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Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by VMG, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. VMG New Player


    (Text) Our chill league is looking for friendly, mature, and active heroes who are excellent team players to join our DCUO family. We welcome heroes of any role, Skill Point, or membership status. We suggest coming in with at least 207 CR, but we also welcome lower CR'd players as well as "PVP only" players, we love legends!
    One Entity believes in personal growth sustained in a "no-drama" environment that is free from judgement. CR and SP are always something that can be worked on; we foremost value players with great attitudes who are willing to grow together and contribute.
    InOE we offer:
    -Various dedicated days for raid runs and feat building.
    -League hall.
    -A friendly environment.
    -Quirky jokes!

    -We're now on Discord.
    Please feel welcome to post within this thread if interested. We'd like to learn more about you! Or you may also contact the following players in game:
    -Intense Inferno
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  2. Intense-Inferno Level 30

    Hey guys real happy to say that since we started this thread we've recruited some great new members! We're still on the look out for fun people to play with! If you wanna give us a shot contact us in game or right here on the forums and we'll set up something right away!
  3. Lowen B Holde New Player

    Older player looking to start back in again. 3 character for all roles. 190 CRs roughly, haven't even logged in yet. If you're still recruiting I'd be interested in chatting with you.
  4. Intense-Inferno Level 30

    Hey Lowen we're still recruiting so just send us a tell and we'll run some stuff. We still do the content around your CR so we'd be happy to let you join.
  5. Lowen B Holde New Player

    I redownloaded the game this morning after work. And I ran into about 17 issues with the launcher with corrupted files etc. I still haven't found a solution to it. I'll be trying again (I work nights currently). However I am very intetrsted and hope to fix this soon.
  6. Intense-Inferno Level 30

    Don't worry about it Lowen. If it takes a day, a week or even a month we'll still be here. Just make sure you tell us you're Lowen from the forums when you send us a tell once everything is fixed.
  7. Lowen B Holde New Player

    I got it working this morning, settings with Internet Explorer were messing up the launcher (do not know how I never use IE but that is beside the point)
    Anyways I tried to send a tell to the people posted. I added you as a friend. Logged in on my healer, his name is "Xi Rho".
    It is quite clear I am going to be a charity case to catch up with the stat revamp and everything since I left, if you are willing to teach I am willing to learn. I used to be very good, however my skills will be quite lacking until I learn the revamp, new loadouts, artifacts, time capsules, so on and so forth. Current CR is 172 and have 179 SPs (was working on these before I left) I can fill any role needed. I used to excel at healing and controlling were my mains. If you're willing to take on and "old newbie" I am interested in relearning.
  8. VMG New Player

    How exciting! Once you get into it, everything will feel natural again lol. For sure we'll do everything we can to help out :)
    I'm planning to play tonight, I'll add you as a friend as well.
  9. Intense-Inferno Level 30

    Hey guys just wanted to let everybody know that we added another in-game contact to our list. If you feel like giving our league a try remember you can send us a tell in game, or write to us right here in the thread or send us a private message on the forums. Another way you could ask us is if you're part of a group with one of our members go ahead and ask them if you can join. Don't be shy about asking and giving us a try. Give us a few days to see how well you fit in and you might end up really liking playing with us!
  10. Intense-Inferno Level 30

    Hey guys with reset tomorrow just wanted to remind people that we are still looking for cool active players to join our league! Whether you're a top player looking for a league who runs elite or a casual player just looking for a fun group to get stuff done without pugging we're here for everyone! Even newer players looking for help can send us a tell to see if we're right for you!
  11. Kustonius New Player

    Hello after reading about your League here it seems like just the kind of League i have been looking for every since starting on DCUO again a week ago i played back when it was still pro7 that had the game but lost my lifetime account in the new managment data transfer and only just decided i wanted to get back into things.

    I'm a friendly person always up for helping others or just have a nice chat while playing and im online most of the day and night since i live in Europe but i keep US Server times with little to no problems as i'm used to playing on US servers in most games.

    Character name - Acigam
    Power - Sorcery
    Weapon - Hand Blaster
    Combat Rating - 83 but gearing fast since this character is only 4 days old by the time of this post
    Account type - Premium with active subscription so i have access to everything.

    My experience with Raids and such are limited and rusty but im quickly getting back into things and thanks to a good Loadout i have consistently been in top 3 dps in the 8man groups i have joined so far so i must be doing something right :)
  12. Intense-Inferno Level 30

    Hey guys happy reset day! We are still looking for new members to join us and to have fun! Whether you are an elite player looking for help with top tier stuff, a regular player looking to complete reg raids or a casual just looking for some cool people we have you covered! Also if you're a new or returning player go ahead and send us a tell. While we do have a suggested cr we are welcoming to new and returning players. Whether you are a cr 100 or a fresh off the ship noob looking for help let us know and we'd love if you gave us a try!

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