committed Player

    It's been a few days since the Witching Hour seasonal event started~
    Everyone's rushin' to finish the Midnight Masquerade alert, it's easy to miss the theme song played at the entrance...
    So here's the soundtrack in all it's glory and a few more bonus videos!

    Seasonal(s) ost playlist link:

    - Spotlight -
    Klarion and the Midnight Masquerade!

    The Vault: Fall edition!

    Tala's theme from Hand of Fate!
    Stolen by Flashpoint Wonder Woman in the Crypt of Penthesilea...

    Another magical combat theme used in episode 5!

    Save the Sentinels of Magic from the Cult of Blood!

    Temple of Isis hidden inside the Gotham University!
    Also used by the League of Assassins on Nanda Parbat...

    Not all tracks are being spotlighted, listen to them all by visiting the playlist(s)!
    The 10 newest ost videos:
    In conjunction with Summer event:
    All ost uploads so far:

    Special thanks to Ryazan for allowing me to hijack the channel for uploading these.
    Happy Halloween!
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  2. Ryazan Committed Player

    Is that Klarion song heard nowhere else in-game? It's pretty good.
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  3. Reinheld Devoted Player

    I thought one of the music tracks was played by the spooky organ base item you can get. I'm not by my PS4 to look at a toon who has it, so I can't check.

    That Dance track at the beginning is about as good as any EDM out there I've heard. Nice digging.

    EDIT...just looked at your full playlist and see you have the Organ music there. sounds exactly like a track that used to be on a 'Haunted Mansion' album I had when I was a kid(nothing to do with the was based around the ride)'s been a long time but I still remember it. I think it was used in the actual ride at Disney too, but it's been even longer for that memory.
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  4. Catastrophic Repercussion Committed Player

    Right now it can only be heard in the alert! (or through the vid :p)
    Seasonal music gets to stay exclusive to those instances, sometimes to a fault *cough* Aphrodite *cough*

    Would be cool if this song returns after Klarion is defeated so ppl will stay behind ala Damage Control's song 0_0
    Don't want to make the OP too long so not all links are posted... good to know that someone checks out the playlist :3
  5. Fwames Well-Known Player

    The emo pilgrim got taste!
  6. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    To be fair, most of the seasonal music sucks imo. It's never been holiday themed.
  7. Catastrophic Repercussion Committed Player

    Happy Halloween everyone! Bringing this back one last time for everyone to enjoy :p

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