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  1. Twilight Man New Player

    Final Fantasy 7 (VII)
    Ultima Weapon I stated in error as I forgot that they each had a different name, I was referring to all of the Weapons that appeared after a certain point in the story. All were hard.

    You brought up a glitch I nor anyone else I knew at the time was using. Can't comment on that part.
  2. Gunny New Player

    True. In that aspect though, i cannot say they were difficult. Even without overkill glitching, due to the nearly unlimited possibilities of materia combinations, those bosses could die VERY easily even with pretty weak characters. That game.... it was pretty terrible in terms of balancing the player's capabilities with NPC's - players could kill any boss, be it superboss or otherwise with only 2-3 rounds of combat - even without overkill.

    If you go without overkill though, emerald was probably the big one - due to the one ability he has which did unblockable damage = to 1111*number of materia the character had - to all 3 in your party. Meant you had to do the fight with less than 9 materia per character - but enough to have an impact.
  3. KidVicious93 Well-Known Player

    Wow bro i'm like 95 sp and i was just playing casually on my main healer
  4. SKAVANGER408 New Player

    Only answer here is to delete the game OP, RIP OP dreams </3
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  5. MCAZR New Player

    One of my CR 96 toons had less than 40 skill points until I did some feat hunting recently, and I could have been CR 100 with higher mods and without ever stepping foot in a T5 raid. When I hit level 30, I was CR 54 before I even did any additional content, and was soon 70+, then 80, then to the 90's. It's really, really easy to power level, no walk-ins or replay badges needed although they can help. If you keep running the highest available content each day, you'll advance extremely quickly.
  6. TempestPrime New Player

    Got them up to 61 today. Did one 8vs8 HQ pvp for the first time not only pvping but healing too. No wipes, got quite a few feats for that.
  7. WhiteW0lf Devoted Player


    Nah I'm just kidding lol.

    Bust seriously you're gonna be pretty screwed.
  8. Mary Bliss Committed Player

    With WM we learned the maps are balanced towards you having 0 innates.

    "Start grinding your butt off !!!1!!1!"

    Since you can use one weapon at a time, need 2 trees, the WM system caps at 40 skillpoints with less points into innates than ever before.

    If you decide you want to switch weapons you either use your armory or even better don't buy those and just go respec.
    Your only problem in all of this, knowing developer "balance", is to as quickly as possibly find out which combos are the useless ones.

    You are a tank, healer or controller you should ask yourself how often you find yourself doing prolonged weapon animations.
    If the answer to that is "never" you just found out how often you should be grinding for feats.

    Ignoring nerfed combat with instant heals and instant power now being a huge problem, the game is exactly as before -
    if you spend 18 hours a day in game for 3 years, skillpoints offers you great gameplay which functional significance is about the same as a rubber duck in the shower.
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  9. TankKC12 New Player

    You skipped tiers... Go back and fix that.. and you'll have more than enough SP to "skip" WM as well... :rolleyes:
  10. Errorcode1058 New Player

    Well with 53 SP you are in great shape to run the t2 - t3 raids, alerts, duos, and solos…which is exactly what you should be doing with that many SP…you seem to have skipped all of those feats anyway as well as the associated styles (which lead to more feats). Enjoy the Brainiac duos!

    With 53 SP you really have no business in T5 missions as you will be a burden to the group anyway. Set up groups and queue for the proper material and you will have no problem completing the material even without WM. Those people who helped you peer level did you no favors if they did not require you to commit to backfilling missions prior to your walk ins. If you ignored this advice, yeah…you screwed yourself.

    I have no problems with walk-ins. I have no problem with helping someone level up…so long as they commit to doing the work. The developers had a decent idea with walk-ins, but they did the community no favors by basing the ability to queue on CR and dominance alone. If I had my way, I would leave the walk-ins, but restrict queuing for content to being based upon having to have finished each previous tier mission at least once.
  11. TempestPrime New Player

    While I do appreciate your input, to say I don't belong in T5 and I am a burden is ridiculous! Did you read the whole thread? At 93 CR I got my ring if OP in AB, I was 2nd in damage as a dps. When I troll I can effectively solo the man hunters and dump is that a burden to the team? I'm 97 CR now and I do my job as well as I can.
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  12. Pop a Trinket dey sweatin Dedicated Player

    Well according to what I've heard Weapon Mastery is just an alternative play style for balance and not necessary. The current, soon to be "old playing style" will still be viable...supposedly....

    So with that in mind, I'd say....don't worry about it bruh....Skill points...smill points...
  13. SuperM4tt New Player

    Uhhh...I have 54 SP and solo tanked A&B last night. Saying that someone is a burden because of their SP count is ridiculous!
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  14. Moxley Mayhem Dedicated Player

  15. Haruspex Pariah New Player

    Well to address the OP, 61 is going to be a problem if you want to take full advantage of weapon mastery (as I understand it, haven't been on Test myself). As a troller myself, I found my Cunning and Vitalization innates maxed out at about 95 or so SP. WM will stretch that number even further, and the requirements for DPS are higher still. WM will also introduce innates with even bigger numbers so yeah.

    Having people blow hot air about skill points is annoying, so here's something somewhat rational:

    It will become obsolete once WM goes live, but it's a good place to start.
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  16. TempestPrime New Player

    Thanks for the guide. I got all of my crit chance, crit power, and working on t1 prec. I head that they are taking away the the cunning (crit %) innates...was I misinformed?
  17. Opamp Committed Player

    Played through the game start to finish and I have about 55 skill points. I realized that the major ones missing are the PVP and speed runs.
  18. Twilight Man New Player

    I've come to realize in this thread that when the game is played in a method where you are trying to reach a certain extended goal or even "rushed" (end game, high combat rating or something further down the road) it can make for a low skill point count.

    When the game is played in a method where exploration is heavy, trying to do certain missions in different ways or collecting everything you can find, makes for a somewhat higher skill point count.

    Nothin wrong with either method, both fun for different types of people.
  19. The Klepto New Player

    Far from negative. It's the truth about the game. You simply don't need sp
  20. JonnyD New Player

    This thread reminds me of something...where is that guy that was trying to complete all in game content intentionally avoiding getting any SP to see how low he could go? Did he manage to do it under 30?

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