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  1. VMG New Player

    Our chill league is looking for friendly, mature, and active members who are excellent team players to join our DCUO family. We welcome heroes of any role or Skill Point status. We suggest coming in with at least 207 CR, but we welcome lower CR'd players as well as "PVP only" players, we love legends!
    One Entity believes in personal growth sustained in a "no-drama" environment that is free from judgement. CR and SP are always something that can be worked on; we foremost value players with great attitudes who are willing to grow together and contribute.

    In OE we offer:
    -Various dedicated days for raid runs and feat building.
    -League hall.
    -A friendly environment.
    -Quirky jokes!
    Please feel welcome to post within this thread if interested. We'd like to learn more about you! Or you may also contact the following players in game:

    -Intense Inferno

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