One Week Unlimited Escrow Is Flawed

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    Ok sense all the end game content gives you dilithium, what are you talking about?, I want a ship Special events gives me 1 for free Half my garage is ships I didnt pay a penny for. Uniforms? over the past 2 years they have given half of them to me for free. I make my own weapons or get them for free in drops during raids or campaign missions, same for shields, engines and crew. Do you even play the game? I haven't had to give them money for something for quite a while now. I give them money as a thank you for allowing me to play there game with out stupid restrictions.Same with Champions online and War-thunder and world of tanks. Limiting how much money you can earn is expected. Limiting the amount if money that you can spend that you have already earned is plane ridiculous and greedy.
  2. TrueGODofMarvel New Player

    I don't think that is a very fair assessment.You are also mis-attributing many of the posts that has happened in this thread.

    1st off: I didn't understand your point. Something I made abundantly clear. Also, I am not the poster who brought up the idea that they were intentionally marginalizing the marketplace. That was Fester.
    If anything I was in the "they do not do that" camp. Please re read my posts for clarification. I feel the A La carte system is intended to be a viable alternative to subbing. But I do not feel that A La Carte is their to highlight how awesome legendary is. Which is what Fester implied.

    2nd off: That is exactly what I thought you were doing. I thought you weren't taking a stance but instead offering a different perspective.

    This is what confuses me. if the point of your post was to offer a different perspective or reinforce the fact the discussion is all speculation, how is my response to your post hardheaded? Our posts aren't at odds with eachother. If anything I felt that I conceded that you were correct regarding our lack of knowledge. While I was writing my post I thought I was actually agreeing with you. I was shocked that apparently I countered the point of your post. I am outright confused as to how my post opposed yours if yours didn't even have an opinion on the topic. If anything I responded to your post to clarify my statements rather than to oppose your non-existent opinion on the matter.

    Finally. I am not "hardheaded" or even unwavering. I just reach my own conclusions very carefully and frankly many of the posters in this thread have yet to offer a compelling argument against improving One Week Unlimited Escrow product. And even more so, none have provided a decent argument for the structure of the current business model.

    BUT I had a real world discussion with someone knowledgeable about business and my stance on the DCUO business model as a whole is changed. I misguidedly implied daybreak is unethical in it's practices. I am only 1/4 right and even that 25% is wholly opinionated. There are two types of ethics. Business ethics and Philosophical ethics. When I spoke of fairness, I was operating under philosophical ethic values rather than business. If daybreak intentionally marginalize their A La Carte system, from a business standpoint that is not unethical. And for me to "tear them a new one" if they were ever to reveal that they do it, is wrong. Using the weakness of the human psyche to make money is something all businesses do. It's not about fairness. It's about making money. And I should assume they arrived at their business model after very careful data analysis. For me to outright state that a different type of business model is better is pure arrogance on my part. I still feel that the business model is philosophically unfair tho.

    You can sit in awe all you want. But don't get it twisted. You're in awe because YOU feel i should think a certain way. Not because you think I brush off valid arguments. Because factually I don't. I give every opposing argument consideration. You can look at my posts and clearly see that I acknowledge every SENTENCE of an opposing viewpoint. My posts are generally just as long as the comment I responded to, because every paragraph i write corresponds with a statement made by the opposing side. It is an insult to accuse me of "putting my hands over my ears". It is a contradiction to the events that transpired in this very thread! How can I love to argue yet block out all opposing arguments? Your REAL problem is that I don't change my viewpoints when someone writes a strong opposing stance. That someone in this case is Nekron 99. Real Talk: I respect you, and I feel that what you say contributes greatly to any discussion. But that doesn't mean that what you say is automatically strong enough to alter my opinion. You're in awe because you felt your post was strong enough to change my mind. You are shocked it failed. That's how confident YOU were that YOUR opinion was right. Why else would an you be be "in awe" that another individual has a different opinion? Only one explanation: You feel that you are right. And that I am wrong. and you simply can't believe that you failed to persuade me.

    and specifically i mean YOU failed to persuade me. Another individual managed to alter my "unwavering" and "hardheaded" opinion just fine.
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    OMG, holy thread revival.... There's bigger issues going on with the game right now...

    You win. Devs, please give TrueGODofMarvel his wish... Make the unlimited escrow option also grant the ability to trade money.
  4. Vesper Dedicated Player

    Gah. Kill the thread! It's undead. It keeps coming back! With poison! Garlic! Holy Water!

    I will simply state these two facts:

    1) The Unlimited Escrow product is not flawed. It is simply vastly inferior to the alternative of becoming a Legendary subscriber.

    2) Ty Roc is awesome.

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  5. Minnion Devoted Player

    Wouldn't that be the "flaw" being discussed here? That it is "Vastly inferior" as opposed to simply mildly inferior... That the OP was arguing that it was too inferior for the amount of money being charged for it?
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  6. Vesper Dedicated Player

    OP doesn't want the price dropped. OP wants Legendary perks added for the same price. OP wants something for nothing. The product is not flawed. It gives EXACTLY what it advertises: Unlimited access to accrued Escrow money for one week. If OP or anyone else wants MORE than that (trading money, swapping money toon-to-toon, etc) subscribe.

    I feel this thread has not adequately addressed the serious point that Tyroc is awesome:

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  7. TrueGODofMarvel New Player

    The thread was only inactive since sunday

    Both of those statements are opinions.

    I don't WANT a price increase but if that compromise will result in this product being viable, I would accept it. Of course the price increase should take into account that this product is already overvalued. It's not that I want something for nothing. It's that i want that something to equal the value that I am expected to pay.
  8. FESTER665 Devoted Player

    Can't you just be happy and take my liking two of your posts in one day ??? :D
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  9. Zernam New Player

    I dunno, this thread is a nice diversion from all the mayhem going on =)

    I would argue that MOST items in the marketplace are overpriced for the value they give, I wouldn't be opposed to the suggested change but I also don't think it breaks membership value.

    Also, Tyroc drawn by Mike Grell is what is awesome.
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  10. Minnion Devoted Player

    Huh... How is it something for nothing? What the OP seems to be asking for doesn't seem any different than adding perks to the subscription model in practice... By your logic this games subscribers have gotten "something for nothing" multiple times...
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  11. TrueGODofMarvel New Player


    Apparently it is ok for subbers to continually get more benefits without extra cost, but its a problem when premiums ask for an improvement on a product they have to buy......

    At some point, it becomes less about protecting subscription value and more about keeping premiums down. To deny premiums' request for a product improvement is on the "keeping premiums down" side of the scale.
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  12. the solowing Steadfast Player

    trying to force players to shell out MORE money just to buy a feature in a package they dont want in the first place is not a good idea
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  13. the solowing Steadfast Player

    maybe add a bank between character so money can be swapped?
  14. TKO New Player

    I agree the hypocrisy is mind boggaling
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  15. TrueGODofMarvel New Player


    Personally, I am in shock at the lack of logical(and non-emotional) thinking that goes on in this thread. It seems that the argument against this product improvement seems more emotionally charged rather than logically charged. Becuase in my opinion, thinking on this discussion with absoluetly no bias..... having One Week Unlimited Escrow improved is not even a minor issue. It doesn't harm anything or anyone. All it does is improve a product that is overpriced and functionally challenged
  16. TrueGODofMarvel New Player

    The hypocrisy and the irrationality. They accuse premiums of wanting something for nothing yet refuse to see that premiums are already getting nothing for something. One Week Unlimited Escrow is a highly situational product, yet it's 5 dollars. I want it improved because as of now, it is useless for a good amount of premiums. That is not the intended outcome. A product made for premiums SHOULD be appealing for all premiums.

    And the argument that such an improvement devalues legendary is completely and utterly irrational and illogical.
  17. FESTER665 Devoted Player

    If I agree to let them add trading and mailing of money to the unlimited escrow option can you finally start referring to the model as the developers do... It's member or non-member. :D
  18. Sebastian Salvatore Active Player

    OK so I'm a new player. This is not a complaint and not knowing how the game's systems work before spending money is 100% my fault.

    I was pretty bummed to discover that the two models were separated by a 2k escrow. I thought the only difference was I was paying for the content (all the DLCs) instead of just renting access and getting perks like station cash and replay badges. I figured I'd invest more up front (buy all the DLCS and then a good amount of station cash) and own the product instead of renting it.

    The 2k cash escrow - while very smart to keep gold sellers to a minimum (or at least profit off them) it's crap for the people that are supportIng the game and want to own what they unlocked. I just spent around $160 to "own" the content which is like subscribing at full price for over 10 months. I will also be buying more station cash and unlocking more DLCS in the future. I think that the purchase model should be viable as owning a product is more desirable than renting it to many people.

    I would like a permanent way to unlock more escrow. I think after you've spent X dollars on the store through DLCS and in game purchases they should increase the escrow. They could do this in tiers to increase the likelyhood you'l spend more money over time.

    If that's not possible because it gives too much to people who like paying a la carte then sell us a product like they're suggesting here that gives us equivalent access. At least a way to transfer funds between alts throught our banks.

    I know you don't want to lose revenue from people who unlock something and then never spend another dollar... but good customers like me, that strongly prefer ownership of what they buy - even if it is digital - deserve something that makes access equivalent. right now I just feel stupid for spending 160 dollars without fully understanding what I'd be missing out on.
  19. Gunny New Player

    I always did like you Marvel.

    This is probably one of the best points i have ever seen come out of the debate on cash limits.

    I'll even go so far to say I support this - a one-week unlimited escrow access SHOULD let you use cash in all manners that a legendary member can.

    Finally, a sound suggestion that does give a helping hand to premiums without breaking the point of legendary.
  20. Gunny New Player

    Just realized i necro'd this.... But I gotta say, a recent link brought me here and OP does have a good point.