One idea to help right the economy without a wipe.

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  1. Reinheld Loyal Player we know there are bans handed out. Let's assume some are permanent. In those accounts are likely 100s of billions of dollars....good....those $ are now gone with the banned accounts. I'd also guess there are 1000's of horded items. Why not do like the police and have a seizure sale? Put all the items from all the banned accounts into a DEV account and have someone periodically over the next month or so Johnny appleseed those items in the broker? At first, at very high prices (1 billion), meaning that yeah...some of the 'friends of glitchers' would get first crack at them, but that would also take some money out of the economy as the dev selling the items obviously doesn't need to ever put it back in play and hopefully the initial money printing issue is resolved. Later some other items could start coming in at more reasonable prices to hopefully get distributed among the honest public. Maybe even a $2999 fire sale late in the process to even include premium players. At least if the items were back in play, people who were not taking advantage of things would have a crack at getting them vs the near impossible feat of finding one now as everything was being horded.

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  2. TheLorax Devoted Player

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  3. C3alix Committed Player

    *rubs chin*

    I like.

    I would like to add take the exploited money and spread them across regular metro and gotham as pickups, limiting 3 a day.
  4. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    we should donate all the money to outreach programs for people in gotham and metropolis left homeless by the brainiac invasion. hospitals are in ruins, transportation is non existant. even metro city hall is in shambles. maybe its time we do something for the little guy we're supposed to be protecting...

    or we can keep the bans permanent as a sign of what happens when people foolishly try to break the game just cuz...
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  5. Reinheld Loyal Player

    No-one said remove the bans... but I'm assuming the biggest of the glitchers were also the ones buying everything up, meaning all those items are lost forever and they should be in play. If the only reason they were scooped up was because some people had unlimited resources to buy everything why should those items also be lost? And no...there should be no redistribution of the money in those accounts....we've got enough money still in play...go look at what the seasonal collections are listing for right now. Most of those TC items were intended to be consumed or bought and sold a few times to drive the economy naturally...I'm just saying putting them back in play allows for that.

    And people can always stand outside Star-mart in a Santa suit and ring a bell to get handouts...just as it's always been done.

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  6. Winter Wolf New Player

    The only way to fix this mess is with a total cash wipe. There was more than one exploit going on. So many people have ill gotten gains and a lot of those don't even know it. It's like buying and selling things in real life. Sometimes you can buy stolen items and not even know it. If you get caught up in the middle you're screwed because....lack of due diligence.
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  7. The Doctor Time Lord Well-Known Player

    Not a bad idea. I would also suggest that those PARTICULAR items be locked from being RESOLD as well. They should not be used to recreate more inflation.
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  8. FoolsFire Loyal Player

    Great idea! Come out with a special Time Capsule where we'd randomly...

  9. L T Loyal Player

  10. Reinheld Loyal Player

    Account bound after sold by the broker? Sure...that sounds good. That way the money in game can get distributed around some and you'd get less hording of the ill-gotten gains. I'd guess it would be hard to code this though, making a before/after point for new stuff. The mega billionaires would have no incentive to overcharge for the items as those without the money couldn't pay...and there would be no reason to have 20 Neons on hand unless you wanted all your toons to have one.

    I like it.

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  11. Lycan Nightshade Well-Known Player

    just my opinion here but you know what would go along way towards fixing things? if we all stopped being greedy as hell.

    ik ik wishful thinking but that's got more to do with this mess then anything.
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  12. Illumin411 Committed Player

    Agreed! A month or so ago I laid out a multi-step plan to fix this whole mess. One of those steps included locking rare items to a single trade/sale and then be account bound. The art team works hard on and takes pride in these items so that people can wear them, not use them as currency. The obvious negative ramifications on the economy aside, the artist in me thinks it's a damn shame that a digital artist's hard work is being reduced to an icon in someone's bank instead of being on display for our eyes to appreciate.
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