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  1. Apollo Starr Active Player

    I am a long time player who reads but often doesn’t post on the forums. I will be honest that I went into this DLC with trepidation. After playing last night I now realize that I will be playing much less. And no I am not overreacting as I am sure the usual respondents will say. I have played since the beginning with my son. He recently got a PS5 and it shows your playtime. I have well over 10;000 hours (a little eye opening).

    Last night was a mixed bag. 2 raids disbanded (paradox and Kahndaq) to completed HH and NGN. HH was a 30 min run and I entered NGN at the 76 min mark and finished at over 100 min with roles and high CRs. Now I know the amazing players on this forum will tell me we were a bad group, but I am an average player not the OP, mentoring, leader that some forum posters are. So I ask what is the point? I will run my 2 weekly Omnibus raid and FOS, do my dailies and logout. I used to spend my weekend mornings running up to shutdown. Today I did my dailies and logged off.

    I am not crying because it’s clamped, I am just saying it is tedious. These long runs are fun now to some, but how about in 3 weeks, 3 months, 3 years. I have a life as do most. That life included DCUO for 10 years, subbed. My life will go on with probably a lot less time on. My subscription ends in November and as of now I will go premium and play less. I just hope all these new players support the game as much as I have and enjoy it as much as I did. This update isn’t about nostalgia , rewards, or even stat clamping to me it’s about time. Which I will spend more somewhere else along with my money. I am not leaving just lessening.

    Sorry about the long post, I just enjoy this game too much not to speak my feelings. I am done, so let the usual stat clamp champions come and tell me to leave or git good, or tell me I don’t know how to play as usual. Good luck.

    Apollo Starr
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  2. Jason Martin Dedicated Player

    This is solved by having a good group. Good Tanker, good Healer and good Troller would make both those raids you said a walk in the park.
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  3. Ryazan Dedicated Player

    Didn't take 1 minute for one of them to show up. lol :rolleyes::D
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  4. Apollo Starr Active Player

    As expected.
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  5. the solowing Steadfast Player

    Not saying id like to see you go, but hope in time you will come to appreciate and understand why Daybreak did what it did.

    If you are still playing and want a healer (Im Villain USPC/S) for Omnibus, please DM me (Roll Ryuko). Hopefully i can help smooth out some of your run and get to meet a fellow forum-goer.
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  6. Jason Martin Dedicated Player

    Git Gud I guess.
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  7. Apollo Starr Active Player

    I do understand. I think it’s misguided to think it will improve the player base. New players can CR skip already and now FOS 3 skip their way past any CR tier. An at-level group of new players would not have finished some of the runs. This is just my opinion, but once the newness wears off others will feel similar.

    i never said I was leaving, I just said I would play less and go premium. I don’t see the point in subscribing at this point.
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  8. Ringz Dedicated Player

    As an advocate for stat clamping, I will speak this.

    What this update will do to the game 3 weeks, 3 months, 3 years from now. I, nor anyone else, shouldn't even attempt to predict because 1.) the future is not in our control 2.) Its very easy to align our "perspective"* I hope I summon star with that word* to convince us this is the reality of whatever, when its all just wishful thinking. Now, by this update - I hope it weeds out the bad players, I hope it convince those who enjoy the game to seek improvement for the team plays, I hope it adds longevity to this game. This issue stems as a player base problem, not a game system problem, when running into raids that are 40+mins long after the content long past relevancy. To me, that feeling that we had of being able to blast through content by over-powering is a fake accomplishment.

    This is a video game first, and a business first. Fantasy themes and feelings come last.

    My experience are just like yours, early dcuo I use to log on to dcuo on weekends first thing in the morning and run a session all the way until night time with the gals/fellas with all types of activities. However, throughout the game life span it slowly went away from the qualities I found intriguing to me and slowly I phase away, via after Stats Revamp pushing me years away from the game due to content being easily finished, new content quickly being tedious and non-enjoyable, power balance out of whack, pvp - Others and myself as well felt like our time was being wasted.

    If anything, I hope this update will bring out some quality players at the end, and whenever you have the itch to come back you'll be playing with better people. I sense now ALOT of people are starting to reveal their true nature for what they dislike about stat clamping itself. Not because of the system itself, but because they know too what the player base have become and they do not want to face that. I, however, am down for the cause.
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  9. Apollo Starr Active Player

    I can appreciate the sediment and I hope everyone is correct about the future. I just don’t see it. In no way shape or form do I believe myself to be a top player. I have 570 sp and have completed most instances, I don’t enjoy end game elite for various reasons. New players have new ways to skip content now. They can now spam FOS 3 for marks buy the gear and jump up. I feel the gap will only widen. I am all for helping or even a long run every so often, but not every week. Heck, one of my favorite runs was HOH when it first released and I didn’t even finish it. New players will probably be more impatient. You discussed end game being tedious and non-enjoyable, well now most of the game is. I am not leaving, just playing less. Time will tell, but I am not optimistic.

    I also want to thank you for the response. I understand their are differences in opinions and respect that. But as was told by another I need to git good, the response of those who doesn’t understand other opinions.
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  10. catplaysxoxo Loyal Player

    A group was disbanded at Khandaq? Wow that's literally the first raid LMAO and you're also going to pay less now that the game is actually free to play? That is hard to wrap around honestly. I'm a casual player and the only thing difficult about Khandaq was the RIP elite alert with the water. Was everyone at the correct cr? Or where there some who were a few crs up?
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  11. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    Its not a dig tho. The “get good” part is not meant as a dig.
    Its your perspective an thats fine and your OP was not bad or crying or anything. I get it, i do. But the criticism raised is longer raids. Longer raids = more engaging content OR bad groups. If the content takes longer, thats good. Thats the most fun I (my opinion now) i ever had. Its not fun to steam roll paradox in 45 sec. having to actually play is however fun (maybe im crazy). As for the “get good” part. Thats genuine and not directed at you directly. Its directed to ALL who bring these runs down.
    You specifically “getting good” wont save a raid. The community learning to play and do mechanics and being of benefit to the group will and actually playing content is how that gets achieved.
    Sorry to see ya go per se’ but consider what this means for the games health and player base. The community n general does need to “get good”.

    Add me, USPS4 villian
    Drippin Excellence
    Solowing said they’d come heal and im a DPS. Guaranteed your raid will be a bit smoother.
    As an example, myself (dps), 2 league mates (troll and heal) walked in and 3 man’d FOS3 last nite just to see how bad the clamp was and wasnt it amazing, we breezed through with 0 issue. We are gonna 3 man prime tonight. The clamp aint that bad at all. All it did really was force mechanics and theres no downside to everyone learning the mechanics.
    Here to help if needed :)
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  12. L T Devoted Player

    If you *really* are a long time player, you'll nod as you read this and agree with me. Maybe even say "oh yeah I remember that..."

    All of these raids have mechanics. I've been finding that the stats clamp doesn't make the content super-hard, it just makes it so that you can't ignore the mechanics. I'm guessing Khandaq disbanded at the first protect-the-rock phase. You need coordination there. having a tank or controller pull adds away from the rocks so they can get burned helps a lot. I think that phase in particular was designed with 2 of each role in mind. That used to be more of a thing back in the day, and the devs may want to make adjustments due to the way the game tends to be played now.

    I'm thinking paradox wave disbanded when you tried EE and got crushed by all the bosses at once. Try slow burning the main boss, so the sub-bosses come out 1 at a time. That's how my league did it back in the day. Each sub-boss in that had their own tiresome mechanics that you had to deal with while grounded. The blue ball of death and the stupid healing fountains are the ones I remember as the worst.

    I'm willing to bet $50 that most or all of the 76 minutes in NGN was spent on the first boss. Someone has to lunge him when he channels. Everyone HAS to block when he jumps up into the air and spins. And if you assemble the machine wrong you summon a crap-ton of adds. I actually forget the trick... was it clockwise skip one? You have to know or re-learn the mechanics of fights like that.

    Ironically, HH used to be crazy hard but you had the easiest time. Those mechanics are straightforward though--all you have to do is have someone stop granny, roll away from stompa, and not attack lashina during her whip-spin-reflect-of-death thingy. 30 minutes isn't ridiculous for a raid so it seems like your group got through it fine-- certainly an easier time than pug groups had when it was current.

    I'm not suggesting you had bad groups per se. But I'm pretty sure the problem with those particular instances is that mechanics were being ignored, and you can't do that anymore.
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  13. Apollo Starr Active Player

    That one happened at the start. I am assuming nobody wanted to take the time. Some above level some below. We actually didn’t start once the vote started I left. It was late and needed one more run. I would say that one was an anomaly, but it does show that people are looking for what’s quicker.
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  14. catplaysxoxo Loyal Player

    And that's where it lies. Players just want to one shot adds and head straight to the boss but this is an mmo not a single player game by doing so you're ruining the experience of others especially those who are new. Thank God stats clamp happen players are just mad they are being exposed for who they really are.
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  15. Apollo Starr Active Player

    I understand the mechanics. The only reason we beat HH is because I was the one on GG. PW was EO, but we were doing the mechanics and had roles. Half the group was at level. There lies the problem. What if it was all new players? They would not have finished it. This update is supposed to be about new players. I get that one shotting (which overall is blown a little out of proportion) isn’t good, but being long, tedious, and possibly unbeatable at level isn’t helping either. I am going to try on a lower alt to see the difference. Like I said, I am not leaving, just playing less. I don’t mind helping, just not all the time. 2 Omnibus a week for the mission, then move on. It’s not the clamp, it’s the time as I said.
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  16. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    same as.
  17. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    But see, the “long, tedious, and possibly unbeatable” part is not the clamps fault, it was beatable at lvl and its beatable now at clamp where we are stronger, have more SP, have higher artifacts etc. its much more beatable now than it was then.
    This is 100% the fault of the player base. If its not beatable, tedious, or too long, its because the group needs to learn and get better. This is a playerbase problem not a stat clamp prob. This is the time, everyone now has the opportunity to teach these players how to play this game or not. If we dont spend the time that we took originally or others took teaching us then the player base wont learn. Its on the players to get better. Content should not be as easy as it still is even clamped. I think we should be clamped all the way down to relevancy personally. I like it now because me hanics are forced but it wouod be better if the whole group had to pull their weight.
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  18. the solowing Steadfast Player

    The best part about you still choosing to play? You get to see how it turns out for the game as a whole.;)

    Any new subscriber that Daybreak manages to obtain after the rework of perks, will never have your experience with the previous perk system. What will they miss or know of something that was never offered to them?

    (From here on out, the voices of the old perks system will get quieter and quieter, until the only way someone will ever know that the old perk system existed. Would be by stumbling across it on the DCUOwiki 2 years after it reworked...)

    The perks to a new player will be fresh and something to maybe consider subscribing for.

    A lot of players don't even know PC had a lifetime subscription purchase option at one point, and very few people would know they even offered it for a limited time a second time.
  19. KidKretz Well-Known Player

    one thing i gave thought to about this update is the dopamine levels.

    before the update i was blazing thru so much content and it was fun, addictive, fast pace, couldn't get enough, like a crackhead :p

    now that pace has slowed, its hard to get that "fix". but zone missions are still good and i enjoy those and i blazed thru a couple zones and weekly kill count in a group :)
  20. FlawlessTime Dedicated Player

    I will say I see both sides to what's going on and it's unfortunate really on one hand for me personally when I run with friends and my league or with people who are capable everything goes so well and can be fun absolutely. It's a blast even going to play old alerts and raids it's hella fun.

    One the other hand if the above isn't possible you start to see the flip side of things and it isn't pretty lol something that can be done quick can take 30+ mins with groups who don't have a clue and when you think about your job , family and life and your alts all that time adds up. So you do what you can and play less you just have to .

    Also I wanted to run the Machine raid I got put into the match and saw the massacre that took place there was no survivors just the names off all those that were lost during the great epic battle. I was the only one there waiting to see if others will come in to take up the fight but no reinforcements came.

    I then took a friend with me and we ran it again some time later luckily we saw some familiar faces and obviously we got through it and it was fun lol. So again I see both sides to it but there are allot of new players who don't know there roles and or have every augment color equipped lol .

    On the note to the augments one of my friends I met a few months ago when him and his grandfather yes his grandfather plays dcuo lol it's amazing actually but anyway they didn't know about how augments work or the meaning so they had different colors thinking each one is good to have . I then of course educated them on it and they were like ohhhhhhh lol but to my original point yeah this situation can hit both ways and it's very unfortunate you can have a great time and experience or very bad time and horrible experience.
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