One Week Unlimited Escrow Is Flawed

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  1. Theforgottenone New Player

    Wait 500k escrow cash would shock you? What if I told you I have 5(maybe 6, idk i can't remember and i'm not on dc atm) million in my escrow and have never been legendary?
  2. Magnificent Loyal Player

    You quoted my post, but did you actually read it? I wasn't advocating holding anyone down, I was simply stating what is blatantly evident: it's this way and very unlikely to change because SO.. err.. Daybreak is using it to drive people into subbing. If players aren't subbing, they want them spending enough money each month to compensate. It's not anything personal on my part against Premiums, it's what my years of education and experience in Management tell me is going on. They want people subbing and then buying SC because it makes the game the most money (I have guesses as to why that is, but that's another discussion).

    You're idea may well be a valid one, but until someone with a green name makes a post about how they are changing Escrow or are increasing the cap on Premiums then I can't help but think it doesn't jibe with the hard numbers they have (but we never get to see) on who is spending how much each month.
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  3. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Ever since the FTP model came in to play devs had to up legendary benefits. And they will continue to do so. Many people already complain about how soders change, and how money isnt a problem anymore, so devs have to come up with new and better benefits.

    But if you ask the community do premiums deserve better. Legendary's will say no and give you a long list of excuses, while premiums will say yes because they dont want to pay for legendary, however they want more benefits in the process.

    If you look at it from a business perspective, helping premiums would only hurt legendary subs. You would be surprised how many legendary members are just waiting for premiums to get certain benefits with escrow packs, etc. Just so they can go premium. But devs wont let that happen.
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  4. MetalMario Loyal Player

    What would you suggest instead that isn't overly harsh to nonmembers or pay to win?
  5. DarkChaosReign New Player

    I personally have no gigantic gripes with Escrow (I got over that since I got Premium). It's just the economy in USPC is downright stupid at times. A simple collection can cost 5k for no ******* reason.

    It's more of the fault at the community, but it still rustles my jimmies.
  6. Zernam New Player

    I think the distinction here is this is not asking to alter Premium benefits at all. This is looking to modify an a la carte option to be more attractive to be purchased - the cost of which is already more expensive for its benefit. What he's proposing is something that maintains Legendary's superior benefit but gives people who aren't willing to subscribe more of a reason to use that alternative option. This would target someone like myself who doesn't subscribe but buys from the marketplace during sales, etc.
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  7. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    it should be both not one or the other
    legendary has plenty of benefits now and you should be rewarded more the longer you stay subscribed
    and premium should also receive more benefits the more money they give towards the game too

    this legendary is all that matters mentality is hurting this game both groups support its growth
    its the free to plays that are the moochers if they stay that way and still complain
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  8. TrueGODofMarvel New Player

    I was just about to rant about this distinction you've made. This is an improvement of the ala carte model that this game claims it supports. It makes the product much more desirable. No benefits are being altered. And this new escrow system doesn't come close to the benefits of legendary.
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  9. TrueGODofMarvel New Player

    I can't believe someone is able to rational list the benefits of legendary, yet irrationally refuse an idea that alters none of that.

    How can you be conscious of just how superior legendary is to premium yet still have an issue with the escrow system I proposed. It's like seeing the whole picture then choosing to ignore the obvious stuff.
  10. TrueGODofMarvel New Player

    I hate how legendary members treat Premiums and FTP as if they are the same. It's insulting to premiums. It implies that they don't contribute to the growth of this game. Yet legendary members have fooled themselves into believing that. And if they haven't fooled themselves and are completely aware of the distinction.... then they are trolling.

    Imo, how can you be aware that the two groups are different yet still refer to them as the same thing? There can't be any other reason than to insult them
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  11. TrueGODofMarvel New Player

    Oh. can people please stop patting themselves on the back for exceeding my expectations regarding "Natural Escrow Reserves"? I stopped being premium a very long time ago, and back then DCUO's game play-induced currency wasn't as high as it is now.

    Also, having that much money actually leads me to believe that you are getting ALOT of help regarding cash management. Back then it was popular for premiums to buy the highest prices soda's that they could every time they reached the $2000 cash cap, so they could have something to sell when/if their gear broke inside an instances. In essence Soders became premiums true currency since the cash cap was so restrictive. So in conclusion, either you aren't using your money properly, or you have legendary friends helping you with your expenses.

    Unless of course there is a new method that I am unaware of.
  12. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    I wouldn't offer a solution. I would remove all cash caps and let everyone have free reign over the economy. Money is becoming less and less relevant every update. The economy is slowly dying off with synthetic mods, standard soders etc. The only things of value are rare, unnecessary style, base and collection pieces. At the minute the only necessity money offers is the ability to repair gear, which shouldn't be behind any pay wall or made inconvenient as you can only access content which produces these high repair bills if you've actually given money to the company.

    Legendary is a very attractive offer. Especially to PC players who get subscriber level access on other SOE games as part of their fee. If someone isn't subscribing for access to 13 DLC packs including access to 6 exclusive powers (and 3 more coming soon), a movement mode variant (with more scheduled), the ability to unlock every marketplace Legends character using in game currency, more bank slots, characters and broker slots, plus the ability to trade cash and start a league, then you can be damn sure they're not going to subscribe because their repairs are costing too much or they want to buy an equipment interface.

    It sends the wrong message at a very consumer conscious time. As a fan, I don't believe DCUO is a rip off. But it's hard to explain the fact that certain basic things sit behind late 2000's style pay walls and put the game over in a positive light.
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  13. Treskar Committed Player

    I have played on and off since winter season in 2011. Spent on DLC 12 of them as well as armory, skin, costume, Future Batman. Let us say 150 dollars.

    Now let us say I took those 150 dollars and bought a year subscription at the start with some small extra's like I would have. The next two years would be the same.. yet played still off and on.

    Paid in 450 dollars for the period I was playing.

    This is not about what it cost me thats the energy bill for one month in the cold.

    This is about I am premium for the benefit that I can come on whenever without paying 15 dollars. Now PS plus memebership is not neccessary yet you probably have that and then the cost for connection with a 50 mB or 7MB cable costs something to I imagine. And so forth.

    15 dollars goes a long way for digital content. Friend of my equated the amount as something around 7 cents an hour the amount he plays. DO YOU PLAY THAT MUCH TO MAKE your 15 dollars worth it? Or rather pay for a pizza for your family or friends to chill with just a non connected console like back in the day?
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  14. TrueGODofMarvel New Player

    Don't forget to add, Free powers (price to be determined),

    Since powers, DLC, and legends toons are now sold separated, what was once $10 for a premium player has now jumped to $25+

    $10 = Single Legends Toon
    $10 = DLC content
    $5+ = Powers

    All free for legendary.

    * I made the logical assumption that powers alone will be over $5
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  15. TrueGODofMarvel New Player

    I wasn't responding YOU. I was responding to most of the people in general.
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  16. psi-knight New Player

    Now I remember why I left the game. Here is my suggestion to make the legendaries happy while still giving premiums what they want. The idea is FREE REPAIRS to legendary members. Why? It makes legendary useful, since they will not need to waste money that can be used for other things on keeping their gear in top shape.

    Note, I prefer premium, and am providing something for legendaries to think about.
  17. Scarlet Mysty Loyal Player



    That is all

    That is the official DCUO line. Not personal opinion
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  18. WhiteW0lf Devoted Player

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  19. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    It needs more Grodd!
  20. Treskar Committed Player

    I did, not anymore. Was a cold last year. Had high ceilings and some other issues. Windows were very out dated.

    BACK to TOPIC.

    ESCROW IS FLAWED. Works fine. You do realize escrow forces you to do more runs for things to sell for cash which help complete achievements. Its the legendary people who end up spending their cash in game on things not useful in the long wrong. PREMIUMS are more efficient then Legendaries.

    AND... and... STOP SAYING LEGENDARY GET THINGS FOR FREE... You still pay 15$ to play a month. Premiums... 1 time pay 5 bucks for something still gonna have to get all those feats wait for the bugs to be sorted out. Playstation has to pay 15 and its just for DCUO. PC pays for those 4 or more games you can change to.

    BASIC accounts are hilarious cannot purchase PVP armor anymore since they they 86ed the CR 86 armor.

    SIMPLE FIX... do not post for a cash cap increase for premium. POST FOR "slot" increase for CASH CAP? Like in market place? Increase CASH CAP 500 for 500 pts? hmmmm probably then make DCUO pay to win type game. I do not want a cash cap increase and I have been premium these 3 years.

    THAT is an "I" not we. Cash is barely necessary if you hit daily mission on the world for soders and correct raids and such for gear.