One Week Unlimited Escrow Is Flawed

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  1. Epiclurker Well-Known Player

    Stepping back and really looking at DCUO, cash isn't very useful. It helps with QOL issues but as far as progression goes it doesn't do much. The higher up the content list you go the less it does. The things that helps players beat raids have about 90% of their cost covered by marks.
  2. Gucciana Committed Player

    hy not just go legendary? your describing how much more everything costs when your premium why not just go legendary and save money?
  3. psi-knight New Player

    @Gucciana: Some people do not want to spend $15/month or whatever just to get a few things they want. Some do not want to do the DLC content, some do not want the powers, others do not want the extra character space (I sure do not). it is just how it is.
  4. c6relic New Player

    I've been playing since the light power was introduced and never went legendary. I've never hit an obstacle involving money except for R&D, but then again, I can just get synthetic mods with marks so I don't care. I've been buying DLCs that I need to keep going, once I'm done with it, I'll move on and buy another DLC whenever I feel like I want to do more, not when I have to do more if I want to get my moneys worth from being legendary. I can do without all those extra perks legendary offers.
  5. the solowing Steadfast Player

    unlimited cash with no ability to trade is a better trade off rather then allowing trades but limiting cash
  6. Flavian Committed Player

    SOE was bought out by daybreak, they may change this system.
  7. Minnion Devoted Player

    Heck some just don't see the sense in buying the same stuff over and over when they could potentially be spending their money on something new and exciting each and every month. Escrow access? Not something I want to spend my money on every month...

    Repairs? Would be nice if they stopped jacking up the cost of repairs on each new tier of gear... It's gotten to the point that total repair costs can easily exceed the cap after a wipe or two, especially in end game content. This isn't just an inconvenience to the premium who runs out of junk to sell to cover his repairs, but also everyone he happens to be playing with at the time that he needs to repair. Is it any wonder players ask for ridiculous CRs in hopes of avoiding costly wipes?(Not saying its the only reason people ask for stupid high CRs, but it is a contributing factor, since premiums don't want their gear to be critically damaged, and I imagine that most legendary players don't want to waste time on adds or waiting for the premium guys to scrounge up enough vendor trash to cover critical repairs after a wipe... and to top it off, lots of people want to rush through content for the cheese, as opposed to the pleasure of solving the puzzle.)
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  8. psi-knight New Player

    @Minnion (for some reason I cannot quote on here): I understand, my post was just explaining why some would not go legendary, despite the value. I myself decided to get a 1 year membership for the marketplace cash and maybe some other stuff, as I am a casual player, the DLC stuff and the extra character slots are not for me (I plan to use only six slots, so 16 or however many it is just is not good).

    my earlier post about the repair system, was mu suggestion for subbing being able to use their money for other things than repair. Legendary is something I think was mentioned here, or I am mixing Adventure Quest Worlds with this game.
  9. Vesper Dedicated Player

    I'm not being irrational. I disagree with your idea, and the reasoning behind it. I explained my reasons consciously and rationally (your words), and I find your reasons not strong enough to change my mind.

    The very, very simple solution to wanting more money and trade for your gaming experience is to go Legendary. It really is. On a $30 / 3 month plan, that works out to the same as 2 escrow withdrawal tokens a month for ALL the Legendary benefits. That really, truly is the cheapest, quickest, most efficient, most "rational" way to solve your problem.
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  10. protecter of tomorrow Committed Player

    I can't believe OP are bringing this topic up again. This is how I see it and I don't understand why some people when they think you only should pay for what you need. I pay for a year at a time and it costs me 120.00 per year. BREAKDOWN the cost to premium or f2p= 120.00 per year
    = 10.00 per month
    = loyalty points 5.00 per month
    = actual per month cost is 5.00 per month.
    So really at 5.00 per month you would have access to all parts of game no issues with money, trade or any such other actions that premium or f2p can't do. In my opinion it seems like a no brainer to me but I guess I unlike many others don't see the benefits here.
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  11. RoxyStormbringer Dedicated Player

    Repair costs haven't changed in 3 years, so I'm not sure why you're complaining about them now. Endgame content has been expensive to repair in after each wipe since the beginning of the game. In fact, I started my sub in December 2011, because it was a pain trying to repair after a few wipes in FoS2. Seriously, the cap is there to provide friction to convince people to subscribe.
  12. guardzman New Player

    For me legendary is the only way this game makes sense. a monthly subscription comes out to 50 cents a day . i play at least 4 hours a day 12.5 cents per hour for entertainment. I just looked in my seat cushion and found 2 days of legendary .
  13. Zernam New Player

    In this I disagree with you - I spend $10 to $20 a year at most, based on my play time and style, from my perspective a 50% off escrow token purchased with doubled station cash is a better value than $30. If I were playing full time it would be, but I'm not.
  14. FESTER665 Devoted Player

    Fixed for you.....

    You want members to stop "acting superior" to non-members, well then at least be sure to acknowledge what members are bringing to the table.
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  15. Prosser Dedicated Player

    My worst was like $350 in an apartment that had electric base board heaters. Ugggggggg. Glad I have natural gas now.
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  16. Minnion Devoted Player

    I feel like I can safely say that repair costs for top tier gear now is higher than it was three years ago. There is no reason to increase that friction.

    You do understand the concept of gone horribly right, yes? Yes I get it, the cash cap is there to make premiums not want a way to play end game content as premium(which in theory will drive them to subscribe.) I'm going to say this now: This practice combined with jacking up repair costs for each new tier of gear will eventually backfire and hurt the game. I paid for a DLC, why should I be punished for playing it's content without a sub?

    Repair costs go up with each new tier of gear.(I believe there needs to be a cap, because honestly there is such a thing as too much friction.) In theory the impact that the cash cap limits our ability to repair decreases our desire to play end game as premium because of repair costs... The problem with that? Making end game content less appealing to those who aren't subscribers isn't going to make subscription look better, and it's not going to help retain players who can't at the moment maintain a constant subscription... (Premium should be good enough to keep former subscribers invested in the game during the times they aren't subscribed. Being unable to diminish the inconvenience of the cap for any extended period of time for less than the cost of a months subscription runs counter to this.)

    We are nearing the point of too much friction when it comes to premium repair costs.(You might not have noticed because you're a subscriber.) Some would even argue that we are already there... By too much I mean repair costs that exceed 2k.(Do you expect me to believe that three years ago that repairing end game gear just once cost more than 2k?)
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  17. FESTER665 Devoted Player

    Make repairs come from escrow. Solves any issue with repairs being an issue for non-members.
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  18. psi-knight New Player

    for those arguing over repairs: That is the problem. Subscribers are the only group who CAN handle end game content. That is a reason I avoid the endgame stuff, because I would rather have fun that subscribe to get the good gear and maintain it. Removing the cash cap (or raising it) but providing FREE repairs to subscribers is actually a logical bonus for the game. you could even RP that (hero side) people love you and charge you nothing to repair your gear, while charging for other things, and (Villain side) fear/intimidation is involved.
  19. WhiteW0lf Devoted Player

    Most I've ever seen was like $175.00 lol.
  20. TrueGODofMarvel New Player

    You fixed nothing and only aimed to inflate your opinion of yourself as a legendary member. You adding how much legendary pay contributes absolutely nothing to what my main point is. Nothing. This isn't about what Premiums don't have and Legendary have. This isn't about who spends more money or less. MY POINT Is about improving a product that Premiums utilize.

    and FYI: The net value of all that stuff put together use to be $10. If it has bumped up to $25+ total, with no increase change to how much legendary members pay, everything but the DLC essentially becomes free value wise. And you also need to switch your perspective to understand Torikumu's point. From the perspective of a premium player, they have to spend 15 more dollars for separated content, then when it was bundled. If the point of the post is essentially saying That legendary value only increases while premium decreases, then what you "fixed" offered nothing more to the post.

    also My problem with other premiums members isn't that they act superior. It's that they are conditioned by the current business model to feel threatened by premium access evolution. And most of them are too blind to see it